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Manchester United

alex ferguson class first tradition "soccer fans" #dallascowboys #glory hunters $ $$ $$$ $$$$$$ -_- 1234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789012345678901234567890 19 years of boring 1976 1999 1999 miracle 20 20 titles 2013 20th champions 4-1 loss to city bahahhahaha 7th place >6 (six) >moyes [redacted] a a bit spanish, no? a club in decline a dancing ponce a great club a real great team aberage absolute garbage absoluterubbish added time adios sir alex again? signs everywhere aig alabama alex alex ferguson alex ferguson alex ferguson gone all star team always better than city always get penalties always get the calls always good always good always win always winning amazing america's team american bandwagoners anger anger annoying annoying annoying annoying and obnoxious annoying twats annoyingly good another boat? anyone but aon aon arg aristocratic aristocrats arizona state sun devils arpu arrogance arrogance arrogant arrogant and boring arrogant arrogance arrogant arseholes arrogant, entitled, shit arseholes arsenal asia asians ass holes asshole asshole yankees east assholes attacking attractive football awesome awesomeness awesomr awful ayr united b bad bad bad guys bad transfers bad window bad words bad, the devil badge bale band wagoners bandwagon bandwagon bandwagon bandwagon fans bandwagon jumpers bandwagoners bandwagons banner barf bastards basterds beast beatable beautiful beckham becks beelzebub beer beer believe...!!! bellends benchmark best best club best ever best in the world best of the best best team best team ever best team ever!!! best team in the world best team in the world best team in the world. betrayal better team than logo beyond hate biased reffing big big bad big brother big city big club big jerks bigger scum biggest scum of all bill buford birds blach blah bland blank blerrgh bloated blood bloody reds bold boo boo hiss booo boooooo booooooo boooooooo booooooooo bored boring boring boring winners boring yankees bought bpl brand bread bregrudging respect bribery bright british corinthians broken link brutes bryan robson bucaneers bullies bullies bullshit bully bully bums busby bustard butt munchers buy championships cabbages cant say cantona carrick carrick cartoon character cartoon devil cash champ;ions champion champion championes champions champions champions champions league 99 champions! champions!!!! champions, always champions, saf championships championships champs champs champs & rooney change charlton charlton chav cheat cheater cheaters cheaters cheating cheating cunts cheating refs cheating scum cheats chevrolet chicha chicharito chicharito chinese circle clasic class class and history classic classic and majestic classless classless classy cleverly clip art cobwebs cockney reds cocks cocksuckers utd colossal complacency conceited conglomerate consistent consistent consistent excellence cool corporate corporate corporate baroque corporate brand corporation corpration corrupt cory paulo cory paulo cowboys crap crazy credit card champions cry babies cu.nts cuntts cups cute color combo d bags d-bags dallas cowboys dallas texans youth soccer damn united damn yankees damn yankess damn you moyes damned united dancing devil dancing lion dante darth vader david beckham david beckham? david moyes david moyes is a dick david moyes will destroy db's de hea debt debt debt decent deevil demon stabbing ship demon w/ pitchfork demon? derp despise devil devil crabs devil ship devil with a pitchfork devil. devils devils devils indeed diarrhea dickheads dicks die dire dirty champs dirty northern bastards disgust disgusted dishonest dislike dislike, sir alex, fergie time divers diving dog dom dom dominance dominance dominant dominate domination domination done for done with fergie dont like dont like em dont win this one time dortmund 1997 double hate douche douche douche bag douchebags douchebags douches douchey downtrend downward spiral dr who dragon dredges of society duffers duke dull dust dwade and lebron dynastic dynasty dynasty, sir alex dynasty, well run, legendary club easy to root against eat shit! eat shit. eeeeevil eeeeevil efficient efficient ego egyptian dancer eh einer elite elite elitist embarassment of riches empire empire strikes back end of an era enemy enemy england english yankees entitled entitlement epic eric cantona established establishment euro bro even more money everton everyone knows who they are everything their own way evil evil dead evil empire evil empire evil empire evil empire! evil empire. yankees of the pl evil evil empire evil incarnate evil moyes evil pt.2 evil saf evil winners evil, dominate evil. pure evil eviler evilest of evil eww ewwww excellance excellence exceptional extra time f f that f#%@ing boston redsox f'cum fading faggots fags fair weather fans fake fake fans fake fans fall to earth fame fan fan boys fanboys fantastic fat favorite favorite fc fearless feeguson fellaini fergerson fergeson fergie fergie fergie gone so are they fergie time fergie time is over fergie tradition fergie, negative fergies boys fergietime fergson ferguson ferguson ferguson fergusson fergy fergy time ferocity ferry t filth finally warm finished finished fire fire moyes first love floundering focus on the bucs followers food football footie forever fortress