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Norwich City

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bird on a wire bird on ball bird on pool ball bird poo bird poop bird seed bird sits birdie birdie birdies birds birds & slick colors birds are dumb birds are real scary birds are weak birds on balls birds on balls again birds with balls birds! birds? birds? birdseed birdshot birdy birdy! birs bitchhhh blah bland blank bleh boomerang boosh boring boring club boring football bottom club bottom feeders bottom half bottom half of the table bottom of table bottom of the table bowling brasil braveheart brazil breakfast bright bright bright colors bright uniforms bright yellow brightness brink of relegation bris stels golf ball bryan gunn budgie buh bye bumpkins busy cabaries cabary caged birds canaaarieee canacries canadan striker canairies canareys canarie canaries canaries canaries are not intimidating canaries can play canaries can't kick canaries! canaries! grant holt! canaries? canarues canary canary canary bowlers canary in a coal mine canary yellow canary? canarys caneries canery cannaries canneries canries canry cant-aries caranies cardiff city cardiff? cariage road carling cup carnaries carrow carrow raod carrow road cars casper the lion castle celebretion celebrities celtic championship championship championship club, right? cheap cheap logo cheerable cheerful chef chef delia chefs chelsea chelsea fc chicken chicks child drawing child's drawing childhood childish chirp chirp chirp chris hughton chris hughton chris sutton city clams class classy clean clip art clowns clueless coach coal mines coalmines coast cocks color colorful colors colours comedy comic common competitive confidence confused confusion contributory league cookbooks cooking cool cool bird cool colora cool colors cool emblem cool green cool jerseys cool logo cool pluggers cool tattoo design cool unis cornfed cosmetics country country bumkins cousin kissing crap crest crap uniform crappy craven crazy drunken owner crazy lady in charge crest cuckoo cuddly cult club cute cute bird cute town cznaries d da fuck is that? damien francis dangerous david v goliath dean ashton decen decent defense defensive defensive. unexciting delia delia delia and hubbie delia pissed delia smith delia smith delia smith rant delia's deliah delightful delilah smith demotion depressing determination dicks diela diela smith different in a good way dinner distant do not know do they have coal? don' tknow don't car don't care don't care don't even know who this is don't know don't pronounce the w dont care dont know anything doomed draw drawn by 4th grader drawn by a child dreadful drunk drunk owner drunken chairwoman drunken owner dull dumb birds dumb canary's dumb logo dungeons and dragons and bird dunno dylia jones east east anglia east anglia easter easy easy games easy win ed balls edgar allen poe efan ekoku effort egg egypt egyptian logo eh ehh ehhh ehhhhh elegant elementary elmander empty england english entertaining epl er....what everton ew eww ewww ewwww yellow ex gf ex-leeds exciting exciting games fa cup family family club farm farm town farm yackers farmers farming farms farms fast fat striker fat strikers fc feed feed the wolf and he will score feel good minnow team feisty feisty feminine fenerbahce fifa fifa 13 fighing fighters first match watched fodder foreign forgetable former greats former leeds forrest forrests fresh frustrating fry fulham fun fun colors fun kit fun to watch funny funny colors funny looking funny names game of thrones garish garrido garrido! gary hooper gas gay gay birds gay dragon generally shit geographically isolated geometry gianni giant killers girl scouts girly glazers go canaries go odds goal every 10th game goal music god damn it why do they always beat spurs going down going down soon going nowhere going to be crushed gold golden snitch good good at home good balance good color scheme good colors good kit good kit good luck to em good pies good team good thing they got rid of grant holt good to see them in the premier good unis good value goofy graham holt grand holt! grandma's logo grant hilt grant holt grant holt grant holt bitch grant holt eating grant holt! grant holt!!!! grant hull grant hull sausages grant long grass great club great colors great kits great kits, hughton is class great shirts great team great uniforms great unis green green green & yellow green akers green and gold green and tellow green and yellow green and yellow are a terrible combo green and yellow poop stains green and yellow? green and yewllow green as hell green bay green bay green bay colors green bay packers green birdie green team green weak green' grenn and gold gritty gross colors gross colors growing gunn gutty ha haha hamlet hapless happy hard hard work hard working hard working, never give up hard wprking hardwork harmless harper lee harry potter have a laugh header henry plantage hfifa hieroglyphics high aspirations hipster hipster hipsters hire a designer holt holt fat holt left holy home hoola hoolahan hoolahan should