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Manchester City

champions 2012 money plastic "kiss" eagle #mercity #money $ $$ $$$ $$$$ $$$$$ $$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $ity /lkksfj 123456789012345678901234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789012345678901234567890 2 englishman 2011 2011 final game 2011-12 championship 2012 pl champions 2nd 2nd best 2nd fiddle 2nd in manchester 2nd rate 2nd team 2nd worst team ever 3 pointless stars 3 stars 3-2 90+4 90million well spent. >not playing jovetic ? a a general a good club a lord's crest a lot of money a lot of money a mess a ship a terrible club posing as a good one a-rab money above the law abu abu dhabi abu dhabi abu dhabi oil money ageuro's goal agressive aguero aguero aguero goal aguero wears blue aguero winning goal aguero!!! aguero!!!!! aguero!!!!!! aguero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aguero's goal aguero's winner against qpr aguerooooo agueroooooo aguerooooooooo aguerooooooooooo agueroooooooooooo aguerooooooooooooo aguerooooooooooooooo aguerrooooo aguerrrooooo!! aguerrrrooooooooo aguiero agurero!!! agüero agüeroooooooooo alan ball all money no quality always second best always trying too hard amazing ambitious america american angry bird angry brat and miley cyrus tongue angry eagle annoying another billionaire plaything aqueduct arab arab blood money arab emirates arab gold arab money arab money! arab moneybags arab oil arab oil $ arab oil $$ arab oil money arab owners arab owners arab spring arabia arabians arabic cash money arabs arabs arabs money arabssssss aras argentina argentinian? arms dealer money army army arriviste arrivistes arrogant arrogant arsenal artificial assholes aston attacking attempted to buy success augerooooooo avb awesome awesome! awesomeness awful baby blue baby blues babyblue back to arabia bad bad color bad guyd bad part of manchester bad stadium bagloads of money ballet balloons ballotelli balls--too much money balo balo balo's old club balotelli balotelli balotelli failure balotelli was here balotelli! balotelli!!! balotelli's old team banana republic bandwagon bandwagon fans bandwagon money bank bankroll bankroll bankroll barton beat man u! beat united beautiful bell benjani berties best best best in manchester best team best team in the premier league that can't win best team money can buy bestteaminthelandandalltheworld better than being united better than man u better than mu better than red better them than united bettter than man u beverly hillbillies big big butt big fags big money big money backers big name big necks big oil money big payroll big spender big spenders big spenders little results billion pound advert for feudalism billionaire billionaire boys club billionaire boys' club billionaire's plaything billionaires billionaires billionairess billionares bird bird is too scary bitches bitter bitter rival bitters blackness. night. doom. blah blah blank check blank checks bling bllue moon blob blood money blue blue for life blue menace blue moon blue moon blue moon on the rise blue moon! blue nose scum blue oil money moon blue poo blue scum blue shite blue side of manchester blue sky blue team blue too lite blue uniforms bluemoon blues boo! spending boobs booo boooo booooooo boooooooooo boring boston red sox bought bought a championship bought a team bought a title bought a title bought and paid for bought and sold bought championships bought crown bought it bought not earned bought relevance bought success bought team bought the title bought their success bought their team bought their way to success bought trophies bought trophy bought your league boughtvteam braves briefs brilliant buy a title buy all talent buy everyone again buy players for money buy someone else why dont you buy success buy talent buy the league buy the title buy trophies buyers buying buying a championship buying champions buying championship buying championships buying championships buying glory buying success buying talent buying team buying the title buying titles buying trophies buying trophies buying wins buys everyone buys wins c.r.e.a.m. fags camoflauge bentleys can't stand them can't win in europe cant buy a title cant stand em cants capitalism cardiff caribou meat carlos tevez carolina carolina blue cash cash flow cash money cash money cash money millionaires cash, not as bad as united cashed up casino central defense champions champions! championship champs chaotic chav cheat cheat to win cheaters cheaters cheats cheekiness chelsea wannabe cheters chips on their shoulders chomp chomp chris columbus chumps ciry citeh citeh... citi citizens citizens! cittee citteh city city city oil city saudi city sux city til i die city! clash of the titans class class! classic classless