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Tottenham Hotspur

bale counter attacking and pace #1 team in london #freeclintdempsey $ $$$$ $hit 'arry **** . 0-11-0 1 man team 1-1 at newcastle 1960s 1st epl jersey i saw at mass in us 2nd 2nd best 2nd class 2nd fiddle 2nd rate 2ndbest 3 point lane 3 points 4th place 4th? 5-2 5pur2, tiny totts 5th 5th 5th pace 5th place 5th place lol 6 at best >tfw no bale ? a a barn a chicken on a fucking basketball, scum a pond a talented flamingo above average abv adam richman adebayor adele alan sugar almost almost champions league almost good almost good enough almost great almost made it almost really good almost really good almost superb almost there almost winners also rans also-rans always 5 always 5th always 5th always a step behind always a step behind always almost always behind arsenal always behind my arsenal always chasing always chasing arsenal always coming up short always fifth always in our shadow always near, never win always on the edge always second always the bridesmaid amazing amazingness ambition ambitious american american coach in london american coach nbc ad american football american ties/under armour american's second team americans americas team americas team and andre villas boas annoying annoying fans annoying teens annoying upstarts another bird team anti-dempsey anti_semitism ardiles are those football laces? aresnal food arggh arrogant arry arry backhanders arseholes arsenal arsenal door mats arsenal is better arsenal rival arsenal rivals arsenal's bitch arsenal's rivals arsenal's shadow arsenals shadow artifice aspirational aspirations aspire ass hloes assholes attack attacking attacking football attractive attractive football audere est facare audere est facere augmented reality aurasma avb avb avb avb dempsey avb is a genius. avb power point avb powerpoints avb rent boy avb small club avb sucks. avb!! avb's ties avb, bale, not quite top avb- a true sartorialist avebury average average aweful awesome awesome chicken awesome--the best--coys awful awful b baaaaaleeee bad bad guys bad logo bad owner bagel bagels baketball balance balancing bird balancing chicken bale bale bale :( bale and dempsey bale and modric bale drama bale fail bale fc bale gone bale hahaha bale is an idiot bale is gone bale is gone bale leaves bale leaving bale leaving bale left bale lol bale money bale mpney bale oh wait bale sadly bale sale bale sold. can they win? bale the welch bale transfer bale transfer money bale transfer saga bale us out bale'd out ! bale's old team bale's old team bale-less bale-less rebuild bale... oops bale? baleham balespur baleless baleless baleout balesaga ball ball ball bandwagon bandwagon u.s. fans bank bank statement barn decoration based levy basketball basketball bird basketball? bastards battle for 4th bayol beach beachball beaky beautiful beautiful football beautiful football to dare is to do beauty beauty beggining of a dynasty! behind arsenal beke beloved bale below arsenal best best club best club ever best club in the fucking world best ever coys best looking squad best name ever best of second tier teams best of the worst best team best team ever best team in the world best team in the world better better than arsenal big cock big egg big spenders big spenders this year. biggest bastards of them all biggest scum biggest wannabe losers bill nich bill simmons bill simmons bill simmons bird bird ball bird balls bird on a ball bird on a basketball bird on a beachball bird on ball bird poop birdie birds birds don't play soccer birds on balls bitches blae blah bland bland blech blue blue balls boasboas boboskiwattentotten boo boo, hiss booo boooo boooooooo boring boring bottlers breakfast bridesmaid bridesmaid] bridesmaids bridesmaids bright future brilliance brilliant bring bale back brusque build the new stadium already building building for the future building the right way buy champions league buyers bye bale bye bye bale bye bye bale and champions league bye bye demsey and bale c unts c)ck c**ts c*nts c*nts c*unts c@nts c___ts calssy canary basketball cannot beat arsenal cant beat arsenal! carry on you spurs cartoon cat challenging champion champions champions league dreams champions league snubs champions! change charlie brown chaz and dave chciken cheap cheer for chelsea chickadee chicken chicken badge chicken basketballs chicken has great balance chicken on a ball chicken on a basketball chicken on a beach ball chicken on basketball chicken riding a beachball chicken run chickens chickens in tottenham? chiken chip on the shoulder chippers chirpy choke choke choke artists chokers chokes chris armstrong!?! chrisen eriksen city cl games vs inter class class logo classic classy classy classy up and comer clean clint clint clint dempesey clint dempsey clint dempsey clintu clintu clive allen clones close close but no cigar close but not it clowns cnuts coach ted lasso cock and ball cock and balls cock fights cock of the what kind of ball cock on a ball cock on a basketball cock on ball cock suckers cock. cockatoo cockball cockerals cockerel cockerel cockerel cockerell cockerels cocknees cockrel cocks cocks cocks to