fortunate franchise frikkn awesome eh front runners front-runners frontrunner team frontrunners fuck em fuck em fuck manunited fuck off fuck them fuck these guys fuck this team fuck united fuck you rvp fuckers fuckers fucking scum fucking united fucking yankees fucks fud<ers fukcers furgie futbol garbage gate gay generic genius genuine dislike george best gett outtttt getting sacked in the morning ggmu giants giggs glazer glazer money glazers glazers glazers are assholes glazers awful globa global global brand global domination global scum glorious champions glory glory boys glory champions best in the world glory glory glory glory man united glory glory man utd glory glory manunited glory hunter glory hunters glory hunting asians glory hunting cunts glory seekers glory supporters glory! glory, glory man united glory, glory, man united! glory, glory... gloryhunter gloryhunters go away goat goblin god squad god's club godly gods gods gift to football gold standard goldstandard goliath good good god good history, delight in hating them and destroying them at anfield good program good, and tired grand grapes great club greatest greatest ever greatest football team in all the land! greatest team in epl greatness greed greed greedy green and gold gross gross grway gum ha gay hackneyed haha haha moyes... hair drier treatment hair plugs hair plugs hair transplant hairlines happy devil hard times ahead hard to follow sir alex has beens hate hate club love players hate em hate hate hate hate tgem hate the most hate them hate this team hated hated, but brilliant hatem haters hates everton hatred hatred. hatye have beens heart attacks heavyweight hegemony heritage heritage hero heros hey i've heard of them hideous at best highs hiss historic historic side historic, the giants of the league history history and future hometeam homos honorable glory, true values horrible horrible fans horrible logo horrid hot dogs hotdogs house of satan howard webb howard webb's team hubris i fucking hate them i hate chicharito i hate rvp i hate them i hate you! i hope they lose i like them even though i won't admit it i want to hate them but i can't iconic if god played soccer, he would play for united. imperious imposing imps in debt to incessant inelegant institution of class and money insufferable insufferable ferguson intimindating irritating is manchester a port city? is that a devil it's blank javier hernande jealous jerkoffs jerks jerks jerseys everywhere jews ji sung park joeseph js park judas judas fc juggalo juggernaught juggernauts just a league team just stop it. go away. shut up. kagawa keane kebab ketchup ketchup and mustard ketchup on eggs kick king king pins kings kings knobs kvnts lads lame lame lame for such a storied club lamestream law leader league favorites leeds legacy legend legend.. champion eric cantona legendary legendary legendary team legends lesser of evils liam like the yankees like them more than city and l'pool lion liverpool liverpool! loaded lol london london's team lord ferg losers lost cause lots of money love love love them. love this team!! :)) love to hate loved or hated loyalty luck lucky machine majestic man man ciry man city man u man u man u man u sucks man u, glazers man ud man united man united man utd manc manc scum manc shite manchester manchester manchester fucking united manchester united manchester2 mancs manny manpoo manspew manster united manu manu manure manutd marketing marketing machine massive franchise and business mcdonalds megaclub meh merch mercy killing mieerda mifc milan missing saf monarchy mone money money and hate money bags money grabbng money money money moneyball monopoly more evil more manc wankers more money more money more shit most hated team most popular most succesul english club but won't do well this year motherfuckers mouse moves flop... please moyes moyes *then laughs* moyes graveyard moyes is a jackass moyes not ferguson moyes sucks moyes, ha moyesout moyesy mu mu mufc mums team munich mustard and ketchup my love my one true love my squad my team na nani negative neptune never say die new era new fans new glory new york new york yankees new york yankees new york yankees of soccer nice luck nike no class no country for old men no more fergie time no no no noise nooooooooooooooo nope northern scum not real fans not the same since fergie left nothing nouveau riche ny yankees ny yankees - hate ny yankees of soccer ny yankess o2 obnoxious official oh. so it is a devil ok ok team ok we get it old old ball old classic old england yankees...not in the spending way but in the that people who don't actually like the sport like mufc old firm old guard old guys old money old red nose old school old squad old trafford old world yankees on a downslope one man team only won because of cheating organized outdated over achievers over rated overblown overconfidence overexposed overlords overpaid overpaid rich assholes overrated overrated own the refs ozimanzius pakis passion past past glory past it past their prime paul pay team penalties perennial champs perfect perfection perpetual contenders pie eater pirate ship pirates plague plain plastic plastic fans plastic yankees plastics poachers pompous pompous pompous assea pompua pompus pompus bilgers poop in their mouth poor management popular posers posterboy power powerful powerful devil powerhouse prawn sandwiches