be better hooper hope horrendous unis horrible kit horrible kits hoster tully houghton houghty! house sigil how are they premeir? how did they not get relegated? hu huckerby hucklbee huge potential hugh jackman hughton hughton, canaries huh huh? hulk hull hunt hunter hunting club hutton i i actually have respect for this team i do like their jersies i don't even know i don't know i don't know who this is i dont know i dont know this one i dont know what this is i got nothing i have no idea i like little birds i miss grant holt iain dowie ian crook iceland illiterate grant holt imbreds impressive inbred inbreds inbreeding incest india industrious innocent interesting ipswich ipswich are better ireland irish messi irrelev irrelevant irrelevant is that a bird? isolated italian jacob steinberg jake humphrey jamaica jason sudeikis jeeves jennifer garner jennifer lawrence jeremy clarkson jeremy goss jeremy goss at bayern munich jerseys john deere john deere joke journeymen jozy julia child juvenile k kagawa! kai kai kamara kamara karen brady or whatever she's called keane's old club kei kamara kei kamara kei kamara fail khaleesi kindergarten kindergarten soccer kindness king arthur king richard kingdom of mercia kingmaker board game kit kits kits knights ladies lady yelling laid an egg lambert lame lame mascot lame. last late bloomers lattes league 2 league one leeds south canaries legos leprachauns leroy fer let's be avin' you! let's be havin ya! let's be having you let's be vain ya lets be 'avin you! lets be avin yaa lets be aving ya lets be havin you lets be having you liberty light likable like their uniforms likeable likeable enough lion? list to tottenham little little bird little birds little club little guys littlefinger littlefinger logo lol lol at the dragon lonely lose lose loser losers lost lost to luton lots of birds lots of yellow lotus lovable lower table team love love the colors love the unis love their colors low low tier epl lower divisions lower ranks lower table quality lucky m mad drunk woman magpie magpies magpies? manchester united marginal mario mayan drawing mcveigh meat pies medicore medieval medieval medieval medieval time medieval times mediocre mediocre meh mellow yellow menacing pigeons michael turner michu microbrew mid table mid table mid-table middle ages middle of the table middling midlevel midtable miles away! mining minnow minnow set for relegation minnows minnows but good at home mockingbird money monkeys monty python mor-ich more bird crap more yellow & green mormon mormons muscular mustard mustard mustard yellow kits my best mate supports them my boss my favourtite my first football game my team ncfc! mysterious naaaaarch nada nathan redmond nathan redmons nature ncfc near lakenheath afb neat needs words. what team is this neither red nor blue neon nerds neutral never going to be good new new bee new boys new team new unis newcomer newly promoted newton heath nice nice bird nice city centre nice club nice colors nice colours nice crest nice folk nice jerseys nice kit nice kits nice people nice place to live nice team nice to have in the league, will be relegated soon nice uni nice uniforms nice, houghton nil no chance no clue no good no heart no hustle no ide no idea no idea which team this is no one can say it right no one caree no one cares no opinion no style no thoughts no witch lol nobodies nobody cares none nonthing nonthreatening noone pronounces norwich correctly nor wich nor-who? noreich norfolk norich noridge norrich norway norwhich norwich norwich norwich canaries norwich city norwich city norwich ned norwich said norridfg norwich scum norwich toffees? norwich who? norwich! norwich!!!! norwich, vt norwich? norwicj norwish norwitch not not enough not good enough not good looking not much not red or blue not skillful nothign nothing nothing nothing really nothing' nothings noting nottingham nottingham? novel nowhere nowich nowrich nrowich nthin nuns oakland a's obscure obscurity odd odd mascots oh those guys oh, are they back? ohhhhhhh wigan oitdatrd ok okay old old city old england old england brazil old school olde english shield on the rise one road oregon oregon duck colors organic ornithological segway ornitologie otbc ouch out out of place outdated over achievers overacheivers overachiever overachievers overperformers owl owner packer colors packer colors, not packer organization packers pajaro parakeet parrot partridge partridge on a ball pass passaro passing passionate patridge paul lambert pea soup pee colors pelican perfect pesky peter peter griffin peter kingdom peter pan pets pharaohs phoenix fc physical pies pigeon pilkington ping pong championship piping plovers plain pluck plucky pong poo poop4 poor poor friends poor lil birdies poor yellows popsicle portland portlandia posession posh fans potential power animal pp predictable pretty pretty bird pretty colors prettysoccer pricks pro promoted promoted promotion proton puffs punch above weight punching bag punchy punt put a bird on it qho quagliarella quaint quaint stadium question raley field rape