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Stoke City

boring #prayforstoke #stokethat 'crunch' 'merica 0-0 0-0 draw 1-0 10th place 1863 1865 1980 1980s 1985 2nd half failure 3 americans 3pointss 3rd world 420 ? ??? a a fire a naked tony pulis a rainy tuesday in stoke a wall aaron ramsey aaron ramsey's leg about right adam address plate of someone's home ae aggresive aggressive aggressive aggressive agro air air alan hudson already done this one alright also rans altidore alton towers alton towers ameic america america america east america f.c. america! america's team american american exports american flag american football american influence american players american players american revolution american! americanized americans americans americans americans abroad americans and shawcross americans! americans!! animals ankle kickers anklebreaking annoying annoymous another one anti football anti-beautiful football anti-football anti-football antichrist antifootball apparently hard to play there arnautovic arsenal arses arturinovic assaidi assholes austin average awful awful awful and boring awful fans awful football awful team, don't like pulis b ba bad bad football bad nickname bad soccer bad soccer bad tackles bad teeth bad watch baddies badge bakery bald barbarians barbatians barber pole barcelona barcelona-on-trent bars bars baseball caps bash brothers basic bastards bastards who hurt our players beanpole beasts beaten up beautiful game beer beer logo begovic begovix begović belief beligerent berbutov berlin olympics best friend's team bicycle kick big big and pragmatic big and ugly big ass goons big boys big boys big brutes big defensive big lads big players big stripes big, slow, tough bigdefense bike billy bragg billy squier birds blah bland bleak bleh bloke city blood and guts bludgeon blue blue and red? blue collar blunt blunt objects boaring boing bold bone-crunching boo boom ball boooo boooooring boot ball boot it bored boreing boring boring boring as hell boring but effective boring football boring logo boring play boring to watch borng bottom bottom bottom of table bottom of the table bottom table boxers boxing bpl braindead break break legs break shea break shea break yo leg breaking breaking legs breaking legs and long throws brec shea breck brek brek shae brek shea brek shea brek shea sucks brek shea wasting place brek sheaaaa brek sheas team brekshea brel brick brick wall brick wall brick walls brik shea britannia britannia stadium british brittainia broke city broken ankles broken leg broken legs brother bruisers bruisers bruisers bruises bruising bruising bruising play brutal brutal, boring brutal, boring footbal brutalist brutality brutality brute brute force brute strength. brutes brutish building bullies bullish bully bullyish bums bus bus bust out the cups and jock straps buy americans bye bye pulis c*nts cameron cameron and shea cameron shea edu cameron, came to kc can't score candy candy cane candy canes candy stripes cant score caps carnies cartoon anvil catlettsburg fc cavemen cavemen cavemen idiots ceramics challengers champinship bound champions division championship league. change changing charlie adam cheap cheap beer cheat cheaters cheats chelsea chelsea 2-0 chimneys cigs city classic classic classic old classix clay clay molders? clay pots? clean clean sheet clods cloggers co toy coal coal fires coal loaders cocksuckers coke cola cold cold and rainy cold and wet cold monday night cold monday night in stoke cold night cold nights cold rain cold rainy night cold rainy night in stoke cold tuesday night cold tuesday night in stoke cold wednesday night cold wet tuesday cold wet windy night cold, rainy, tough, britannica cold, wet night in stoke cold.. rain columns concrete condom conservative consistent cool cool logo cool name cool nickname couch could be trouble crap america crap football crap football crap hrrible fans crappy football crappy footy crappy games crapy craven craven cottage? cretins criminals croch cross crossing crotch crouch crouch crouch crouch and his nachos crouch robot crouch robot crouchasaurus crouchbot crouchie crouchie crouchy crouchy! crowd support crude crushed cupboard under the stairs cute damage darts dastardly deadball decent defence defence defend defend deep defense defense defense defense tall big guys defense wall defensive defensive football