prawn sandwiches premeir league premier premier league era prestige pricks pride prior dominance priveleged privilege privileged proud provenance pttttt puke punks pure class pure dog poo pure evil pure evil pure hatred quaality quality quality quialty racists rag cunts rags rape read really tough record recovering red red cheeks red cunts red devil red devil red devil. why? red devila red devils red devils red devils! red devils, ferguson red devisl red is the colour of the devil red scum red shirts red shit red shites red sox + yankees red tards red x red, evil reddevil reds ref ref-ball referee referee bias referee bias referee favouritism referees referees refrees refs refs favorites refs love them regal relegated 2013-2014 rent boys repulsive resilience resilient respect respectable respectful hate rich rich assholes rich kernts rich snobs rich...20 titles rick rio rival rival rivals rivals robin van persie ronaldo ronaldo roon roonet rooney rooney rooney and beckhan rooney and rvp rooney is a thug rooney rvp rooney sucks rooney yes, evra no rooney! rooney'd rooney's bald spot rooney's hair plugs rooneys bald spot roony root for anyone but man u ross royal royal family royalty rubbish rulers runway de-icing ruthless ruud van nistelrooy ruuuuuddddd rvp rvp and others rvp cnut rvp. ryan giggs s.a.f sad sadi saf saf is a scumbag saf. satan satan is in the middle- never noticed satan worshipers screw them screw van persie screwed without fergie screwing kagawa scum scum scum bags scum dirty rugby team broken legs cunts scum united scumbag scumbags scumlosers scummy scums sea monsters see you next tuesday see you next tuesday self important sell outs sh&t shapes sheep shaggers shiit shite shiteshiteshite shitheads shithole shocking shrek sigh siht simply the best simply the best! sin sinking sir alec sir alex sir alex sir alex sir alex days are over sir alex feguson sir alex ferguson sir alex ferguson sir alex fergusun sir alex furgeson sir alex time sir alex! sir fat nose sir fergie sir. alex. ferguson. siralex sith sleaze slim jims slippery runways smarmy smug snob snobby snobby solid southern spoiled spooky spurs square squeaky bums sr alex stable stallwart stamps standard stark stoic stoked stole rvp stone roses strength strong stuck up stupid succesful success success success suck suck it sucks sucks super evil superior superiority superteam surrey swans taints tampa bay tampa bay bucs team to beat terrible terrible owners terrible refs terrible without fergie test thank god fergie's gone thank god he retired that devil looks dumb the absolute fucking worst the absolute worst\ the best the best sports team in history. never give up the best team in the world the best there is the best! the boss the canal the champions the champions!!!! the dark side the devil the devil in the middle needs work the empire the enemy the establishment the evil empire the gd worst the great satan the greatest the greatest the greatest football club in the world! the greatest in england the greatest team ever the king the kings the new liverpool the new york yankees of football the ny yankees the red devils the standard the treble the u the underwold the worst the worst thing ever the yankees the yankees the yankees (for no reason) the yankees of football the yankees of soccer the yankees of the epl the yankess theater of deams thebadguys theft they will miss ferguson thieves tight ship time for a new best tired of seeing them win titans titles titles titles, hatred tommy docherty too big too much too much red too popular too red too rich top brand top club tossers total shite toupee wearers tradition tradition tradition of excellence tradition winning traditional traitor traitorous scum traitors transition trash treble trendy triple wankers triumph trophies trophies trophy truly devils turd ferguson twerps twots typical uggh ugh ugh, the best ugh. ughh not them again overratd ughhh annoying ugly ultimate evil unbearable unbeatable uncertain future undeserving uneducated fans top team unfair game uninformed uwsers united united united time united! universally hated unspeakables unsucessful untited utd utter dislike vader vagina? van perdue van persie van pursestrings vanpursestrings veneer victory victory victory! viera/keane vikings villains volleyball volleyball grocery store volleyball? volleyballs vomit w@nk walmart wanabees wancs wankers wanks way overrated wankers way too much money way too popular wayne rooney wayne rooney is a dick we buy who we want we get it wealth webb welbeck welcome back to reality well run club what is that in the middle? whatever where's kagawa? whiners whisky nose white who cares who the f is man united when the blues are marching on on on who the f*ck are man united who the fuck are man united who the fuck are they who the fuck are they? why why the face? wiltord win win winner winners winngin winning wins wish i hated them more wnkers work world beaters world class worse than the yankees worst worst club ever worst enemy worst football club ever! worst team worthless wtfbbq wunkers yaaaaay! yabkees yankee yankees yankees yankees yankees (evil) yankees of epl yankees of football yankees of football yankees of soccer yankees of soccer yankees of the epl yankees suck yankees that buy all the players yankees, over popular yankess yeah yech yes you disgust me yuck yuk zenith