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cannons fuck gunners invincibles soccer cannons #1 ' or 1=1 /eye roll 1 nil to the arsenal 1-0 1-0 1-0 nil to the arsenal 1-0 to the arsenal 10 men 11 fa cups 1700s, power 18th century war 1989 3rd place 3rd place forever 4 place 4 th place is a trophy 49 in a row 4th 4th is trophy 4th palce is as good as championship 4th place 4th place 4th place is a trophy 4th place trophy 4th=trophy 5th place 8 and counting 8 year drought 8 year trophy drought 8 years 8 years fcuk all 8 years haha 8 years no trophy 8 yrs no trophies 8.5 years without a trophy 96 pace theo walcott >eight >wenger @rse a guy named arsene a mesd a restaurant chain a thing of the past a*se a-holes abou diaby accounts admired aging agressive airport layover fans all flash no dash all style, no substance all that is good in the world almost almost contenders almost there always bridesmaids always good always on bottom amazing american bandwagon club american bandwagon jumpers american civil war american fans american hipster fans american zelalem anger annoying annoying fans annoying twats shouting gooners apparently they use to be great arab money ardent arense aresen wenger aresenal aresene aresene winger aresonal arlene wenger arlene wenger armed army arrogance arrogant arrogant scumbags arrogent ars*nal arse and all arse as in ass arse holes arse! arse-en arse-holes arse-nal arsehole wanger arseholes arselel arselol arsen arsen arsen wegner arsen wenger arsen wengert arsen wengner arsenal arsenal fc arsenal fc! by far the greatest team the world has ever seen! arsenal football club arsenal london arsenal wenger arsenal!!! arsene arsene class arsene is a pedo arsene knows arsene style arsene wagner arsene wanger arsene wenger arsene wenger is an idiot arsene wenger's zipper problems arsene wnger arsene!!!!!!!! arsene's coat arsene's genius arsene's puffy coat arsene-lol arsenes boys arsenlol arsense wenger arses arsnal arsne arsne is an arse arssenal arteta needs 2 play artilery artillery ribbon artistic asians asshats asshole asshole arsenal fans asshole fans assholes attack attacking attacking, attractive football attempting perfection attractice attractive attractive attacking football arsene wenger attractive football attractive football attractive football with a lot of french players attractive footy awe awesome awesome! awful team bunch of has beens awww, it's nice they try so hard b bad bad at business bad fans bad luck bad managment bad window badge ball balls and sleeping bag for a coat bandwagon bandwagon ignorant americans bang bang! bankers barcelona barcelona b squad bare cupboard bastards battle be afraid beatiful beauitful football beautiful beautiful football beautiful fragile team beautiful game beautiful losers beautiful tiki taka beautiful, the best beauty beauty beer beer can bell-end fans beloved beloved gunners bendtner bergkamp bergkamp and henry best best ever best name in sports best team best team ever best team in the land best team in the universe best team in the world best team the world has ever seen best team!! best way best, team, ever better than last year bi polar shooter big bang big gun big guns big noise, not very accurate big wheel big wheels bigger aresholes bigots birmingham city 2, arsenal 1 bitches bitches blah blank bleh bloated blow blunt bold boo booing boom boom boom boom! boom-boom booo boooo boooooo boot boring boring boring boring boring arsenal boring fans boring scum boring, boring, arsenal boston boston pre 2004 bottlers boys bpl tim howard brandy brazil bridesmaid brilliant british military bucaneers business by far the greatest team by far the greatest team the world has ever seen byfarthegreatestteamtheworldhaseverseen cameron can't finish can't win can't win any title can't win trophies cannon cannon cannon bandwagoners cannon brigade cannon goes boom cannons cannons and awesomeness cannons rock! cannons. canon canons canons shooting blamks cant see image cant stand arsene car carpetbaggers caterpillar coat cause its a-a-a-arsenal cazorla celebrity cesc champion champion champions champions league? chapman charlie george charlie george charlie george! cheap cheap cheap frenchmen cheap manager cheapskates cheaters cheats chelsea chesty choke choke artist choke masters chokeres chokers chronic underachieving chubs cigars cival war civil war civll war class class class and style class manager class style classic classsic classy classy classy, stylish, sustainable clean cliche coach cock and arse cockney cocks cocky bastards cocoon colour mismatch come and take it come on you gunner come on you gunners come on you gunners! come on you, gunners. complaints complicated confederate army confused confusing consistent cool cool badge corporate corporate