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jozy tree $$$$$ 'arry - .. ... ... dont wanna talk about it 1234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789012345678901234567890 13082 1980s 2nd decision 2nd place 3 points 3points 3rd grade drawing 6th grade team 8) ? ?? ??? a a child drew that a halo a holy soccerball a nap a small town a team a tree ? a tree grows in brooklyn aaa absolutely nothing pops in my head acadamy acadamy academies academy academy academy academy for big teams academy of the stars acarf adam lallana adkins after thought afterthought again again nothing alan ball alan shearer alex oxlade chamberlain ali all balls go to heaven alright also ran altadoire altidore altidpre always in premier amatuer ambition for a small club ambitious america american american representation americans an avg/non descript club andy carrol angel angel ball angel soccer ball angel with a scarf angelic angelic soccerball? angels anger annoying another also ran another one aoc appealing to kids arbor day are they in the bpl? are they in the prem? are they portsmouth's rivals, or is that sunderland? argentina arry arsenal arsenal arsenal feeder arsenal to be arvore asda ass-goblins assembly line at the margins atkins attack attacking attacking football attractive football attractive team. like them. attractive, growing average average average at best awesome awesome awful awful b bad bad crest bad graphic design bad patch bad soccer bad team badass badass socks bald head bale bale bale and walcott bale old club bale walcott bale youth bale's birthplace bale's first team bale's origins bale's youth club bale's youth club bale, walcott, ox bale. walcott. bales home ball angel ball movement bally ball bankrupt bankruptcy barcelona barney bastards battlers bayol beach beach beach angel beach trip beaches beaches beack beat liverpool beat liverpool beat piol beatable beattie beattie beatty beautiful football beautiful footy bed and breakfast bellamy below average below average beowulf best academy best academy. best development best youth development better than northhampton better than portsmouth big boats bird black cata blah bland blank bleh blue blue collar boats bomb logo boo boo. boring boring club boruc boruc boston bottom bottom 10 bottom half bottom of table bottom of the table bottom three bottom tier bottom-half bought crap load of players bpl breeding ground for future stars bright brutes bubbles bubbles? buh buhhhhh bums busy busy logo by the sea c calm campy can you send shaw to spurs please? canada canals candy cane candy cane candy canes cartoon cartoons catholic catholics celebrate ricky lambert cellar dwellers chamberlain championship championship team channon cheesy chelsea chelsea fc child's logo childish childish children children's nursery childrens logo childs drawing chippy christians chum class classic claudio reyna cliffs clip art clip art! clipart clutter cluttered cluttered coach coast coastal coastal football coastal team coat of arms cockney codplay cody cropper cold cold water cold winter colorful colors comeback commodore 64 communists competence competitive confuse with sunderland confused with subdwrland confusing badge confusing code conncoll flag conservatives consistent control cool cool crest cool logo cool shield corinthians cortese cottagers cotton could be a big club could be good. could be interesting this year coup courage cr@p cranky crappy crazy manager crest crouch crouchy crowded cruise cruise ship cruiseliners cultured cute daft daft owner dafuq daints dainty flowers daisies daisy dan thomas dangerous danny wallace david davis de canio dead in the water dead soccer ball decent decent decent decent squad decent team defenders are good defense dejan dell dell desperate develop good players developers development di canio dicanio dirty dirty dn'tcare docks dockworkers does the ball need a scarf dog dogma don't care don't care don't know don't know them dons. dont know draw drop zone drowning tree dull dumping ground dunno dunno eamonn easy easy pickings easy win easy win eco friendly effective underlings effeminate eh ehh ehhh elementary elton john empty seats endeavor england england england's wondolowski englands new striker? english entertaining to watch epl equilibrio erelegation established euro fan evil evil clowns excellent academy exciting exciting brand of football exviting eyal berkovic f fa cup facist facist facists factory factory for recklessly charging forward fairies fake family fancu fancy farm farm system farm team farm team for arsenal fascist fascist fascist coach fascists fast fc feeble feeder feeder club feeder team feederclub feh feisty feisty good ball fereshte ferry boats festive fiesty fifa unbeatable fighting chance fine fired fired coach first game fish fishy flair flair floating tree floundering flower flower child flower in water