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Swansea City

billie madison cute logo seaswans wales ... 1st welsh team 70s movie logo 9th ? ?? a a pond a swan, really? abstract accents adidas adidas admirable afc? aflac african team ahh the swans. cute airline airline logo alan curtis aleeper all blacks all blacks already did this one alshabab also welsh always robbed amazingly fun american dream americans are saying it wrong angel rangel another bird omg another one appealing appealing football aren't they welsh arsenal arsenal junior arsenal light arsenal lite art artsy ain't it! ashley williams asian guy at least they play hard attack attacking attacking football attacking play attacking small club attractive attractive attacking attractive brand of football attractive football attractive football attractive football attractive play attractive style average awesome awesome crest awesome footy awesome swan b baaaaaa baby barcelona bad bad crst bad logo bale balecelona ball boy ball boy ball boy cheat ball control ball possession ballboy ballboy ballboy cheater ballboy gate ballet barca barca barca barca junior barca light barca of wales barcelona barcelona barcelona light barcelona lite barcelona of the epl barcelona of wales bargain based michu beach beaches in wales beat liverpool 9/16/2013 beautiful beautiful beautiful football beautiful football beautiful football beautiful football, wales beautiful footbaml beautiful game beautiful logo beautiful overachievers beautiful passing beautiful play beautiful play beautiful simplicity beautiful soccer beautuful beauty belgian keeper best logo best team in wales better better than average better than barca. wales better than i expect better than most think bird bird bird team birds birdshit black black and white black swan black swan the movie black swans black wans blah bland bland swan blank blank bleh blue blur boat rentals bold bony bony bony is strong boring boring passing bottom bottom of the table bottom team bottom tier bpl brandon rogers bredan rodgers brenda rogers brendan brendan rodgers brendan rodgers old team brendan rogers brendan rogers, michu brendan's baby brenden rodgers brenden rogers brian laudrup bright young lads brilliant brilliant passing britton building bums burberry burning swan business services by the sea came up can be great team cardiff carling carling cup catering service caw caw champions of europe championship cheap chelsea chicken chico choirboys clasdy class class club class swan classic classy classy welsh clean clean, stylish clint dempsey co-op welsh coal cold. color come on wales! cool cool dudes cool logo cool new coffee shop cool swan cool team cool uni copycats could be good could go down crack craft creative creative losers creative play crisp cruise ships crystal crystals cultured cup killers cute cute swans play some nice football plus michu cute! cutting edge cymru cyril da swannnnn da bottom to da top da swans dads dainty dairy dance school danish james bond dark horse darkhorse dcsc dd de guzman canadian dealwithit decent decent lot defense definitely not becoming a swansea fan. delicate denmark deserved deserving dharma dig the logo dinner dish soap doing better dove dove dove soap doves dreamy laudrup drunk fans duck ducks dull dull dull logo dumb dutch owners dyer dyer mate the birf dylan thomas easy eb white ecology eeeeeh eh eleabt elegance elegant elegant elegant aesthetics elegant football elegant play elegant, hard workign style of play elegant, not fierce elegent endia england's spanish team english cup english? enjoyable entertaining entertaining entertainment epic epl epl tiki taki eton europa europe european everyone's 2nd favorite evil mascot ex-brendan rogers exciting exciting exciting exciting but terrible fa cup facny fags fan-owned fancy fantastic logo fashionable fast fast paced fat scummy ball boy feather feeder club feminine/welsh fiery fiesty fifa 13 fighters fighters fine attacking football first team from wales first welsh flair flamingo flamingo flash in the pan flighty flow flow flowing flowing flowing football flowing football flowing industrious football fluid fluid passing fluid passing team fluidity food football football football on the floor foreign influence former br team fortress free flowing free-wheeling freeflowing fresh from wales frozen food frugality fun fun football fun mid table team fun to watch future ganso gavin and stacey gay gay gay people geese genkai georgio girlish girly give us (lfc) jonjo back go swans! go wales gold jerseys gold? golf club good good club good football good football good football at low cost good footy good lines good movement good passing good passing. good soccer good spenders good team good team good team good to watch good value goose goose gooze gorgeous got lucky got nothin' grace gracefu graceful grape great attacking style great coach great coach! great crest great crowd noise great