the west cocksuckers cocky cocky and overrated cocky fools collapse collars come come on ye spurs come on you come on you spurs come on you spurs! come on you spurs! come on your spurs complete failure confused consistent contempt contenders contenders, just outside the "big 5" continental cool cool bird cool logo cool, up and coming coq cornflakes corrupt couldn't care less courage coys coys coys! coys! coys!! coys!!! coys!!!! creative crouchy crow cup team cursed daft dan levy is a boss dan lowe dandy dang dangerous daniel levy daniel levy tough bargain danny blachflower danny rose dare dare is to do dbags dean austin decent, but not great deceptive deco defoe defoe deli deluded demosey dempsey dempsey dempsey 2 dempsey and bale dempsey cheapskates dempsey gone dempsey got robbed dempsey old team dempsey should've stayed at fulham dempsey!! wait... dempsey's other old team dempseys old team dempsry dempsy dempsy dempsy's old club dempsy's old team denver nuggets derby descipable desperate deuce deuce fail deuce! devil devil worshippers dick jol dicks did dempsey wrong did dempsey wrong didn't start dempsey die die dinner dirt dirty rascals dirty useless twats disappointing disappointment disgusting dislike dislike dive divers divers diving dodo bird double wankers douchebags douchetots douchey dreamers dreams dsada duck duece duece's former team dumb dumb bird dumped dempsy dynamo eagle earthquakes east london edgar davids effort egrets eh eh... ehh electronics shops elegant elitist eloquent emerging enemies enemy english entertaining football, maybe crack top 4 entitled envious envy erickson is solid erikse eriksen eriksen at only 8m!? erikson eternal 5th place eternal disappointment euro-league europa europa europa league europa league only everybodies second team evil ew ewwww exbale excellence excellent transfers excitement exciting exciting football f**k off you sp*rs f*ckers fabulous faggots fags fail failure failures fake fall apart at end of season family family tree fancy fancy upstarts fantastic farms farmville farts fashionable fast fast football favorite favorite team favourite team fazer fifth fifth place fifth spot fifthenham fifthplace fight for 4th filth filth haha finesse flamingo flatter to deceive flu fluid food poising food poisioning food poisoning football football footballing side footballs used to have laces footybabes foreskin forever 5th forever in our shadow forever on the fringe of greatness former dempsey club former employer of clint forward fourth spot foys fragile france french frenchy rooster fresh fried chicken friedel friedel friedl fringe frustrated but hopeful fuck off fuck these guys fuck yeah fuckers fucking chicken fucking spurs fun fun to watch funny funny chicken futility future powerhouse gaining gamecocks gap garbage garbage gareht bale gareth gareth gareth gareth bale gareth bale gareth bale gone gareth bale is gone gareth bale's former team garett bale gary mabbutt gay gazza gb11 geaves geelong get your own damn scouts ghetto giant transfer fee ginger ginger beard gingie ginola glass ceiling glen hoddle glenn hoddle glorious glory glory glory coys glory game glory glory glory, glory glory. the game is about glory. tradition glum go gunners go spurs go spurs! go spurs! go you spurs gobshites god's team going backwards gold good good business good but not great good bye bale good effort good management progress good side good team goodbye gareth goose grace grand great great fans great logo great passing team great uniforms great, but feminine greatest greatest club ever greatest club in the world greatest team ever greatest team on the planet greatness greatness gross growing growing gunners gylfi ha haha hahahaha hahahahaha hahhaa ham handstand cat hard bargin hard negotiators hard workers harry hat hate hate avb hate em hate hate hate hate them hate unis hatehatehatehatehatehatehatehatehatehatehatehatehatehatehatehatehatehatehatehatehatehatehatehatehatehatehatehatehatehatehatehatehatehate hatred hatred heartbreak heaven white hart lane henry iv, pt 2 hens herons hey! a basketball! heya hideous hip hipster hipster hipster club hipster jerkoffs hipster team hipsters history hoddle hoddle holsten holtby holtby homosexuals honest success hooligans hoop bird horrible horrible club horrible team horses hot hot coach hot dick hot feet hot garbage hot spur hotspur hotspur hotspurs how are they good? how can you hate them hows that cock never pop that ball? hp hp i give up i hate avb i hate them i hate this team i hate this team beacause my brother supports them i hate totnum i hate tottenham i hate yids i hate you so much i like them i miss bale... i still want redknapp i try to have them as my favorite team id army idk imposters impotent improved improved team improvement improving improving in our shadow in the shadow inadequate inbred industrial inferior inferior north london club inferior to chelsea inferiority inferiority complex inferrior insecure interested intigue is that a chicken? is that a soccer ball? is this the year it's a fucking cock wtf jah wobble jason sedakis jason sedarkis jason sedukis jason sudeikis jason sudekis jayz jerks jermain defoe