defensive minded defensive minded defensive thuggery delap delap long throw-in delilah dellop dempsey depressing determination di canio di canto dicanio dicks different dire direct direct direct direct play direct play dirt dirty dirty bastards dirty cunts dirty play dirty players dirty scumbags dirty shawcross dirty tackles dirty team dirty trash dirty, but love shea! dismal football doin the wenger don't know don't know dont care dont know draw draw waiting to happen draws dreadful dreadfully boring drooling idiots duhhhhhhhhh... dull dull football dumb people dump dunno easy easy win economical edu edu effort eh eh ehh ehhh elbows elbows and long throws emancipation proclamation end of the world england enimes epl epl, stoke eric crouch eu evil goblin army ew expelleramas exploding heads eyesore fa cup facism factories factories? factory failure fast february football feisty fighters fighting fire fires are fun first aid first division first to embrace american players firty flames flower dandy flowers fludeh fookers football football style forearms and elbows formerly crouchy fort fortify fortress fortress foul fouling fouls fouls and ugly football france freak free brek shea fuck off. fuck shawcross fuck stoke. fucking cunts fucks fulamerica 2.0 fun future american power g cameron gangly peter crouch garbage gardening gates gay gay generational geof cameron geoff geoff geoff cameron geoff cameron geoff cameron geoff cameron, direct football german thugs get stuck in get them confused with sh giants giraffes girraffes goal goals goef cameron good defending squad good defensive team good fans good home crowd good log good luck jozy good manager good team goon goonery goons gooooooarn stoke gordon banks gordon banks grace grace potter and the nocturnals greatness green thumb grim grim, britannia, 0-0 grinders grinding play grit gritty grocks gruelling grunts gryffindor h ha, stoke hackers hacks hahaha really half breeds hanging on hard hard and strong hard as nails hard defense, proper hard hard hitters hard men hard nosed hard nosed football hard nosed violent football hard place to play hard tackles hard tackles/dirty football hard to beat hard to beat hard to beat at home hard to beat them away hard to play hard to score on them hard work hard working hard working - very british hardball hardcore harlem globetrotters harry harry harry potter harry potter harry potter! harry potter? harry!!! harry's team harry's team! harry? harrys harsh tackles hate hate to watch head kickit head knokers header headers heads height henk hippos history hockey hoefkens hoff hogwarts home home crowd homeless orphans homicide hoof hoof and run hoof ball hoof ball hoof it hoof the ball hoof! hoofball hoooof hoooof hooof hooooof hooooof!!!! hoooooof hooooooof hooooooooof hoove hope my team doesn't get injured hope to be relegated hopless horrendous horrible horrible fans horrible footy horrible soccer horror how are they still up huge hughes hull city hustle huth huth and hoof huth maraufing huth! huth! huth, cameron, et al. i can do it on a cold night i hate shawcross i throw ball far i'm stoked i'm stoked ian darke improved improving in january inbred thugs inbreds indifference indifferent industrial industrial industrial logo industry injuries injury insurance insurance interesting iron castle irrelevant irrelevant is stoke a city? j jail jail. for clowns jeff cameron jerks joise joke jon walters jones journeymen joyless jozy jozy jozy altidore jozy!! jozy? juan agudelo kenwin jones kenwyn kenwyn jones kenwyne kenwyne jones kenwyne jones kick and run kick and run kick and rush kick ball kick people(hard) kick your teeth kickball kickball kicking knuckle draggers kronenburg kung fu lack lusture lackadaisical lager lame lame lanky larsson league 1 league filler lee clattermole left austin leg breakers leg breakers leg breaking leg breaking orcs legbreakers let's defend light like like americans lines little america lo loads o' yanks loathed local lol lollygag london long long ball long ball long ball direct long ball football long ball foulers long ball merchants long ball tactics long ball! long ball, rugby, pulis long balls long balls long balls over the top long hopefull balls long pass long punts long throw long throw in long throw ins long throw ins. long throw-ins long throw-ins long throws long-ball longball lord of