could be so much more counter cowards coyg coyg! cr$p crap fans crappy logo creative criticism cry babies cult cutting edge ten years ago dainty dangerous dated. daytrippers death debt decent but i hate them decline defence and attack deluded deluded gooners delusion delusional delusional fans dennis bergkamp derby derby derby day detergent devils dicks did not see the incident die siedler dinky dirty cheating cads disappoint disappointing disappointment disarray doesn't spend money doing it the right way don't spend money done dont take lightly douche douche bags douche fans douchebags douchey haircuts drama queens drippy dritty drought dry duke university dumb dun dynamic economists ego ehhhh ehhhhhh elegance elegant elegant football, ideological stubbornness. elitist emerites emeritus? emirates empty cabinet empty trophy cabinet enemies enemy engine oil logo english entertaining entitled shitheads epl joke. erse euro euro snob euro trash european evil evil fiefdom evil hatred ew excellence excellence excellence on the field excitement exciting dynamic exciting football expenses expensive expensive expensive ticket expensive tickets expensive! explosive f arsenal fa cup rivals of leeds fabregas fabregas dives fackin cants faded fags fags hate detest fail failure failures fair weather fans fake fallen power falling short fan fan boys fancy farcenal fashion fast favorite favorite club favorite team favorite team fever pitch fewfewegweg f filter finally spent money financial responsibility financially stable. frustrating. finesse finsbury park fire firepower firing blanks flair flashy flop fluid fluid passing team fly emirates football forceful foreign foreigners forgot how to win trophies former greatness former power forth place fourth fourth place fourth place max fourthplacetrophy fragile frail france french french french and tight french babies french crossiant french food french frogs french losers french passers french wenger french/losing (same thing) frenchies frenchy frugal frugal to a fault frugile frustrating fuck off fuck them fuck you wenger fuck you! fuckers fucking cunt fucking excellent fun fun footy fun to watch funny futility gallipoli garbage garbage gay george graham george washington geriatric wenger german germans germany gervinho head giroud gits global glorious football glory glory hunters go gunners go gunners! go you gunners! goat goat team gods gods team goners goober goobers good good football good passing good soccer cant win good to watch goon gooner gooner 'til i die gooner for life gooner scum gooner til i die gooner til i die! gooners gooners gooners suck gooners! gooners!!!!!!!11 goonersgooners goonies goons goony garbage goooners gooooners gooooonnnnerrrss gooooooooners gooooooooooners great great football great, but will never win great, fallen greatest greatest club ever greatest club in the world greatest club in the world greatest of all time greatest team greatest team ever greatest team in the world greatest team on earth greatness gruns gun gun= gunenrs guners gunfire!! gunnars gunner gunner for life gunners gunners gunners - trophyless gunners / wenger gunners and arsene gunners love gunners never buy. even after ozil gunners rule gunners unite gunners! gunners!!! gunners!!!! gunners. gunners. gunning for fifth place guns guns blazing guns yo ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haha hahahaha hahahahaha half empty hampsteadheathtoffs happy misery happy to be 4th has beens hasbeens hate hate despise detest hate me some wenger hate them hated haters hatred haven't won a trophy in x years haven't won in forever heart heaven hemry henr henr< henri henry henry henry! her majesty's team heritage highbury highbury highbury/islington hilarious hillbilly hip hipsters histor y history history hnery home homos honor hooligans hooray! now win something dammit! hope hornby horrible hot giroud hote how did they get ozil? how many seasons now? how many years now?? how sis they get ozil huge hulking humners hushburton hypocrit hypocrites i despise them i hate arsenal i hate arsenal i hate piers i hate piers morgan i hate them i hope you all get terrible knee injuries i love ozil i love wenger i'd bury myself w/ that logo ian wright idiot idiots idle threat if you don't like them people who do think you are an ass ignorant fans illustrious immense improving on 4th in arsene we trust in wenger we trust incapable inept infuriating injured injury prone insufferable insufferable fans intellectual intellectual underachieving interesting interlopers. woolwich wanderers invincables invincible invincible invincible s invincibles invincibles/henry invinciples invinsibles invisible for 8 years irrelevant irritating and never win jack wilshere jackass fans jacket jb jerks jim campbell joke joke