flower power flower? flowers flowers flowers and trees? flowers? flowery flyers fonte fonte fontes football football manager footballing team foothold foreign foreign coach forest forgettable fresh frosty the snowman frugal enough frustrating fun fun fun new side fun new team fun to root for fun to watch fun to wqtch funny stand futbol future gardening gareth gareth bale garth bale gaston gaston ramires gaston ramirez gat gave us theo and ox gay gay gay gay gay gays georgie weahs cousin german flag get them confused with stoke getting better getting regulated giant killers giant killers? giving tree glad they're back glass half empty glory go back to stripes god going down going places going to be good goingbackdown good good academy good development good english youth players good football good footy good guys good in the 70s good little side good luck good manager good manager good ol boys good talent good talent for arsenal good team good uniforms good values good young talent good young team good youth academy good youth players good youth players good youth system good youth team goodyoungplayers goofy goofy coach got nothing graphic great academy great fans great logo great scarf great young players great youth academy green arrow grit gritty grow talent growing growing# gutsy ha ha ha haha halo halo? halos ham hammers hampton hampton inn hamptons hamptons suck hamtons handy happiness happu happy happy manager happy to be in premiere harbor hard to play against hard workers harmless harry harry redknapp harry redknapp harry redknapp betrayal harry rednapp has been has-been hate portsmouth hatting hawthorns he shits when he wants he went for a shit headed back down heaven heavenly high scoring games highgarden hippie hippies hipster history hmmmm holiness holy club holy football holy shit holy soccer holy soccer balls home hoods hope they poop on their season huh huh? i i drew a blank i like their chubby coach i like this logo i played there i thought they were swansea i'm sorry ian darke ice cream idk if only improvement improving in bred in pennsylvania inconsequential indifference innocuous inoffensive intelligent interesting interesting interesting team interesting to watch intriguing ireland iriish angel irrelevant irrelevant irrelevent is that a scarf? is that ball wearing a scarf? is that the flag of lebanon? is this jozy's team? is this sunderland? it relive italian italian dude italy ivan golac j jack shit jagielka james ward-prowse japan jason puncheon jay rod jay rodriguez jerseys like sunderland jesters jesus jlfi joke jonny depp jooooooozy jose fonte jozy jozy jozy altadore jozy altidore jozy! jozyyyy juvenile kachloul keegan keep your young talent kevin james kevin keegan kevin phillips kiddie kids kinda busy kindergarten kit knobs koeman la tissier lack of stripes laid back lalanna lallana lambart lambert lambert lambert lambert fc lambert for england lambert is the man lambert! lambert! lambert!!! lambert. lambertinho lame lame crest lampert lamvert last laudrup lazy le god le saux le tessier le thissier le tis le tis le tisier le tiss le tisseir le tisser le tissie le tissier le tissier le tissier portsmouth rival league 1 league ome league one league1 lebanon legends lel letisser letissier letissier liam light lights like hampton but south like portsmouth better likeable lillies little little club little guy little team that could living the dream llalana logo lol lol at the soccer ball lolwtfbbq london london long ball long island long island? looks like a kid drew it looks like sunderland, but isn't losers losing losing ground losing on sat loss losses lost lost prospects lots of good players lovable losers love loveable lovren low budget low table all the time lower league lower level lower tier loyalty luckless lucky lucy pinder luke shaw luke shaw luke shaw & rickie lambert luke shaw is going to be good m magnolia making it work manager correctly dressed maple tree marching in! marcus marian pahars marine biology school mario mario brothers mariokart marys mat le tisser matt matt le tis matt le tissier matt le tisss matt letis matt letissier matt letissier mauricio mauricio pochettino mayaka maybe mayuka meat pie lambert mediocre mediocrity meg meh meh! meh. red stripes merge with sunderland mick shannon mickey mouse mid table mid-level mid-table middle of the road middle of the table middling middling midfield midtable mignolet mike shannon mill miners minnows minnows minow mish mosh mmmmm money troubles moravek more like the aints more potential more shite mussolini must be cold mustache mustache scarf my dad my friend tom my granny my mother n n/a n00bs nada nada nap time nathaniel clyne nature nature navy nazi coach neither good nor bad nelson never winners never won a title new new new academy new and exciting new arrival new attack new boys new boys- good style new but good