claudio reyna client clippers colin bell color pallette come on citty! comedy commonwealth games communism communist confused confusing consistentcy cool cool logo copy cats corporate rubbish corrupt coty council house courage crap on grass crass crassness crest crooks crud ctid! dat money david silva dbacks de gay decent degenerates oil phoneys democracy denim dickheads didi hamann die diesel digital dirty money dirty oil money disfunction disgraceful money disgust disgusting dissapointing diva doesn't feel english dogs dolla dolla bills yo dollah bills dollars dominance dominant don't know don't like them either don't tread on me donald trump.. new money no class done a city double wankers douche doyle dragon dragon drill baby drill driving dubai dubai dubaifc dumb dumbfounded dysfuntional dzeko eagle eagle eagle tongue eagles eagles early beginnings of a empire east egg el kun elite emir emirates empty empty inside enemy england epithad epl yankees espn et ihad ethiad ethihad etihad etihad money even more money evil evil empire evil, illuminati eww sky blue exciting expensive expensive expensive crap footballers expensive failure f fa cup facism fad fags fail failure fair weather fake fake and angry fake budget fake oil money fake team false postion in league pyramid - too much money fancy fantasy fantasy team fascism fascit fat white guys favorite favorite team feels eastern feisty fifa fair play fight on final game of 2012 financial doping financially unsound flash in the pan flashy flashy money flat flight flow fluke foreign foreign money foreign ownership; foriegn owners franchise fresh, clean and just city fruit loops fuck em fuck man city fuck them even more fuck you fuckem fuckers fucking hate them fucking scrubs mate fucks fun fun to watch funny funny history futbol future=bankruptcy gagging eagle gallagher gallagher brothers gallaghers gash gay general george weah german german feel german logo germany get lost please girly kits gits glass global glory glory buyers glory hunters glory hunters go away goals goals goater god money gods gold gold stallion golden golden eagle good good eggs good guys good, as in great got to much money government grand great kits great managerial hair greatness awesomeness pure class greed greedy griffen griffin griffins griffon griffons groar gross gross over spending ha ha ha ha hahahaha the massive club hahahaha hair hairline hari harry potter hart hate hate club love players hate hate hate hate nearly hate them hate them even more - noisy neighbors hate zabaleta. hated rival hatred hatred hawk head case here comes the moneyy!! money! money!! money!! moneyy moneyyyy heritage hessians highest payroll history hitler homemade homosexual horrible horrid how much? how u been huh human rights abuse human rights violations i cannot legally say i don't know i don't speak latin. i hate blue i hate city i hate them i'm rich i've never seen an eagle with a tongue that long. ian darke iceland idiots ill gotten gains ill-gotten gain illiad illusion image laundering impatient imperial inconsistency inexplicably likeable infusion of cash to buy trophies ingeriority complex insinsere inter international intimidating intimidatingly regal investment company investor iran is that latin italian james milner sux jamie pollock jammies jennifer lawrence jerks joe hart joe hart! johnny marr joke joke in europe jokers julius caesar junkfood just rich justice keegan khalifa kicked man utd's bass beautifully 2 yrs ago and still doing it king england kings kinkladze kittens knobs kompany kompany, mancini, yaya kun kun aguero kun aguero is good kun's goal kung fu kurwa la;dskfj lakey lame lame last minute champions last minute season victory last second goal to win championship latin latin is lame latin? lazio lesser of two evils light blue light blue liquid football littl brother no more little brother little brothers, always second little united liverpool loaded long tongue loosers loser nasri losers lost lot of money lots of money lottery winners lottery winners loud love lucky luftwaffe maccini magestic mah name's beckeh maine road majestic maltese falcon man cit man city man city rules man city, nycfc man cty man shitty man shity man sh¡tty man utd manc manc wankers manchester manchester manchester city manchester city fc manchester is blue manchester is landlocked why the ship manchester jr manchester lite manchester united manchester united is better manchester will always be painted red manchester's other team manchini mancini mancini scarves mancini's scarf's mancini's suits mancinni mancity mancs manny manolo manshitty mansour manu manu wannabes manufactured success mario mario balotelli mario!!!!! martin tyler screaming aguerooooo masochism massive mayflower mc mcdc mcfc mega rich megarich megarich! meh