jersey jew jew boys jew gold jew haters jewish jewish club jewish history, second best jewish support jewisj jews jews jews? jockstrap joke joke of a club judaism judiasim juice jurgen klinsman jury's out just missing out just outside the top 4 just short kellogs ceral kevin sudekis kfc kickass klinnsman klinsmann klinsmann knobs kobe bryant kyle walker!!! lads lady boys lame lameish lamela lane lasagnagate laslo late season collapse lazio le cocque le coq le coq sportif le coq sportif le coque sportiff lean lean, sleek leather ball ledley king leeds united leeks legacy legendary legends lennon less than arsenal lets go you gunners levi levy levy jerk levy out life likable like like them more than i should lilly whites lillylivered lillywhites lily lily whites lily whites lilywhites little brother little brother syndrome little jerry seinfeld living in a shadow lloris loathe loathesome logo lol londn rivals london london derby london is red london twats london's second best london's underachievers longevity loosers lord sugar lose loser losers losers! losing losing to arsenal loss of bale hurts lost lost bale lots of money never wins love love that team!!! love the shirt love them love, disappointment lucky luke majestic history makes me laugh man v food man vs food marquez may one day return me, steven scott boyle meh meh, now bale's gone memories micky hazard mid table middle child mido might be good? this year? might win something someday mighty cocks mighty spurs mighty tottenham mind the gap mind the gap miss clint missed opportunities missed out missing out on the champions league mm mo money, mo probelms modern modric money money from no where more hunting most favorite of the top of table mouthy much ado about nothing muh shekels my dad my fave my favorite team my kid likes them my life my shit my team my team my team! my team!! my team, pride my team, up and coming n. london derby nash nate nba nbc nbc ad nbc football promo nbs sports promo near miss nearly nearly nearly there needs their own scouts negotiate negotiations nerds never as good as arsenal never enough never good enough never quite enough never topped arsenal new new ajax new bandwagon new beggings new boys new boys new era new europe new found money new leeds new leeds from early 2000's new money new playera next big thing next champions nice nice balance nice cock nice fans nice little club nice polo nice try no no 5 no bale no clint no dempsey no dempsey no good no identity no more bale no more dempsey no titles no top 4 no trophies nob head wales noble nobody anymore nobs nope north north ldn north london north london darby north london derby north london derby north london losers north london rivals - members of tribe north london runner's up northeast not a not a badge not a big club not a football not a team anymore. not a winner not arsenal not arsenal not as good as arsenal not creative fans thinking theyre creative not enduring not good not good enough not good enough. not in the face! not quite 4th not quite good enough not quite there nothing of 2 minds oh so close oh when the saints oh when the spurs oh when the spurs oh when the spurs go marching in oh, balls ok old old old ball old blue old man friedel old school old stadium old tyme football on the cusp on the rise on the up on the verge one day they'll make it in europe one legged bird one man team one man team ossie other london team other north london team outside outside looking in over earwd over spend over spending over-rated overatted overcompensating overhaul overhyped overpriced overraed overrated overrated and worthless overspend oy vey pace partridge family past pathetic pathetic paulinho peacock peacocks perennial 5th place perennial also rans perma-5th perrenial brides maid for sale peru petenders pevita pearce pink flamingo plain play the wings please no champions league please win pointless poke poke\ pompous poo poop without bale poor poor losers poor spurs, no bale popular posers posh potential potentially champions this year power power point powerful premeir league pretenders pretense pretentious pretentious pretty football pretty game pride promising promising proper proper football proper run proud psh pure class pure class pure class coys pure shite purgatory pussies quality quality play queers quiality. underdog quiet quirky racist songs rainbow flags raincoats rape real madrid reserves really ugly. redknap redknapp redknapp rednapp redsox respect rich rich birds rich london club ridiculous riots rising rising cha,ps rising power rising team rival rival rivals rivals rivals for top 4 road runner robbie keane robby keane robin hood comic rolls royce romanticism rooster rooster rooster (not really though) rooster on a soccer ball rooster? roosters roostet roster rottenham roy royal bird rubbiah rubbish rubbish without bale rugby rugby runner ups runners up sad sadness over demps same san antonio san antonio sc schadenfreude scoring scrappy screw avb screwed dempsey scum scum wheres bale? scum shit scums second best second class second favorite team second fiddle second fiddle to arsenal second rate second tier second to arsenal second toer