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mediocore #jozy 'gonna be good this year' . ... 19 points 2 lions 2 lions are better then one 2nd tier >alitdore ? ?? a a circus a knights tale a lot of mediocre transfers a mess aa aaaa abnoxious coach accent :ll actually jozy adam adam amith adam johnson adfsdionafd africa africa's team again again with the lions. aggressive lions ah well al;sdkfjasdl alice alitdore alitidore all over the place almost scottish almost there alright also rans also terrible play also-rans altadore altidiore altidor altidor altidore altidore altidore plays here now altidore! altidore. altidores new home altore aluminum foil always around amazing lads ameican owned america america"s team america's team america's team! american american home american owner american striker americans americans abroad amusement park amusement park logo an amusement park an insane coach annoying anonymous another red team antidote antidote arca arsenal arsenal win ass cats asshole coach assholes athens atidore atmosphere attack average average avergae aweful awesome logo trying to be like chelsea huh? awful az b bad bad coach bad football bad pitch bad start bad team badge balck cats bale ball bank bank barnum and baileys barry glendenning bastards beach ball beachball beachball beat beat down beatable beats newcastle beer beercan bendter bendtner benni benny hill bent best stadium name better days better pies better them than that other team big stadium billy bit boring black black black and red black cat black cata black cats black cats black cats! black lion black lions black lions evil blackcat blackcats blacks blah blah blah bland blank bleh blue collar blunderland boo boredom boredom boring boring boring. jozy. bottom bottom 3 bottom feeder bottom feeders bottom half bottom of the table bottom table bottom third bottoms botton of table bpl bramble bravery broken broken leg bruce brutes buggered bulls bunker busy busy, hard to read writing buy old players bye bye bye di canio cag cage calamity camelot candy candy cane candy canes candy canes. candy stripers candy stripes candycanes canio cannoli cannon fodder cant see image car car brand carnival carnival cruise carnivale carousel carriage castle cat cats cattermole cavalo cellar dwellar championship championship football championship quality chaos chavs cheaters cheats chelsea chickens cigarettes circus circus circus in town circus tent cisse city of light clasic classic classic busy crest classical classique classy classy badge, rubbish team claudio reyna clean clods close to newcastle clowns clusterfuck coach sucks. coal coat of arms cocksuckers v2 cold cold night cole mines come on communism complicated confused confusing connor wickham conservative cool cool lions cool logo copy corinthians could be so good craigy gardner crap. crazier craziest manager crazy crazy boss crazy coach crazy di canio crazy di canio crazy do canio crazy fascists crazy italian crazy italian coach crazy italians crazy manager crazy managers crouch crown crowns d dad daddy team dark darkness darren bent dascist dataloaf david davies de canio decameo decanio decanio; relegation fodder decent defense defensively sound demotion dempsey depressing depression derby desperate devent di caino di caneo di canino di canio di canio di canio -vcrazy di canio :( di canio and jozy di canio facism di canio fashism di canio fired di canio ha! di canio is a clown di canio is a fascist di canio mad di canio rage di canio rip di canio sacked di canio yelling di canio! di canio's knee slide di canio's sideline antics di canioooooo di canip di cannio di cano di cano di canolo di cnooi di mateo!!!! dicanio dicanio facist dicanio presser dicanio springtime dick manager dicks dictatorship dirty mackems disarray disaster disco pants dismal do canio don't care don't care don't know dont care dontk now doomed dore double lame dour down dragons draw dreary drugs dsdd ducks dull dull football dumb dunno dysfunction easy win easy win egypt eh ehh ehhhh eiffel tower ellis short missouri! elmo emerging empty empty seats empty stadium enemy england enh enjoyyourrelegation enlish escape eternally midtable everyone in the town follows them evil ew ex-manchester united team exercise explosive f f fancy fa cup facism facism & footy facist facist mackems facists facup fail failing failure family far away fart noise fascism fascism fascism. fascist fascist fascist coach fascist di canio fascist fellow fascist leftist fascist manager fascist manager fascist manager. fascist united fascists fascists fascits fashism fasicsm fasict fast fat fat people feeder club feh fences ferris wheel ff fi fierce fiesty coach, american star striker fight fighting figth filth filthy mackem scum smb fire di canio flailing fletcher foggy wet and dark afternoon forgettable france free jozy! french frustration ftm fuck em fuck newcastle fundamentalist futile futility future relegation futureheads game of thrones game of thrones, dark, greek empire garbage garbage gardener gates gave us jordan henderson gay gay lions ged quinn geezers geordie geordie enemy georgie enemies german beer germany ghaay ghana gi jozy giaccherini giacherini giacherinni giant killers gin glendenning goals gods team going down gold good