melting pot of talent merc merc city mercaneries mercenaries mercenaries mercenaries. mercenary mercenary city mercernieres mercinaries mercinary city just might gel mercs messy mets mets mets of manchester mexico mfcc miami hurricanes middle east middle east money middle eastern money mike summerbee miley cirus military military commanders football club! military logo millionaires miney minivans mitchell kahalley mn city mohawks momey monaaaay monet money money money abusers money and disfunction money and sheik money bags money bags money buys wins money can't buy everything money can't buy happiness money can't buy love money can't buy me love money can't buy you love money cannot buy class money cant buy this title money cant buy you trophies money changes everything money club with no soul money doesn't get you everythibg money fueled team money gold money grabbing money laundering money makes them stron money makes you good money money monety money money money money money money money money money $$ money money money money money not team money part 2 money pile money rich oil money money rules money splashing cunts money talks money whip money whores money will only get you so far money! money, hello man city money, money, money money, no soul money. moneybags moneyciteh moneymoneymoney monied pretenders moouulllaaa more evil more money more money than sense more oil money more petrodollars morhinhu mortal enemy motherfucking spenders mountains of money muslims muslims must spend all the money muted my beautiful city my eyes hurt my heart city forever my husband (mcfc fan) my team my team! my wife. na$ri nacional nasir failure nasri nasri navas navy nazi nazi nazi symbole nazis neighbours neil mcnab neo-rich interlopers neuveau riche neuvo riche neveau riche never heard of them never liked the eagle thing never tastes as nice when you overpay new new new blood new class new empire new fans new glory new guys new kid new mls team new mone7y new money new money new money, new fans new money\ new moon new new money new news new power new rich new rich new rich boys new rich kid new wave new yankees new york city fc new york fc? really? new york mets new york yankees new york yankees new york yankees/money newcastle? newcomers newcomers newfound success newly rich newly rich newly rich people newmoney niall nice kits nice latin motto nigel de jong no class, just money no clue no english players no history no history no history purchased wins no idea no one really cares no picture displayed no tradition no us fans noel galagher noel gallagher noel gallagher noises neighbors noisy noisy noisy neighbor noisy neighbors noisy neighbors noisy neighbour noisy neighbours noisy neihbors noizy neighbour north carolina not earned not english people not man u not manu not sgain not united nothing nothing really nothing without that $$$ nouve riche nouveau nouveau rich nouveau riche nouveau riche noveau rich noveau riche noveau riche spoiled now are good nuevo riche nuvoue rich and rival of man u. ny mets ny mets nycfc nycfc nycfc, buys stars and trophies oasis oasis oasis oh shit i forget my latin oil oil oil oil $ oil $ football oil $$$ oil and money, won't last oil buys everything oil cheats oil city oil coty oil dollars oil empire oil fucking money oil fueled ny mets oil mercenaries, fucking no history team oil money oil money oil money cheaters oil money cheats oil money sadness oil money wankers oil money; reyna oil oil oil oil oligarchs oil prince oil refinery oil rich oil rich oil rich no chemistry oil sellouts oil sheik oil sheikh oil sheim oil title oil tycoons oil! oil! balotelli! oily oilz ok old old fashioned oligarch oligarch oligarchy olil only because ofoney only money only three stars oppression organisation other other rich wankers other team oul outdated over paid over rated over spend over spenders over the top overage overated overpaid jerks overpaying overpriced overrated overrated overrated rich queers overshadowed overspend overspenders overspending overspending overweight bird oxford paid for pajamas pale blue parajaro parliament passion pasty pathetic paul dickov paul lake payroll peaked pederi pellegrini pelligrini peoples club petro billions petro dollars petrodollars petrol dollars petropounds phony pirates plastic plastic fans. owner buys players. plastic support plastics platt player stealer pogo political repression poo poop on themselves poor poor man's city poor sports port posers poseurs powder blue powder blues power poznan predator premium pretenders pretentious pretty pretty boys pretty cool price tag pride pride in battle pride in battle! primadonas promise promising proves that money can buy happiness punters purchased pure class qatar qatari sheiks qatqr qpr quality rape ready really hate