new era new guys new manager new promotion new spenders new star soccer new team new wave new young newbirds newboys newbs newly promoted next big thing nice nice crest nice emblem nice football nice halo jackass nice lawns nice logo nice scarf nice scarf fag nice scarf hipster nice sox nice stadium nice style nice things nice tree nice tree. in a lake? nigel nigel adkins nigel atkins nigel atkins nigel atkins fired nigel smiling nil ninnies nintendo no affiiation no clue no defence no defense no defense no idea no opinion no reaction no stars no thoughts no threat no way noah nobody nondescript none norhing northampton norwich not a lot not bad not going to last long not good not good not good enough not great not memorable not much not much not much not pompey not portsmouth not quite enough not sunderland not sunderland? not sure not very good nothig nothing nothing nothing nothing ... nothing at all nothing really nothing there nothingh nothinh nottingham nowhere null ocean ocean ocean breezes ocean, growth oceanside odd odd crest oh when the saints oh when the saints come marching in oh when the saints go marching in ok okay old old old school old school soccer ball omg a tree on the rise one h one season one year up next year down orchard organized original nintendo osvaldo outdated overacheive overachievers ox ox ox chamberlain oxlade oxlade oxlade chamberlain oxlade chamberlain oxlade chamberlain ozil pablo pace pahars panda pansies paradise pardew parochialism pass patrick colleter paul lambert peace peace peaceful pedigree peppermint pergatory peter crouch peter crouch peter crouch phil lambert phillips picnic picnic pie pie pilgrims pink floyd's the wall play good football pleasant plucky plucky underdogs poccetino pocchetino poccochino pochetinni pochetino pochetino sp? pochettino pochettino goat pochintino poinyless pokemon pompey pompy ponticelli poo poor poor guys poor southampton pope poppey poppies poppy poppyseed porchettino port port port town portsmith portsmouth portsmouth portsmouth portsmouth derby portsmouth rival portsmouth rivals portsmouth's enemy portsmouth's little cousin portsmouth? possession possible potential potters powerful kicks press blackout pretenders pretty pretty pretty crest pretty good pretty solid pretty terrible primier league problem prodigies production of talent promising promising promoted promoted promoted last season promoted league 2 same year as leeds promotion proper proper scarf prospect maker prospects proud history puncheon takes a shit puncheon took a shit punching above weight pussies quality queen questionable quick racing rain ramires ramirez rampage rape rare wins really. a flower? red red & white red and white red and white stripes red and white stripes red stripes red unis red!!! redknapp redknappistration rednap reds regeneration relagation releg relegate relegate them relegated relegation relegation relegation city relegation contenders relegation fodder relegation soon relegation zone relegation? religation resolute respectable restaurant resurgent rich richer than pompey rickey lambert rickie rickie rickie lamber' rickie lambert rickie lambert celebrate rickie lambert! rickie lambet rickie mother fucking lambert ricky ricky lamber ricky lambert ricky lambert!! ricky lambert!!!!! ricky! riders flowers right rising rival to portsmouth river river forest rivers rodriguez roger waters ronan mccann rooting for them roses rough around the everywhere rowdy royal royal navy rubbish rudi skacel run rural s'ton sacked manager sad safe sailors sailors sains saint saint mary's saintes sainthood saintly saints saints saints amrching in saints go marching in saints go marching out saints marching saints! saints? really? saintsz sajints sale same sants scarf scarf scarf and ball scarf crest scarf people scarf wearing trees scarf? scarfes scarfs scarve scarves schneiderlin score the goals takes the piss scouse lad at striker scrappy scrappy but good scum scumhampton scummers scummers - play up pompey sea sea sea siders seaport seascum seaside seasiders second second division second favorite team sellers selling club selling young wingers seo sexy sfc shanks shaw shawshank redemption shipping shipping lanes ships shirt shirt shit club shite shitty shitty football short term should be better should be better? should be good but aren't shrimpers shyte siants sick jerseys last year siht silky silly hat simple skinny jeans slayers of pompey sleeper slow sluts small small small budget finesse small club small dreams small football club small slub small south coast small team small time small time small town weak smart smile smiles smiley coach smiling smooth sneakygood so so'tampton so'ton soccer soccer ball soccer ball soccer camp soccer god soccer jesus soccer scarf soccer tree flower soft soft spot sold their best players sold theo walcot solid tema some soccer