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West Bromwich Albion

no idea "baggies" "tweet tweet" - . .... 0 0-0 12 days of christmas 17th 25 percentile 2nd class brummy 2nd division 3 points 3points 5 to 5 5-5 draw 60's ? ??? \o/ a a bird a bird? a team that belongs in the championship aba academy always loses its best players achieve adrian childs adrian chiles adrien chiles afterthought again with the bird ahead of themselves albert albi albino albino? albion albion college albion old for britian albion- old name for england albion? albions albonnn almost decent already did it alright alright also ran also rans also rans also-rans altidore always singing anekla aneleka anelka anelka hahaha anelka? anelka? why? anichebe anichebe annoying another bird another pretty bird another weak mascot another weird logo with a pigeon are we still in the epl are you kidding me? astle attractive ball audabon audubon audubon audubon society automatic win average average average team avoid the drop awesime awesome kit awkward awwwwww b babies backyard bad bad football bad footy bad logo bad manager bad midlands club bad team bag ladies baggie baggie baggie? baggies baggies baggies are weird baggies bounce baggies boy baggies good fans baggies hahahaha baggis baggy baghies bags bah balanced bale bango basic battling beach beak bears beat the arsenal bells below average ben foster berries berries berries? berry better better than expected better than villa better than west ham big vic bill hamid billy jones hair bird bird bird bird and berries bird and stripes bird balls bird chirping in the morning bird eggs bird food bird is the word bird jail bird on a leaf bird poop bird team bird watching, yaknowwhaimsayin bird weak bird wig legs bird. bird? birdie birdies birdies birdpoop birds birds in a christmas tree birds on stuff birds. birds? birdsex birdwatching birdy birfs birmingham birmingham birmingham's 3rd team birt bkackbird black black and white black country black country accent blah blahh bland blank bleh blue blue blue and white blue bars blue bird blue birds blue collar blue jay blue kit blue stripes blueberry pie bluejay boggies bogie team boing boing boing boing boing boing boing baggie shit boing boing baggies boing boing boing boing-boing boo bords bore boring boring boring birds boting bott of table bottom bottom bottom 3 bottom club bottom club bottom dwellers bottom half bottom of table bottom of the table bottom table bottom ten bottom tier bottom tier bought badly bouncing bouncy boy scouts bpl brad braids brain clough branch braves brdwatchers bread brian clough brink of relegation brom bromley high brommers brommie brommies brommm bromwich bromwichalbion bromwicharvian brooklyn broom brum brummie brummies brummy brunt bryan robson bryan robson and remi moses bubbles bubbles buh bye bumd buried cag can't score canaries canary cant score car parks carolina panthers carrol carroll cartoon castles caw caw cghelsea manager's graveyard championship championship championship manager 3 championship material championship side chavs cheap cheery chelsea chelsea b cherries cherry chickadee chickadeedeedee childish chiles chirp chirp chirp chirping chris brunt christmas christmas christmas christmas decorations christmas time? christmas, birds claret clark clarke clarke is a stud clarky class classy classy clean clip art clutter cold college color clash colorful comfortable mediocrity conservative cookies cool cool cool bird cool club name cool logo cool name cool style coolish cottage could be better could be good couldn't care less country crao crap football crap logo crap side craven cottage crazy fans crazy name cup curious curry cute cute bird cute bird hey cute birds cute but harmless cypher cyril cyril regis cyrille regis d d3 football dada dag dainty dangerous david bingham de matteo decency decent decent top flight team def english. defeat defence defense defensive. unexciting delicate demotion desperate destined to go down di matteo did damn albion didn't know it had a bird diego lugano dimattwo direct disappointing discipline, respectful disciplined disciplined dislike do well at the end of season. doing better than expected don't care don't know anything about them don't like the bird don't pronounce the w don'tcare dont care dont know doomed dorrans dour dove down they go drab draw draws dreadlocks dreary ds dui dull dumb dumb bird dunno dynamo east bromwich easy easy win easy win eck efficient effort eggs eh eh... ehh ehhh emptines encyclopedia england england manager english english. epl eric clapton european swallow ex lukaku extras fa cup fable fable fable the video game faceless fall farm favle favorite club feed me bird seed feisty feminine fiesty fifa fight fighters finch finch finch finches finchs fine first black players fizz out floral flowered for albion fodder fools football forever battling against mid-table forgetable forgot they're