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Newcastle United

alan sh earer beer #pardewout 09 relegation 10 years 12345678901234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789012345678901234567890 13082 4-4 6-0 united 6th place 8 years ? ??? a a geordie hitting a horse a horse fish! a joke a lot of fans a mess a nice 2nd squad a proper ground, man punching seahorse aaa accent admirable african african strikers alain pardieu alan alan alan pardew alan pardue's white hair alan purdew alan schearer alan scherer alan sheaer alan shearer alan shearer / northern rock alan shearer, stripes alan sherer alan sherer alcohol alcohol ale all foreign allan shearer allen scherrar almosts alright always screw it up amazing ameobi american american referees american soccer movie americanos amusement park anarchy ancient andy caroll andy carroll andy cole angry anita annoying annoying ant and dec anthropomorphism are the seahorses? are those horse mermaids? are those seahorses are those seahorses? ashley ashley asprilla asprilla aston villa atmosphere attacking avb average awesome awesome anthem - local hero awesome jerseys awesome seahorse awesomeness awful awful town b ba bad bad beer bad beer, worse football bad city bad coach bad ownership bad weather baf balck and white stripes barbarians barbers barcode barcodes bare chested men drinking beer bars barton barton beast beautiful beer beer beer beer and alan shearer beer and alan shearer beer and fighting beer and prison garb beer andcoal beer bellies beer belly beer guts beer is better beer me beer! beer! beer! and good beer at that beer, coloccini beer, decent team 2 years ago beer, then france beer? beers being useless bellies bellys below par ben afar ben afra ben afra 5* skills ben afra's leg ben arfa ben arfa is a funny name berger bergkamp turn best best club in the world best fans in the epl best uniforms ever biaconeri big and useless big club big club but not good big club hahahah big club relegated big stadium big stadium no money biker grove billy eliot billybates bipolar bird beer birth bisexual seahorses bizarre bksck and white black black & white black and white black and white jerseys black and white stripes black and white unis black peope black people black sheep black strikers black stripes black white stripes black/white blackburn blah blake and white bland bleh bloopers blue blue collar blue collar team blue-collar boats bobby robson bolts and nuts bonjour bonjour boorish booze boring boring brown brown ale brown ale brown ale kits brown alr buffalo bullies bums butter butters buy cheap french and african caballos de mar cabay cabaye cabeye calamity calories can't get out of own way caroll carousel carrol carroll casino castle castle castles cavalo chaos chateau nouveau chateu chavs cheap cheap bastards cheaters cheats chess chess board chess pieces chess rook chicago cubs chris shoff and beer christine bleakly cice cisee cisse cisse cisse and ba cisse goal vs chelsea cisse's banana goal cisse's goal cissokho city seal class class classic classic club cleats cleveland clown clowns cluster fuck coach coach arrogance coal coat of arms cold cold cold and rainey cole collocini coloccini colochini comedic comedy complicated comvicts confused confused fish conquer conservative consistently bad convict stripes convicted seahorses convicts cool cool cool name cool unis couldn't get it done crap crap beer crap team crappy beer crappy coach crash crazies crazy crazy crazy accents crazy ass fans crazy fans crazy mutha fuckers crazy owner crazy owner, french players creepy crest criminals criminals cry babies cubs cursed cute d dabizas danger darkhorse days gone by debtor decent decent dedication defence defencse defense delicious beer deluded deluded delusion delusional demba demba ba demba left demba! depressing derby derby game deserve more detestable diaster did they get relegated again? die hard diehards different league dirty dirty dirty play dirtyy disapointing disappointed horse disappointing disappointment disappointment disappointment disaster disaster disfunction disgraced disjointed disney movie dissapointment dissappointing dog done dont know how they're still here down downfall drab dragonhorse? dragons drama dreary drench drink drinking drunk drunk bitches drunk fans drunk owner drunk' drunkards drunks duck duff dull black dumb dumb owner dumpster fire duty fans dysfunctional dysfunctional eh eh ehh embarrassed england england's philadelphia english english fan base most like the toronto maple leafs english juve english rednecks entertainers epl europe ew exciting expectations that are too high facebook faded glory fading fading fast faggots fags fail failure fake arsenal fall from glory fallen from greatness fallen on hard times family fan base fanatical fanbase fancy fancy fans fans and a bit weak fans attacking a