fans great football great logi great logo great manager great story gritty gritty growing haha hahaha hair handsome coach hard working hate headed down hehehehe wales heroin heroin high-tempo hip hipster hmm hmmm holding on home grown honest honest club honk! hope they win hopeful horrible hotel hotel chain how do you pronounce it? how odd the name is how the hell are the welsh in the premier league? hunting hymns and arias i hope they never get relegated i like laudrup i love wales i thought they were sunderland ice cream ichu idk impressive impressive rise impressively legit improving interesting intriguing ivor the engine jack army jack army jack army! jacks jan molby japanamation japanese jhh joga bonito jon jo jonjo jonjo jonjo hahah jonjo is an ass jonjo shelvey ki doesn't play enough kicking a ball boy kinda pretty korea korean dry cleaner ladrup ladrup lady swan lake lame laudrap laudraup laudrip laudrop laudrop and spain laudrup laudrup laudrup has great hair laudrup is the man laudrup's hair laudrup's legacy laudrup...good manager laudrups boys league cup league cup least intimidating logo lee trundle legend legit liberty liberty liberty stadium lights like like em like their style like what they are doing like. likeable lines little engine that could little guy from wales little real madrid lively liverpool liverpool liverpool won liverpool's coach coached here liz llteral loans lock ness lolwelsh losing losing in style losing today lots of white lounge singer lovable love love the swansea. love them! love to watch - rodgers love vorm lovely lovely football luadrup lucky luton luxury car m4 ma welsh m8s majestic manager martinez martinez maybe by the sea side in england which would cold, damp and probabaly miserable mceachran loan meh mercy micchu mich michael ladrup michael landrup michael laudrup michael laudrup michaud michhu michi michigan michigan michiu michu michu michu - whales michu amazing michu and beautiful run of play michu and laudrup bromance michu madness michu michu michu michu pichu michu! michu! michu!! michu!!!! michu, league cup michu, spanish michu... michus hair michus transfer fee michuuuuu michuuuuu michuuuuuu michuuuuuuu micu mid table middle middle east middling mido mila kunis milan mini arsenal minimal minimalism minimalistic mining missing text above swan model club modern modern swan modernity more shit mumbles my favorite team myteam natalie portman natalie portman natalie portmans team nathan dyer need help needs some colour neon jerseys neutral never new new and exciting new money new money new premier, fun to watch new style new zealand newbies newcomer newcomers nice nice nice club nice crest nice enough nice font! nice football nice football but mid table team nice kits nice logo nice logo nice pass nice passing nice soccer nice style nice swan nice team just nice nice to meet michu nice to michu nice to michy nice to watch nice welsh footy niche nivea no clue no idea north not as good as we think not bad not englsih not intimidating not the right badge nothing noveau oakland a's offense often confused with spurs oh city, said i oh shit they're alright oi u avin a giggle m8 oil ok okay oldie om on the cuap on the rise on their way open play opera optimism orlandi overacheiving overachievement overachiever overachievers overachieving overachivers overrated owned by fans pablo park pass pass and move team pass pass pass, pass, pass passers passing passing passing fluidity passing football passing from the back passing game passing swans passing team passing, michu passing/posession pastry flour pathetic ball boy patronized peace peaceful pelican penn state pesky picachu michu picasso pikachu plain play nice football players from other clubs plays well pleasant pleasant plop plucky polite pond ponds poop4 poor poor arsenal poor fish and chips poor man's barca poor mans barcalona pop art posession possesion possesion football possession possession football possession football possession style post modern potential potman pretty pretty pretty bird pretty bird pretty football pretty football, good luck in europe pretty footy pretty hair laudrup pretty passes pretty shitty city pretty swan pretty swans pretty welsh football pretty! pride pride of wales progressive progressive and smart promise promising promoted promotion promotion proper proper style pros protected pure quality quality queen queens birds quick quick passing quiet but dangerous rain ramsey rape rare occurrences rarebit real real madrid real madrid real madrid real madrid of the north really? realmadrid rec center logo recent success red blue refined regal regression relaxation relegation relegation battle removed rising stars rising talent rob brydon roberto martinez roders old club rodgers rodgers old stomping grounds rogers ron swanson rootable rooting for an underdog round russell crowe s s,art sad swan sailors samrt sawns! scotland sea sea swans sea