the rings lots of americans lots of americans lots of americans! loud loud crowd low scoring lowbrow lower lower lower tier lump lump it lump the ball forward lumpy forward madchester maim manchester city manual labor marijuana mark hughes mark hughes is a fag mark hughes relegation matthews maybe they'll belong now. mean meat and potatoes mediocre mediocre mediocrity medium meh meh merda merica messi mid table mid table classy team mid-level mid-table middle middle of pack middle of table middle of the pack middle of the road middle of the road middle of the table middling midrange midtable mighty mighty potters minnow minnows mls modest monotonous monsters mordor more americans! most americans mostly play unattractive football motorcycles motorway moustache mouth breathers mud muddy mug smashers mugs murica murica muscle muscleheads n/a na nada nasty neanderthal neanderthal neanderthals need goals negative negative football negative tactics new new america's team new american team new americans new fulhamerica nfl nike nil nil nil nil nil draw nil nil tie nil-nil no no class no clue no goals no goals for anyone no good no idea no no no no no boring no offense. all defense no skill nobody likes them non creative nope norway not a threat to advance nor be relegated. they just are not atleti not cute not dirty any more not fun to watch not good not much not pretty but successful nothinf nothing nothing oaf oafs oblivion obscurity office officious ogre ogre cunts ogres ohhhh stoookkkkee ok okay old old old school olde oldest club on the rise on-trent orc orcs orcs original ouch overachievers overly physical overrated oxford united pabst blue ribbon pabst blue ribbon of england pack the box paint pardew park that bus park the bus park the bus parking the bus past pathetic patriot pbr pennant pet-re crouch peter peter "storke" crouch peter crouch peter crouch doing the robot peter crouch robot peter crouch's long legs peter tall lanky guy peter whatshisface petey crouch! pfft phil taylor philadelphia union phsyical physical physical physical defense physical football physical soccer physicality physicla pie pies pieters pig head locker room shinanagins plain plant potters? plants play cameron at cdm play for the draw play for the tie playing the long ball please don't make me watch stoke. poi pole poo poop4 poor poor jozy poor play popcorn popcorn porqueria port vale pot pot makers pot!!! pot. potheads pots pott this potted plants potter potter? potteries potters potters potters = losers potters. potters? pottery pottery pottery barn pottets pottstown, pa poverty power preps prison prison team probably terribly potters promoted proper football proper hard psyched pub pubis puke football pulis pulis horriblis pulis with a hat on pulisball ugh pullis punt pushover qb stule qb style qqaq quarter back style quarterback quarterback style quarterback style quarterback style quarterback style! quarterbackstyle quaterback style quaterback style! questionable railroad rain rainy rainy day at stoke rainy draw rainy night rainy tuesday rainy tuesday night rainy tuesday night rainy tuesday nights ramsey ramsey injury rape rapist really boring red red red and white red and white red and white stripes red and white stripped red card red cards red pinstripes, socks need to match red star belgrade red stripe red stripes red whit blue red white and blue redneck reds reducer tackle regular relegation resilient resolute rich history robert huth robot robust roce santa cruz rog bennett rory rory delap rory delap long throw rory dunlap rough rough and tumble rough city, rough style of play rough football rough talckes rough tough roughriders route 1 route 1 footie route one route one football route one football route1 long ball routinely fuck my shit up in fifa rubbish ruby ruffians rugby rugby rugby rugby club rugby club rugby football rugby hooligans rugby players rugby team rugby team rugby team playing football rugged ruggedness rustic s s h i t sada same as the others sauce sausage saw them in usa scarf scrappier scrappy scum scum dirty rugby team broken legs cunts scum orcs scumbags scumbags who don't know how to play football seb larrson seriously set piece set piece city shawcross shawcross breaking legs shawcross breaking legs shawcross broken leg shawcross tackle shawcross the legbreaker shawcrossed shea shea cameron shea sucks