police horse fans deserve better fans, beer, old kit far northeast fast fat fat fat arse ashley fat bare bellies fat bellies fat bellies fat bellies, funny accents fat blokes with no shirts on in january fat drunk fat drunk uncle fat fans fat geordies fat guy fat guys fat man, belly out fat men fat men no shirts fat men with no shirts fat men without shirts fat mike ashley fat pasty men with no shirts fat people fat shirtless fans fat shirtless men fat supporters fat tattooed fans fat white guys fat, bare chest, thugs fatties faustino asprilla favorite favorite club (hard to answer) feckless fellons fierce fight fight fired first love fish fish and chips fish horse? flat blokes with no tops fluctuation flying sea horses fmf fools foot locker football footlocker kits forever forgotten france france france france national team france north france of the north french french french arseholes french club french for good and bad french fries french influx french invasion french invasion french jerks french legion french men french national team french people french players french players french quarter french revolution french seahorses french sensation french squad french stripes french team french team b frenchie frenchie frenchies frenchmen frenchmen frenchmen and beer frenchy friend who plays there fringe frisky frog legs front of ship froothy frustration ftm fucking toon fun funny funny funny stadium g gangsters gary speed gavin harris gay gay horses gazza gazza geodies geordie geordie geordie bastards geordie cunts geordie horse punch geordie scum geordie shore geordie suckers geordie tears geordie# geordieland geordies geordies geordies geordies la forge geordies! geordies? geordis georgies gerodies get a win ghey ginola ginola glorious goal goal 3 goal machine goal movie goal movie goal movies goal the dream begins goal the movie goal! goal! goal! movies goal, the movie goal: living the dream goal: the dream begins goal: the dream continues gol goldfish gooch good good 'ol days good and then bad good at soccer. better at beer. good beer good beer. bad football good fan support good fans good once, no longer good set of fans good to bad goofy goons gordie gordie shore gordies gray great fan base great fans great kits great movie: goal great stadium great supporters great unis greatclub greatest greatness grey greyjoys grit gritty gross ha ha ha had one good year haha hahaha hahahaha hahahaha hamburglar hapless hard hard hard knocks hard luck hard nose hard time hard work hard working hard working people hardcore has been has beens has beens hasbeens hate hate the owner hatem ben arfa hates sunderland haway haway the lads. heheh, seahorses hell yeah hellhole heordie hi-jinks hicks hilarious hilariously bad owner hilarity hilarity ensues hilbillies historic historically relevant history history hong kong hooliganism hooligans hooligans hooway the lads hope hopeless horrible fans horrible owner hors horse horse larva horse mermaid? horse mermaids horse mermaids? horse punch horse punch horse puncher horse punchers horse punching horse punching horse sluggers horse uniucorns horse-mermaids horsepower horses horses with wings horses? horsey horsey-mermaids horseys horsies hot mess houghton house stark howay the lads huge win in 2011 i already did this one. i did not know they liked sea horses i do not care about them i like their beer i'd love it if we beat them idiot kinnear idiot owner idiot owner idiots idtios inbred inbred skunks incompetent leadership inconsequential inconsistant indie indifference industrial industrious inept owner inflated egos injury prone insane insane fans insane owner insanity interesting interesting heterogeneity between excellent and terrible ownership/team building. interesting to me intersport irrelevant irrelevant irrelevant irrelevent irrevelant is it a coastal team? is newcastle close to the ocean? jail jail house unis jailhouse unis jersey jersey shore jersey shore jersey shore fakers jerseys jfk jiggling fat on rowdy fans jimmy conrad jimmy conrad joe kenner joe kinnear joe kinnear and mike ashley lol joe kinnear hahahaha joey joey barton johan kebab joke jokers jonas guitterez jordi jordi shore jordi's jordie jordies jordies jordis jordy jordys are a mess jousting joy jumping horses junk juve juventus kabab kabob kamikazee keane kebab keegan keegan! keep tryin... kevin keegan kevin keegan kiddie pool kind of a joke kineer kingdom kinnear kinnear - what a mess kinnear is ruining the team kinneer ha kit kits kits knights knights knobs knopfler krul krul la fraise la la la lack of record lame large fansbase laugh laughing stock laurwn robert lazy le cavemen le frogs le newcastle leg breakers legendary seahorses lego less popular let downs ligue 1 like the cleveland browns likeable lion literally no thoughts little big club little brother little guy little mermaid