just can't win! just good enough for 4th keep trying kicking water bottles kids kings kings of london kroenke kroenke is a wanker! ksi ksiolajidebt lame lamee larse last place latte laughable le arse leaders league leaders least intellectual fans in the league legacy legend of british football, haven't won in a while legendary legends les arse less bevel letdowns lettering's off liam brady library life lifeless commercial silence, long zippers lightweight little bit arsenal live the arse living in the past logo lol lol wenger lolz london london long coat loose loosers lose loser loser manager and team losers losing loss lots of money. spends none. loud lovable, but flawed love love beautiful gunners love mesut and per love of my life love the arsenal love the gooners love to hate! love! love, passion and attactiveness loveeee lovely loves 4th place lucky lugg luzhniy mainstream majestic masochism massive poop maxi pad mean mediocre mediocrity meh mertesacker, podolski, özil = germans mesit ozil mesut mesut ozil mesut ozil mezut ozil mgh middle class midtable club military mine miser miserable miserly misery mismatch missile missing out on trophies mixed feelings moan moaners model franchise modern modernized money moneyball moneygrabbers monied class morgan morissey morrissey muppet my my best fried's club my epl club since '05 my father-in-law my favorite my favorites my first love and my last my friend dave my friend jay my friend likes arsenal my life my lousy gooner of a neigbor my obnoxious friend that likes the gooners my team my team b/c of hornby, henry and highbury nal nearly nearly men need a trophy nerds net spend never going to win trophies with wenger never quite good enough never spend never spend money never win anything never win trophies new manager newells nice nice cannon nice to watch nick hornby nick hornsby niggardly nike no no ambition no class no cups no image no medals no silverware no spending no steel no titles no titles in *8years no trophies no trophies no trophies :) no trophies in a long time no trophy no trophy since 2005 no trophys no tropies nonspenders north face north london north london north london big north london darby north london is red north londong garbage not bad not barcelona not buying defenders not consisten not good enough not good enough not great not signing the right players not tough nothing nyc o2 obnoxious obnoxiuos oezil offside oh to oh to be oh to be a gooner! oil old old glory old power old, cranky money once glorious optimism osama bin laden out dated out gunned outdated weapon over rated over rated over the hill overachievers overcoming strife overly precious overmars overpriced overrated overrated overrated french sht overrated guns overrated. small. oversized coat and coach ozil ozil ozil has saved this team ozil ozil ozil saves all ozil! coyg ozil!!! ozil, bergkamp, henry and that fucking coat on arsene ozil, ozil, ozil ozil, why? ozio ozul pace paedo paedophiles pain and misery pansies pari parsimonious pass pass happy passing past past glory past it pathetic patriot paul mcconnell penny pinchers people perennial underachievers perfect perfection perfrct perpetual number 4 perpetually infuriating piece of shit! pieces of shit pierce morgan piers piers piers morgan piers morgan piers morgan is a tool piers morgan is boring piers morgan whining pink pirate plain plastic fans please lose please shoot the ball please win something pockets podolski poetry in motion police pompous pompous poooo poor poor arsne poor transfer market poorly managed popstars popular poser posers poseurs posh posh posh spice possession potential pouncers power powerful prefer not to comment premeir league preppy assholes prestige prestige pretenders pretensious pretentious pretentious pretty pretty boy pretty losers pricks pride prissy prissy pro professionalism profit trophy promising proper football prudish prune face pu puffy puffy coat puffy coats puffy jacket puffy jackets punks punks puppies pure class pure football pure hatred pure style pussies pussys quality quality gunners quiet stadium rad ramsey rape really hate them more than i should really!?! rebranding red red red and white red sox reds refridgerators regal frenchmen relevancy struggle reluctancy responsible responsible resurgent retards. revolution revolutionary revolutionary war rich rich and snobby rich people rich spoiled fans right philosophy rip off rival rivals rivals/ untouchables royalty rubbish rust rut rvp sack wenger sad sad and depressing sad and lonely sad face sad wenger sada sagna's hair saint augustine! same old arsenal scarves scom screw them scrooge scum scum scums second rate richies second-tier self loathing sell best players sell outs sell sell sell sellers selling sells best players sevy sex pistols