sea sea swans sean seaswans second division second faovite second tier serene serenity sexy sexy football sharp image and good team sheep sheepshaggers shelvey shelvy shit ball boys shit on the villa short passes sick jerseys sideways passes signings siht siimple silk silky football silky style simple simple but nice simplicity sinclair skill sleek slick slick passing slick passing slinky small small guys smart smart moneyball smooth smooth football smooth, classy sneaky snow soap soccer soft soft swans solid solid club solid premier league some big wins soon to be relegated sound south spa spain spaniards spanish spanish spanish flair spanish style spanish style spanish style football spanish wales sparse spent too little on crest spurs ss stable stadium of light stale bread stark stars steady stepchild steven still hanging around still? stop looking at me sean stop looking at me swan stop looking at me, swan stoplookingatmeswan! striking stule stupid stupid emblem style style styling stylish stylish stylish football stylish footy stylish manager stylish passing stylish play stylish small side stylish welsh suave suave yet impotent suck sucks super swans supporters trust surprise surprised surprising swaaaaaaans swan swan boats swan city swan head swan lake swan neck swan princess swan song swan! swan-tastic swan. see? swana swanaea swancelona swands swannies swans swans swans swans aren't very initimidating swans doing it right for a long stay swans don't inspire swans instead of sheep swans is a weak mascot swans worst to first swans! swans! also weirdly good swans!!!!! swans, passing football swans, wales swans. swans. really? swans/elegance swans? swans? is this a poofter team? swansalona swansea swansea swansea city fc swansea wales swansea wales swansealona swanseas swanselona swanselona swansey sweansea city sweet sweet swimmy swnas system t take joe allen back talent talented tattoos team i like second most team i root for team play technical temperamental terrible thanks for brandon that other team from wales that's pretty cool the barcelona of wales... the black swan the liberty the little engine that almost can the little engine that could the new guy the right way the sea the swans the swansea. the wales equivalent to barcelona the way the game should be played the welsh the welsh barcelona the who this is in wales tied liverpooll tigers tika taka tika taka lite tika taka wales style tika toka tiki taka tiki taka lite tiki taki tiki takka tikka taka tikki takki tim morgon time for a new logo tinpot toilet paper too artistic too far too modern too much passing top 9 finish!! top managers torchwood toshack tough tough tough at home tough match tough small team tough supporters trendy tribal triers trying tweet twin town uefa europa league ugly ugly birds ugly duckling ugly duckling ugly ducklings ugly ducks ugly goose ugly is the new pretty ugly sponsor ugly swan under dog under-rated underdog underdog favorite underdogs underdogs underestimated underrated underrated underrated/michu unfulfilled unique university days unknown up and comers up and comers up and coming up and coming up and down team up starts upcoming upset upstars upstart urination used to be bad valleys very attractive football very exciting very watchable vetch field voldemort vorm vorm rocks wales wales wales #1 wales and michu wales and stylish football wales attractive football wales best wales best team wales is where now? wales isn't part of england wales michu flow wales michu passing overrated wales smells wales sucks a little wales winners wales! wales!!! wales-respect wales. swans. wales/heroine wales? wales? wales??? walesw walshes wanksters wannabe barca want them to win water wave waves we beat weak website business logo weiner weird weird logo weird that they are decent welch welch welch barcelona welchmen well built team well done well run well run club well-run welsch welsh welsh welsh welsh arsenal welsh awesomeness welsh baarcelona welsh bar a welsh barca welsh barca welsh barcelaona welsh barcelona welsh barcelona welsh barcelona welsh battle welsh classy football welsh club good football welsh corgis welsh cunts welsh espana welsh giants welsh gits welsh make good welsh michu welsh mines welsh people... welsh power welsh pride welsh swans welsh tiki taka welsh twats welsh up and comers welsh xavi welsh! welsh! welshmen welshness welshupstarts welshy and michu welsman weslh west bank whales whales not wales whales, underdog whales. and bony whatever where bale should play where is whales anyway? where's the color? where? white white and gold kits white kit white shirts whites who who ? who? whoops, the earlier logo was norwich? why why is wales in the epl why not celtic and rangers too? wide open william blake williams wimp wimpy wings wish they'd kept rodgers wlaes really? woman's club won this week wonderful 2013 wussies yawn yellow yellow and green yes! yo-yo zoo