good beer good before good try grass stains great at home great home record great stadium great supporters greece greek greek columns greek fortress greek lions? greek ruins grey griffendore grififn grim grit grit, gross gryffin gryffindor guy i know played u-18 with them gyan ha'way hah haha haha haha steve bruce half empty stand, di canio hapless hard nosed hard work hard working hardcore fan hate hated by newcastle heavy henderson hendo her majesty herald hic forum est history hmm hockey hoof hoof it hope horrible uniforms horses hot sex on a platter how are they still up hozey altidore fascist huh human legged liins hunger i don't like them i dont think of sunderland ice cream idiots idk iish implode improving in shambles inconsequential inconsistent indecisive independence indifference indifferent industrious infighting insane manager insignificant instability ireland ireland ireland abraod irish ironic class irrelevance irrelevant irrelevant is that latin? is this southampton? italian italian italian at heart italians abroad italina italy j jaguar jail janet jackson jerseys jesse spector ji never player jimbo jo-z jody joe z joesy altidore joey joey joezy john wilson johnson johnson rm jokers jolazo jones jooooooozy joooozy jooozzzyyy jordan henderson jose jose altidore jose! josey josey altidore josie josie alidore! josie altidore josie altidore josie/communists josmer josy josy altidore joy joz joze jozeeee jozey jozey altidore jozey altidore jozi jozi jozi altidore jozi! jozie jozie altidore jozy jozy jozy 2nd chance jozy alidore jozy alitdore jozy alitore jozy altadore jozy altidore jozy altidore jozy altidore / di canio jozy altidore and fascist jozy altidore, now jozy altidore/black cats jozy altidoreeeeeee jozy altiodte jozy current team jozy failure #2 jozy jozy jozy jozy jozy jozy altidore jozy mistake jozy needs to score, for real. jozy now jozy! jozy! jozy!! jozy!!! jozy!!!! jozy!!!!! jozy's team jozy's team jozy's team! jozy, crazy boss jozy, pdc jozy? jozyland jozys new home jozys new team jozyyyy jozyyyy jozyyyyy jozzie jozzyyyyy jozzzyyyy jozzzzy jozzzzzzzy altidore jozzzzzzzy!!! jugar pepsiman clasico juice junk justice juventus keane keane and quinn keano keene ketchup kevin philips kevin phillips killed aaron ramsey kind of cool kind of just there king knights lacking lambert lame larson larsson last place last place team latin latin? laughter league 1!!!! lee catermole lee cattermole left wing manager less crazy then newcastle less good less skill than stoke light lights like lion lion king lion lions lions lions lions lions are cool lions attack!! lions climbing lions flighting each other. aslan lions gate lions? little little brother little brother, big attitude little dogs lol bad lol x 2 long ball long throw ins longer throw-ins look like saints looks like newcastle just now priison looks like stoke city looks like the rest loosera loser losers losers at arsenal losing loss lost lots of money out of nowhere loud stadium low end low-scoring lower half lower level lower part of the table lower ranks lower table lower-table loyal macams mackams mackem mackems macums mad mad man madness magpies majestic majomenos makems man u b-team man u rejects man ud man utd former players man utd junior squad manager manager manager sackings manks martin o neil martin o neill martin o'neill maryland matt letiss mattressmakers mavrias mayuka mean mediocre mediocrity meh meh. meh.... mehh merry go round merseyside mess messy mgm micah mid table mid-table mid-tbale middle middle of the pack middle of the road middle of the table middlesborough middling midevil castle midlands midtable mignolet milk cup miners mingolet mining mining minnows mismanaged mismanaged transfers missing mignolet mon more bad soccer more like slunterland more lions more lions! mr hunt mufc rejects mum muss mussolini mussolini my mate patrick my uncle george n/a nada nazi nazi nazi coach nazi salute nazi? nazis ne cede malis need goals nemesis neo nazis never watched never watched them new altidore team new america new castle new coach new team newcastle newcastle 2 sunderland 0 newcastle derby newcastle rival newcastle rivals newcastle's bitch newcastle's enemy newcastle's little brother newcastle's little brother newcastle's rival newcastle's rivals newcastles ugly step sister newegg nial quinn niall quinn nice badge nice crest nice kit nice logo nice stadium nil nil no no affiiation no clue no comment no goals no idea no image no wins no. this is jozy. nobodies nobody nobodys none north north again north east northeast northeast northern northern crap northern team northern teams northerners not a good team not a lot not bad not good not good enough not much not newcastle not newcastle not newcastle. not southampton not southampton? not stoke not sure not there noth east nothign nothing nothing nothing again nothinrg notings nutcase as manager nutjob manager nutters o neil o'neil o'neill o'shea ocean odd oh hey, it's sunderland ok old old britain old people oneill only two lions? oof oooh...di canio ordinary ornate osvaldo outside looking in overdone overmatched overrated overweight fans. oxymoron ozil debut ozy pablo pablo de canio painful paolo paolo and a fist in air paolo di canio paolo di canio sliding