local beer, french players lol lolwtf london long live the old days long-suffering long-time member look...seahorses loose loser losers losing losing ground loss lost souls loud obnoxious fans loutish fans lovable losers love love it love the beer loveable losers loyal loyal fans loyality loyalty lunatic fans mad mad mad fans magical africans magpie magpies magpies mags maison nouveau manderly many fans maple leafs mark knopfler massive fan base massive support medieval medieval medieval times mediocre mediocrity medioxre meh mental mentalists merhorse merhorses merhorses mermaid mermaid horses mermaid? mermaids mermen!! merry go round mess messedup mets michael owen michael owen micheal owen mid table mid-table middle middle class middle of road middle of the pack middle of the road middle of the road? middle pack middle ranks middleofthepack middling midevil midlevel midtable mighty mike mike ashley mike ashley mike ashley is a drunk mike ashley lol xd mike ashley stupid money milan milburn mine miners mining misfit mismanaged mismanagement miss the ale mont python monty python more consistancy! more stripes morons mourinho movie movie - "goal": muddling munez murky werewolves my favorite team!!! my first match my friend alain my north team my soccer coach my team my team but crappy mystical, darkness, sea n nae vad navy ncastle ne england blows neat necastle united neecastle needs a new owner needs another striker neu chateau neufchatel neuveau chatteau never good enough never wins new castle new castle new castle united new jersey new shit new york knicks newcasle newcaste newcastle newcastle newcastle newcastle ale newcastle beer newcastle brown newcastle brown ale newcastle f.c. newcastle the beer newcastles newcastly newcatsle newcxastle newky brown news newscastle next! nice nice badge nice crest, feel bad for team nice kit nice kits nice seahorses nickname night's watch nnn no chance no opinion no shirt no trophies noble nobodies nobody non descript non-entity noob norf nort north north north east north england north. uninteresting. northeast northern northern northern england northern no names northern rock northern underachievers northerners northerners northers nostalgia not a big club not again not enough money not good anymore not much not quite big enough not that good not this season notabigclub nothing nothing really nouvean chateau nouveau chateau nouveau chateau nouveau chateu nouveauchatel nouveauchâtel nouvelle chateau noveau chateau now french nuevo chateau nufc number 1 nunez nut brown nut brown ale nutters oakland raider fans oakland raiders oakland raiders of england obafemi martins obama oberrated obesity ocean odd off their rockers oguchi onyewu oh dear oh god! oh my oh that's new astle oil ok okay old old bad boys, now nouveau chateau old fashioned old glory old news old regime old school once good once had it once relavent one club town only team in town oops optimistic optimistic fans oui, oui monsieur out oui outdated outperformers outrageous outsiders over estimated over rated over-hyped over-rated overachievers overambitious overdue overhyped overinflated opinion of themselves overrated overrated owen owner is a bitch ownes pace paradise lost pardeq pardeu pardew pardew is a twat pardew is an idiot pardew sex pardew until 2020 pardew wanker pardew'd pardieu pardieu = cunt pardue parses partridge party town passion passion passion passionate passionate fans past past glory pedestrian crossing perennial underachievers perpetual underacheivers pete donaldson pete donaldson fat shirtless fans philadelphia philadelphiaunion phony tough pie pies pittsburg steelers please... plucky ponies poo poop4 poor poor alan pardew poor bastards poor blokes poor guys poor joey poor man's packers poor management poor ownership poor poor pardew poor toom poor toon poorly run potential power premeir league premier pretentious pretty terrible pride primitive prison prison bars prison jersies prison stripes prison stripes prison uniforms prison uniforms prison univ prisoners prisoners problems prominant kit puke punch punch a horse punch ups and ginola punching a horse punching horses punks quarter of a mile from centre circle rabid fans racist raid raidas raiders raiders fans raiders! rain ramble random rape rapist ray h ray hudson ray hudson ray hudson! really good stadium really really ugly badge red red card red cards rednecks ref ref uniforms referee referee kit referee kits referee's referees referees referees referree jersey refs refs unis regal relagation relegated relegation relegation relegation, awkward relegeation remy reserved richard simmons ridiculous fans right in the middle robin thicke robson rocky hudson rocky ray rook rough rough area rough around the edges rough fans rough necks rowdy royal royal royalty rubbish rubbish rubbish rubbish ruffians sad sad sadly losing