sheep shield shit football shit hole shit team shit team shite shite shite city shitty shitty football shouldn't be where they are shut out siht silly simple simple but effective simple but nice simple, clean design sir stan site slow sluggard smackheads small small football club small time smashing smoke smoking snobbery snooze snore so slow soccer socks soke solid solid solid defense soon to be good sotke southampton sparky sports stadium stadium of light staid stars in stripes staunch staunch defense steady steam city steel stern still just a striped wall, right? still up? stingy defense stink stipes stock stodgy stoic stoke stoke stoke a joke stoke america stoke america stoke and bullshit stoke city stoke city , break shea stoke city fc stoke city usa stoke city'd stoke city, the potters stoke cuty stoke fc stoke on trent stoke shit stoke shitty stoke stoke city stoke usa stoke wall stoke! stoke'd stoke, geoff cameron's team stoke-america stoke. stokeamerica stokecity stoked stoked! stokeeee stokemerica stokers stokes stokies stoking stole stole city stolid stomp stone age stonewall stork stovepipe strength strength stries stripe striped striped kits stripes stripes striples stripped down strips stripy stroke stroke stroke stroke city stroke! strokes strong strong play strong tackle struggle stubborn studs up tackle stupid subpar suck sunderland supporters are awful surfer surfing surprise surprising survivors tackle tackle tackles tackling tackling talentless tall tall and boring tall bastards tall direct tall folk tall gangly players tall guy tall guys tall lumpers tall man tall people tall peter crouch tall players tall tough tall, strong, slow team team america team america! team usa teapods teeth terrible terrible terrible football terrible name terrible nickname terrible play terrible style tesco tgi fridays that giant's magnificent strike last year that tall guy that tall guy, crouch the army the guy with the throw ins?? the logo the nets the new fulham the opposite of beautiful game the potters the potters the potters....that pot stuff the potters? the potters?! the strokes there... these boys are angry they have a few americans thigs thomas sørensen throw ball throw in throw in throw in's throw ins throw-in throw-ins throwin throwins throws thug thuggish thugs thumping the ball forward thursday ties tiki taka tim ream tin pot club tiny but persistent tired toilet toni pulis tony tony p tony pulis tony pulis tony pulis tony pulis hat tony pulis's hat tony pullis too bad they lost the manger too physical tough tough tough tough and rough tough at home tough away match tough bunch tough defense tough football tough place to play tough tackling tough team tough to beat tough to play tough to play against tough, not skilled toughminded traditional train trains trainwreck transition trap match trash tree tree trench warfare trent trolls trolls and troglodytes try hard trying trying hard tuesday tuesday night twin towers two meter peter type of tea ugh ugh... ugly ugly ugly ball ugly brand of football ugly football ugly football leg breakers ugly footy ugly kits ugly knuckle dragging window lickers ugly play ugly style ugly ugly and hughes ugly. uh ultra d hoofball umpires unattractive unattractive football unattractive style underdogs underrated unfashionable unfinished stadium unimportant uninspiring union pacific united stokes united stokes of america unknown unkown unlucky unpopular unsure up & coming upcoming team urgh us 2.0 us jr us players go to sit on the bench us players in the team usa usa usa usa fc usa imports usa players usa! usa! usa! usa! usa! usa2 useless thugs usmnt utter poo victoria ground viking violence violent wall wannabe mackems war machine washed up weak weed weiner wet wet night in stoke wet tuesday what what is a potter what is a potter? what's a potter? what's a potter? harry? whatever whats a potter whats a potter? where is brek? where is stoke? where is waldo where's stoke? wheres brek shea? which americans do stoke have? which potters? who who cares who cares? who still does pottery? who? why why do you make pots wild wilson wilson palacios wimbledon winterfell wjo? wools work hard working class working man workman worst football in the league wrestlers wtf is a potter yanks yawn yellow card yellow cards you suck you're a wizard 'arry. young american players zzzzz zzzzzzzzzzz