really? realyl really ahte them recent power red sox red-headed step-child regal regal relegation rent boys respect ressurrection reyna reyna rich rich rich a-holea rich arab money rich arabs rich as balls rich assholes rich assholes with poor history rich bastards rich basterds rich boys rich bullies rich but bad rich but rad rich club rich cnuts rich cunts rich daddy rich dicks rich fucks rich garbage rich guys rich jealous brothers rich no tradition rich oil rich oil rich owner - cheats rich owners who buy their teams, mercenaries rich scum riche richer richer richer than god richest ricky hatton ricky villa rising rival rival of man u rivals rjm roberto mancini robinho roman roman empire romans rrrrrrrrrrrrrr rubbish ruch ruining football ruining the game ruining the league, lifeless and plastic runners up russia russian russian military russian oligarchs russians s ireland sadistic sailing salem sanctimonious bastards sand saudi saudi billionaire saudi billionaires saudi money saudis scarey good scarf scarf scarfs scary good schadenfreude scheich schitty scoring screaming villagers screw blue scum scum scum adjacent seafaring eagles second second beat second best second class second fiddle seik mansour sell out 2.0 sergio aguero sexy shadow shallow sham shaun wright-phillips?!? sheik sheik sheik money sheik power sheikh sheikh sheikh mansour sheikh team sheikhdom sheikhs sheiks shiek shiek mansur shiek money shiek money shiekh monsour shiekhs shieks shik ship ship, busy ships shit shite shitteh shitty shity short guy syndrome shot siht silva simple sky sky sky b lue sky blue sky blue losers sky blues skyblues small small time snobs snooty eagle soft soft spot sold its soul solid some team no idea soul selling soulless soullessness south americans spain spanish spanish players spend spend spend to win spenders spending spending spending excessively spendthrift spendy spent lots of cash spoiled spoiled brats spoiled rich kids spoilt spoilt brats spoit spurs squatters st. louis stadium of light stars stephen ireland steroids steve nash still wont make it out of the group stages stimulus package stodgy straight cash homie straightcashhomey strength strikers strong stupid stupid nasri stylish suburbia? suck sucks sultan sum super rich superb superbia suburbia swagotelli talent accumulation talent suckers tasteless display of vulgar wealth. temples temporarily good terrible terrible terrible terrible uniforms terrorism terrorist money terrorists test teves tevez tevez tevez is a punk tevez, lots of money tevezs scar that eagle looks pissed that's my daughter's club the are the yankees of the premier league the attack on zola the best the citizens the evil side of manchester the loud neighbor the noise neighboors the other manchester the other manchester the other manchester team the real manchester the sheik the smiths the team of the future the world can be bought thebest thiefs thieves third reich this is how it feels to be city this time three false stars three stars no reason tich title winners together tongue tongue. tongue? tongues too militaristic too much $ too much money too rich tough tougue tounge toure toure tradition traditional traitor trash trauttman treaty trophy trophy buying trouble true football trust fund trying to buy trophies trying to hard to make up for lost time turds twonks tycoon uae uaeb ugh ugly ugly bird ugly bird. ugly blue ugly eagle tongue ugly money ugly shield uk yankees ukraine ultimate bandwagon club um who unbelievable under performing underachievers underachieving underdog underperform underperforming unearned stars uniforms unique united arab emirates unlimited money unrelated superstars unwanted neighbor up and coming upcoming upstart upstarts us congress usa used to suck, but got bought, still suck useless varys very rich very well run now victory villans to united vinny k vomitting eagle w@nkers wanks wanks wanna be classy wanna be liverpool wanna be's wanna be's wanna-be's wannabe wannabe united wannabees wannabes war war eagle war eagle waste wasted talent wastedoilmoney we buy wins wealthy wealthy arab owner wealthy idiots weasels weird face well deserved what what does mcfc stand for? what money can do for a club what's that boat for? what;s that bird? whatever where is nasri? where were you when you were shit white house crest white lazio who who has sky blue? who? why all the birds? why all the eagle dragons? why always me why does an eagle need a boat? why is the eagle's tongue out? why no baloteli? why three stars? winer wings winner winners winning winning tradition worst wtf? wwi yacht yankee negative yankeea yankees yankees of the premiere leagu yawn yaya yaya yaya toure yobs you'll never win the league again younger brother yuck yup zabaleta zelda zero integrity £ £££