ravens really? yellow? redmond regal relegate relegated relegation relegation relegation relegation fodder relegation material relegation zone relegation? renaissance fair resilient richard the lionheart rickie lambert. rickkayyy ricky ricky van wolfswinkel rising rllr robert green robin robin hood robin hood robinhood robins robins rouge kings rough rough rough play ruddy ruel fox rugby rural sad sadasd sam sandwich saxon scoring scotland scrappy scrubs scruff scum second team seems like they should have a bigger history seriously, lose the yellow set piece sheep sherwood forest shit team shite shite shitty shitty illustrations siblings sick unis siht silent silly silly birds silly colors simeon jackson simple simpleton simpletons simpsons sir robin slightly impressive small small club small engine that could small fish small team small time small time small town small-time smart snitch snodgraa snodgras snodgrass snodgrass is a cunt snodgrass! snodgrass, maybe? soccer soft solid solid song songbird songbirds sonics south africa spanish barcelona sparrow sparrows sparrows. sprie spring time kits spring, outdoors, friendly spunky spurs squak srephen fry steady stephan fry stephen frey stephen fry stephen fry holt stephen fry is a funny guy stephen fry. stephen frye stephenfry steven fry stick figure still here still lame still no idea who this is stinks stoic strange strange stratego strenght striker strong struggle strugglers struggling stupid stupid uniforms style suarez suarez hat tricks subbuteo suck sucks sunderland super sucks suprising swanse swansea swansea? sweet sweet canaries sweet unis sympathy synod grass talent, but not enough team that plays in the middle of nowhere. temporary terrible terrible badge terrible colors, championship squad terrible jersey terrible jerseys terrible logo. terrible uniforms terrible unis terrier terriers test tevez that bird is going to fall that bird? that chef that lady who owns them that's nice thats a lot of yellow the 14th century the 80's the beatles the birdcage movie the bouncer and elmander the canaries the cannaries the generic team the greatest! the mighty canaries the most english the t-shirt and players the w is silent the wolf their crest looks like something a 4-year old drew. "i want a castle and a bird and a ball. and look, i drew a monster!" they are still in the premier league they seem nice they think they can they try third grade drawing this is a sports logo? those kits time tinpot tiny tomato too simple too simple toomuchyellow tough tough canary tough hooligan toughness toush tractors tradition tramp stamp trash trees triers tristan sanders trouble trounced try trying to remember which team this is tudor england tudy turnips tweet tweet tweet tweetie tweety tweety bird twitter two in one ugh ugliest team colors ugly ugly ugly brazil ugly colors ugly headers ugly jersey ugly jerseys ugly kit ugly kit ugly kits ugly shirts ugly symbol ugly uni ugly uniform ugly uniforms uh norwich? uh... uh... i know nothing about norwich uh? uhhh who? um.. norwich? ummm unafraid under under achieving underachieving underdog underdog story underdogs underground revival underperforming underrated uni uniform colors uniforms unis unknown unpopular unrecognizable unskilled up and comers up and coming upcoming uphill upside down tiger upstarts upswing van whosawhatsit van wolfsinkel van wolfswinkel van wolfswinkeled van wolfswinkellll van wolfswinkle van wolstinkle van wolswinkel vanwolfswinkle vermont voegel vonwolfsvinkle wales waste watr way up we had harry kane weak weak crest weakling weakness weiner weird weird british players weird dragon weird dragon thing weird lion welch welsh weord wes houlihan west brom west brom? west ham west proetsh whales what what does it mean? what is the logo what is this what team is that? what team is this? what the actual what the fuck? what's that bird doing on a ball what? what?!?!? whatever where are we where are you where are you? where is grant holt? where is norwich? where the heck is norwich? which nor which team is this whimsical whipping boys whitbread white white wine who who are they? who cares who hates canaries? who is that? who is that? who is this? who knows who the hell is that who the hell? who's this? who's this? who? why birds why canaries? why do they exist why is a bird on a ball why is a green team in the premiership why sell grant? why? wigan wigan! will be relegated winter wistfulness wolf wolfs-winkel wolfswinkel wolfswinkle wolverine woman woman owned woman owner woodrich work working class working man worst bird yet worst logo in the world wow wrong ball wtf wtf ? wtf is that? wtf is that? wtf? wut x yawn yawn yellllooooooss yello yello jerseys yellow yellow yellow and green yellow and green ugh yellow bird yellow bird yellow birds yellow boring yellow canaries yellow jersey yellow jersey, yellow jerseys yellow kit yellow kits yellow kits yellow shirts yellow submarines yellow uniforms yellow!!! yellow, very yellow yellows yeoman yeovil yikes yokels you forget they exist yoyo yuck zaha zak whitbread воробей