games sadness sads sam allerdyce santi santi munez santiago santiago munes santiago munez scary scherer scoring scotland scrappy scum scumbags sea sea creatures sea hoarse sea horse sea horse? sea horses sea horses sea horses suck sea horses? sea horses? sea horses?! sea lions sea rhinos sea scouts sea turtles sea world sea-horses? seaferries seahorse seahorse sand demba ba seahorse wtf? seahorse! seahorse? seahorses seahorses seahorses forever seahorses in northern england? seahorses playing chess seahorses wtf seahorses! seahorses! cute! seahorses, really? seahorses? seahorses? really? seahorses? really? seahorses?? seahours seaside second team second-teir seen better days self destruction self important sell good players senegal senegal strikers senegal... year senna ba shambles shambolic shame shear shearer shearer shearer!!!!!!! shearer, b&w shearer. the boss shield is getting humped but the horse things shipwreck shirtless shirtless shirtless fans shirtless fat man shirtless fatties shirtless men shit show shit team shite shithole shitty beer shot should be a big club but aren't should be better should be better should be better than they are should be bigger should be sponsored by newcastle brown ale still sigh silly silly horses sinking ship sissoko and the stadium, also virgin sixth place skatorna skillful skunks slick shirts, not slick league finishes smokers so-so soap opera soft solid sorry sparrow spend spiral spirit sports direct squandering st james st james st james park st james' park st kames st. james st. james park st. james' park stadium starbucks stately sting stiripes stirpes storied club stotty strange strange accent strange horses strikers striped striped jerseys striped shirts stripes stripes stripes stripes! strips strong survivors struggle struggling stupid stupid fans suck suckers sucks support surtees sweet kits swim t tackems talent talk funny tasty tattoo tattoos tattoos taylor teammates punching each other teddy tenuous terrible terrible terrible owner terrible ownership that guy punching a horse that movie 'goal' that one movie the angriest man in the prem, chiek tiote the beer the best the french devil the goal machine the little mermaid the magpies the north the sea the sun is closer to the ground the toon the tune their stadium there are a good team they exist they have that many fans? they suck thing of the past thirsty those are some weird horses those horses are gonna kiss those sea horses look weird those sea horses should be sea unicorns thought they were good but arent thr movie gol thug thuggish thugs tim krul tino tits toffee together tons too french too much going on toon toon toon toon and hooligans toon army toon army criminals toon army!!! hwtl!!! toon town toon? toons topless fat geordies tough tough guys tough team toughs toyal tradition tradition of losing traditional tragedy tragic tragic fans trailer trainwreck trash trashy trashy trending down trouble trouble troubled try hard try hards try-hards tuna turmoil turmoil two horses tyne tyne side tyne wear derby tyne-wear tyneside tyny ugh ugly ugly blue ugly fans ugly jerseys ugly kits ugly people uhh uhhh uk french national team uknown unclassy under achievers under achievers under dog under-achieving underacheiving underachieve underachievement underachievers underachieving underacievers underdog underdogs underperform underperformance underperforming underperforming for decades underpreform underrated underwhelming underwhelming unfilled potential unfortunate unfulfilled potential unhinged. kinnear. unicorn unicorn mermaids! unicorns unicorns shagging unicorns? uniform uniprawns united unity unknown unlucky unlucky unoffensive up and down up north up north somewhere up on tyne upc used to be used to be fantastic used to be good used to be good useless vanilla virgin viva la france waddle wal mart wannabe wannabees wannabes warren barton warren barton warrenbarton was good once washed up waste water watershed we are the mags we do not sow we love france we north club weak wear shirts in public wee club weiner weir tyne derby and the beer of thcourse the beer weird weird animal well done were good in the 90s wesolddembaba what a mess what happened to them what happened? what once was what went wrong what? whatever whats that animal? which team will it be? 5th in the table or close to relegation whinney whiplash white white trash who who cares who the fuck is manchester united who? why aye why did all the talent leave why sea horses? whyy ayee wierd wierd horses winter is coming wonga woof workers working working class working class mans team workman like worse management worse than shyt worse than they should be worst worthless wreck wrong era wrong horses wrong united wtf seahorses wtf seahorses? yawn yawn yesterday yohan kebab yohan kebob yuk yup zebra zebra zebra fish? zebra shirts zebras