sexy sexy football sexy football; cheap wenger sh*t shame shass shield shiny stadium shit fans shit frenchmen shit gooners shite shitty smelling vagina short should be better should be bigger should be so much better should never have been promoted in 1919 show them to americans shut up siht silence silence. silky passing silky smooth simply the best sir arsene skill skilled sleek sleeping bag sleeping bag coat slick slightly lacking small smart smart management smile smooth snakes sneaky snobby snobs snobs snoody so many attacking mids soccer soccer cannons soft soft soft spot sorry sorta good sound finances space ship special one tv speed spend more money spend some fucking money spend some money spend too much money spoiled spoily spurs rival stagnant steering wheel steering wheels stepchild sterile stick to principles still consistent stingy stingy, won't spend stinks strength strong struggle stupid stupid gooner army stupid wenger style style and principle style without substance stylish stylish football suave business suck suck balls sucks sucks sucky surrender svu sweet, sweet mesut. may your children be blessed. t talented underachievers team for london frontrunners tears for piers tears of joy. the best. terrible test texas the arse the arsenal the beautiful game the best the best the best team ever the boss the dames the devil the enemy the gooners the greatest the greatest club in the world the greatest team ever assembled the greatest team the world has ever seen the gunners the gunners!! the invicibles the invincibles the library the mighty arsenal the newbury express the old man has to go! the right way the source of football class and excellence the team i hate to love and love to hate the team i used to hate because i played them a lot in fifa 99 the voyuer the worst the worst organization in the history of the world the worst team ever thebest theiry henry theo theo walcott there's only one team in london they always try to walk it in they belong in s london they gave us rvp thierry thierry henry thierry henry thierry henry london dislike rivals thiery henry third place this is the year thrifty thrilling thugs tight tight pockets tight wads tightwads tiki taka titi titi henry tony adams too classy for their own good too designy too many kits top top 4 top of the table top team total football tottenham tough tradition traditional tramps transfer market trash treble trendy trolls tropheless tropheyless trophies trophies trophies? trophy trophy drought trophy less trophy-less trophyleaa trophyless trophyless, piers morgan, sells stars trying too hard trying too hard to be pretty tuesday club turds twa*s two shades of red? typical u-14 squad ugh ugh ugh! ugly umlaut unambitious unbeatables undefeated undefeated undefeated under achievers under achieving under performers under performing underacheiver underachieve underachiever underachiever underachievers underachievers underachievers underachieving underachieving frenchies underachieving legends underperform underperform underperformers underperforming underpowered underrated underwhelming undeserved 4 th unfulfilled unfulfilled ungrateful fans untouchables up the arse used to be good used to be popular epl team value for money van persie van persie leaving. van persie walcott ozil van persie özil walcott van persie, özil walcott vela victoria concordia cresit victory viera violence voyeur w ankers wagner wagners walcott walk it in wan kers wanger wankers wankers! wannabes war war craft warriors waste watertown we are gunning for you we don't need no stinking trophies we love you arsenal we love you arsenal, we do weager weak weakest english team wealthy fans weapon wegner weiner wenger wenger wenger barca wenger bash wenger can't win trophies wenger cup wenger has never lost a game wenger is cheap wenger jacket wenger losing it wenger not spending money wenger out wenger sucks wenger way wenger we trust wenger! wenger's caterpillar coat wenger's coat wenger's puffy coat wenger's sour face wenger's zipper malfunction wengerball wengermetrics wengerout wengers long coat wengers wankers wenter werner what's wrong with the crest? wheel where's the money? whine whiner whiners whiney whingers whining whiny who cares whoa whoo hooo why why arsen why why two reds? willing wilshere win winless winless arsene winners winners winning winter coat wisdom wmd wneger woe women wools woolwich woolwich wanderers world class world war two world's best worst worst fans worst thing ever worst. fans. ever. wringer wrong side of north london wwi yaarsenal yay yaya sanogo yea yeah yes yes network yes!! yes!! gunners!! you guys aren't warriors young young young guns young talented youth youth academy youth soccer youth sytem youth talent yputh yuck yuppie yy zzzzz özil özil 😫😫😫