team? songs sophisticated sot sothhampton soton soton sottahampton sounds like a shitty beach souness, strachan south south :3 south america south coast south cosst south england south hampton south hampton south hanton south of the hamptons south rising south shit south-coast southamp southamptom southampton southampton brewery southampton fc southampton football club southampton saints southamptoon southamton southapmton southern southern coast southern england southern soft southerners southfarton southham southhamppton southhampton southhamton southie southies southland southlondon southside soythhamton spain spanish spanish coach spanish coach spanish speaking coach who screwed the last coach speed spunky spurs squid squire st mary's st marys st marys st. bernards st. mary's st.marus st.marys stadium stadium stadium of light stadium of lights stadium of shite stay up stephen davis still stipes stmary stoke stole a cheer strikers striped stripes stripes striving strong strong academy struggle struggle struggling stubborn style stylish stylish spanish suave successful rise through the football league such sucks sucky logo sun sunderland sunderland of the south sunderland? sunshine super jay super mario super mario bros. suprise team suprisinly good surprise decent team surprisin g surprising surprisingly good survival swag swamp sweater sweet scarf bro symbol overload symetrical symmetry tacky talent talent breeder talent builders talent garden talented talents tan team team of the future tenacity terrible terrible crest terrible team thank you for bale on the cheap thanks for bale thanks for walcott that place walcott is from that terrible abbreviation that's cute the beach the beach! the best the coach's hair the coast the dell the dogwood arts festival the eurofan the halo the hamptons the last one the little team that could the new swansea the ocean the ox the saints the sea the seaside the south coast the south coast team that isn't broke their captian never play 90 minutes theo theo the ox theo walcott theo walcott theo walcott and gareth bale there is england south of london. they alright they seem french? they still exist?# they still in the prem? they stink they suck they're actually a team? throw-ins tinpot tiss tisser titanic titem pole titsnic tizz tom deacon too 'meh' to matter too busy for a crest too much too much ham too stylish tough tough away game traditional trainers training groud trains tranquil tranquil transitiok tree tree and flower? tree flower tree in the water tree water flower? tree. flower. tree? trees trees can't play soccer trees on water trees? tress and flowers tricky trucks try again try hard try harder tryhard trying tudor twinks twitter ugg ugly ugly logo uh uhhhh uhhhh... um um? umm ummm under-confident underachiever underdog underdogs underdogs underrated undulating unfair manager firing uni unifrom unknown unpredictable unremarkable unsaintly unser up and coming up and coming up and coming talent up and coming team up and down up-and-coming upcoming upcoming upset upstart upstarts upswing uruguay us international usa vacation vacations vanilla very busy logo victor wyanama virginia county walcot walcott walcott walcott and bale walcott and bale played here walcott bale ox walcott/bale walcott/the ox walcoy waldo waldo sailor wales wales wannabes wanyama wanyama plays for them wanyama the beast wanyama thinks they're getting in the champions league? war of the roses warm scarf warm soccer ball water water, coast water. waterworld wave waves wayne bridge we sold gareth bale weak weak weak defense weed weiner weird weird crest welsh what what what a fucking weird badge what a lovely scarf what about n. hampton? what are you- 6? what is going on in their badge? what is it? what is the tree what is this what's tht flower? what? whatever whatever whats with the tree when the saints go marching in when the saints go marching in whenthesaintsgomarchingin where where is le tissier where is southampton? where is this? where? whi white white cliffs white roses who who who are they who are they? who are you who cares who cares? who dat who plays for them again? who the fuck is this? who. who? who? gaston who? part 2 whuh? why why does the ball have a halo why is there a halo why the halo? why the scarf whythesaints wicked wigan wimpy win wingers wingers wingers they sell winter wired woccer wolcott wolves wolves? won me a bet won the championship? wonders wont last in pl wont see you next year world peace worst crest worthless wtfisthis yachting yawn yep yo yo club young young young bale young club rising young english core young guys young players young players young stars young strike young talent youngsters youth youth acadamy youth academy youth academy youth development youth football youth movement youth players youth program youth system youth talent youth team yuck yuk yup