second top 4 second-best see ya later bale sell bale sellers selling club selling club selling club. always. sellouts sergio sexy sh*t shadow shadow of arsenal shadowed shakespeare shiite shit shit club shit from the lane shit scum shit! shite shite heart lane shite stadium shiteshiteshite shitheads shitr shits shitshitshitshitshitshit shotgun buying should hate them but i dont shrewd shrewd = levy shut siht silly spuds simple simple but cool simplistic skill skinny bird skum slavic automobile sleek sleepers small club small club small north london side small penis smart smart snakebit snl snootie so close so close so close yet so far so close....... so long bale soccer soccer chickens sold sold bale sold bale sold best players sold big player sold gareth bale sold their hope soldado solid solid club solid not spectacular somekind of bird sours south london sp*rs spanish sidebuckle spend spent too much spent too much money spids spirs sports guy sprs spud spud pretenders spuds spuds spuds spuds scum spuds. north london is red! spudz spur spurs spurs spurs awaydays spurs rooster spurs yuck spurs! spurs! spurs!!!! spurs!!!!!! spurs, second best spursavb spursday squad square st totteringham day st. totteringham's day stand up if you hate tottenham standing tall steal our targets steal transfers! steve nash steve nash steve nash's team stilt stork stork strength striking stripe strivers strivers strong stubborn stuck up stupid stupid fighting cocks style stylish stylish football suck suck ass suck it, bale suck! suckers suckkkk! sucks sucky sucky london team sudeikis sudekis sugar super gay super spurs surs swagger swans swashbuckling sweet sweet logo talented talented team tater tots tease ted lasso teddy sheringham terrible terrific the 100m bandits the best the best club in england the best team the best team ever the best team ever the best. coys the classiest the devil the enemy the fighting cocks the future the good guys the journey is just as important as the destination the lane the littke brother the other north london club the others the place that let clint go the rooster the scum the spurs the team i am supposed to hate but dont the whites the worst the worst team in north london the y word they are getting there they miss bale they suck they try hard thieves think they're better than they are third best in london third team this kid who pronounced it "tote en ham" thorn three point lane three point lane thrifty thugs thursday tim duncan tiny tots tippee toes to dare is to do toilet too bad too tall tools top 4 top 4 contender top 5 top 6 top four top signings top squad, stars without name recognition tossers tot'nam tot'num toten ham totenham totnum totnum tott tottenham tottenham tottenham tottenham hotspurs tottenham, arsenal's enemy tottensham tottering drip totteringham totts tottscum tottys tough tradition tradition transfer galore transfer hijacks transfer market transfer thiefs transfers trash tree trench coat trendy trophy trying trying trying awfully hard for 5th trying for cl trying hard turkey turkey? two halves u ugh ugly ugly uh oh under achievers under achievers under armor under armour under armour under armour under-achievers underachieve underachieve underachiever underachievers underachievers underachievers, crap underarmour underdog underdogs underperforming unfinished logo united kingdom unlikeable unlucky unlucky up and comer up and comers up and coming up and coming up and coming up and coming champions up and comming up starts upcoming upscale upstart upstarts upswing upwards us pop culture #1 useless useless scum utter shite utter shite van der vaart vermin vertonghen villan villas boas villas boas villas-boas volleyball vomit w4nkers waddle wanker wankers wanks wanna be wanna be wanna bes wannabe wannabe's wannabee wannabees wannabes want to be's wants to be chelse wasted money watch out we hate tottenham we won the league at white hart lane weak weak mascot weather vane weiner weird blue thing weird logo weird name well dressed well dressed. avb. well run business went to rome to see the pope wet fart lane what bird is that what happened to the squat avb? what is a hotspur what is that bird? what is that? what not with no bale? what? whats a hotspur whats with the birds when the spurs go marching in when will they ever win where art thou gareth bale where's bale whiners whiny levy white white hall lane white hart white hart lane white heart lane white heart lane white shirts white uniforms whitehart lane whiteheart whites whitespurs who whoops! why are they popular in america? why clint? why is the bird on the ball why is there a chicken why the laces? looks like rugby why, gareth, why?!? wife's favorite wife's team will always fail will never win wilson palacios winner winners winning tradition wise leadership won't beat arsenal wonderful woodpecker work in progress world war 2 worst worst club ever worst club i have ever seen worst enemy worst team in london worthless wrong side wtf? wut. xoxk y id army yes yid yid army yid scandal yiddish yiddish army yiddos yiddos! yido yido scum yids yids! yob you spurs! young young young guns youthful and energetic yuck zara