paolo dicanio paolo dicanio paolo goes away paolo! parking the bus parthenon parthenon passionate pathetic paul paulo paulo di canelo paulo di canio paulo diracist paulo. insane. pdc pdc!! penalties perennial dissapointment perennial mid-table peter reid phillips physical pillars pitiful pittsburgh players players shirking blame pointless politically incorrect pompus poop4 poor poor form poor guys poor jozy? poor man's newcastle poor manu poorly run poortherners pop corn popularity porn power powerful pqpq premier league premium prep school prestiege pretty sure paolo di canio is going to start a war at some point. not a soccer/media war, but an actual nation-state conflict. pride prim prison proud provisional puma push q queen quinn racist racist racist racist coach racists rain ramsey's broken leg rape really really bad really? two lions? i usually only see one scraping at my building at a time. red red and white red and white stripes red geordies red stripes red white reds refs regal regal regular english club reid relagation relegated relegated hahaha! relegation relegation relegation candidate relegation battle relegation crest relegation zone relegation. resilient revolving door reyna rival rivalry rivals riyalty roae roar rob roker roker park roker park gates rokerpark roman romans? rome roooooar rough rough football route one football roy keane roy keane roy keane royal royal crest royalty royalty rubbish rubbish manager rugby rundown ryan shawcross sack race sacked manager sacking sad sad mackem bastard sad mackem bastards sad makems sadness safc sanderland schitzophrenic school score kevin phillips! scrappy scrappy crawlers scrappy northerners screw up scum scum scum di canio rasist sean thornton seb larsson second second second fiddle to newcastle second rate secondary see stoke serious sessegnon sessignon shambles shame about dicanio shield shin tackles ship ships shit football shit team shit team shite shite utter shite shithole shitty should be better sigh siht silhouettes sinking sinking sit down di canio skip sleek sleeping giant slightly more skilled thugs sloppy slow sltidore slumberland small small club big dreams small football club small time smb so so socialist socialist manager socialists soft mentally sorry about paolo south south but really north south? southampton southampton ripoff southampton? southgate spain spoilers springtime springtime for di canio in sunderlanddd! springtime for dicanio springtimefordicanio stadia of light stadium stadium of light stadium of light stadium of lights stadium of shite stadiumshite staduim of light stagnating stately steady steel steve bruce steve bruce looks ridiculous steven fletcher stoke stripes strong strong logo struggle struggles struggling struggling studied there stuggling sub par sucks sucky suderland sufc sumderland sun sunder sunder who? sunderalnd sunderdownunder sunderlamd sunderlan sunderland sunderland fc sunderland fc sunderland! sunderland, the black cats sundland sundo sundry sundy super duper staid super kevin phillips sure surprise the big teams surprising sutherland sweden tall temple terrible terribleness thanks for mignolet that guy, with the goals that other team from up north that's a lot to look at that's okay the american the black cats the come up the crap part of newcastle the crappy part the enemy the enemy the fair the fightin' fascists the lions the little engine that wants the norht the north the north the not southhampton one the other newcastle team is cooler the singing lady that visits my office. the smiths the sun theatrics they hate newcastle they suck they try thomas thomas sørensen three lions thuggiush defensiveness thugs thunderland timbers toast too busy too much latin tossers tough tough pitch tough point trains trash trick question trouble trucks try hard trying tudors tumultous turmoil two two footed tackles two lions tyler tyne tyne wear tyne wear derby tyne weir derby tyne-wear tyne-wear' tyneside tynewear darby tyney u.s.a!!! ugh ugly ugly nadge uh what uhhh umm. hi under performing underachievement underachiever underachiever underachievers underachieving underachieving underdog underestimate underperforming underrated underwhelm unexciting unimaginative united farm team unknown unlucky unorganized unreadable unwashed up and coming up and down up north, poor form us us players, new money usa usa usa usa usa usa usa! used to be decent used to be good useless usnderland vanilla verage vertical stripes very regal victims victorian england volatile voldemort waaaaaay up north wannabes wannabys washed out waste way north wayeye weak weakling wear wearside weary weiner weird weird northeasterners wes brown weyerside what what is that language at the top what the heck? whatever where where do they play? where is that where is that? where strikers go to die wheres the third lion white white and red white walkers who who cares who cares who da coach who sundered the building? who's that? who? whoah whos that why why are they climbing the logo why didn't you take bendtner? why? wickham wilson winter is coming woeful working class worlds fair worse worse newcastle worst worst team in epl wouldn't let me in their ground yawn yellow yo yo yorkshire your mum youth youth players yoyo yuck zoo zzzzz