still around former chelsea as manager forster foster frank skinner frankskinner fridge friendly friendly sparrow fuck off long fuckers fuckers fulham fun fun team? fun to watch funny logo funny name garbage garden gave me a free tour of ground gaybird generally unoffensive generic geoff horsfield gera gera gerrard gina go away go west go west going birding going down golf good coach good efforts good luck good management good recent contender good soldiers good team good to have them goran grab a gun graham dorrans grandma great coach great credt great crest great escape great to watch great uniforms grind growing ha hackney had to look it up. haha hahah hahahaha hair hairy women hanging on happy happy bird happy birds hard work hard workers hard working hardworking harmless harry harry potter harry redknap have they scored yet hawthones hawthorne hawthornes hawthornes hawthornes hawthornres hawthorns hawthorns hawthrones head butt heavy metal helpless highest ground history hm hmmm hmmmmm hodges on hodgeson hodgson hodgson hodgson holding on holidays holly holly berries holly...it's christmas! homosexual homosexual hoops hopeless horrible horrible uniform hosgson how do they stay up how do they stay up? how very english how were they good last year huh huh huh? humming bird hunt hunting club i don't know i forgot they were in the prem i like birds on crests i like that bird idk idk idyllic ifk in trouble inbetweeners inconsequential inconsistent indifference indifferent ineffective birds innocuous innocuous inoffensive insignificant interesting irrelevance irrelevance, effective anonymity irrelevant irrelevant? irrelevence irrevelant is an albion a bird is roy still there? is that a pheasant is that a place? isn't that a fish j jail jailbirds jeff astle jerusalem joke jonas jonas olsson junk just enough just good enough just ok just sad. just there kanu kanu kanu? kiss kits knitting class kone lack depth lackluster lakaku lakaku lakuku lame lame bird lame crest large nosed people last place last three laugh le sulk leaf league 1 league one lifetime mid-table likeable literally nothing literally nothing. little berries little bird little birdy little brother little engine that could liverpool loan loan us players loaned players loaners loans local local club logo lokaku lol lol odemwingie london london london? lonely long long long name long throw in longkaku lose loser loser losers losers losing lost lost in the middle lost in the midlands loud loud stadium lousy lousy lovely low attendence low tier epl lower league lower league lower part of the table lower table team lower tier loyal luaku luck lucky lugano lukak lukakakakakakaku lukakakakakau lukakakaku lukakakakukuku lukakaku lukakaku lukakakukuku lukakakukukukuku lukakku lukako lukaku lukaku lukaku is gone lukaku last season lukaku load lukaku loan lukaku loan lukaku lol lukaku on fire lukaku on loan lukaku on loan last season lukaku proving ground lukaku! lukaku's old home lukaku-shaped hole lukaku-shaped hole lukaku. he's gone though. lukaku...used to play there lukakukukaku lukakukuku lukakukukuku lukakukukuku loan lukakukukukuku lukakus loan team lukaky lukaukukukuku lukukaku luther magpies magpies making a better run this time manager killers managers marc-antoine fortune martinez martinez mav mcdonald's mediocre mediocre mediocriry mediocrity mediocrity medocre meh meh. merlin merry merry christmas mh mid lands mid league mid level, still fun mid packers mid table mid table mid table club mid table rivals mid tier club mid-table mid-table boring mid/low table middle middle class middle of table middle of the pack middle of the pack middle of the road middle of the table middle table middle table team middle tier middling middling middling midlands midland midland team midlanda midlands midlands? midlevel midling midtable minkies minnow minnows minor miserly or miss lukaku; clarke is god missing lukaku missing lukaku missletoe misteltoe mistletoe mistletoe mmmm more birds more fun last year morning morrison mostly harmless motd 2 mulumbu mystery n/a na nada nada nah naked name change nature nature trail navy naw need a striker need lukaku need lukaku this year need more loan players needs lukaku negligible never hear of them never heard of them never on tv never will be neverheardofthem new nice nice nice bird nice bird. not nice bird? nice finch nice font nice logo nice name nice team nice try nice unis nicolas anelka nightengale no no affiiation no bob bradley no clue no defining characteristic no fans no goals no good no idea no idea. no identity no lukaku no lukaku no lukaku for you no money no more lukaku no names no one cares no opinion no opinon no points no reaction no sponsor no striker no strikers no thanks no thoughts no thoughts nobodies nobody nobody cares nobody ever says albion nobodys non threatening nondescript none none noonecares nope normal north of the wall norwich not a fan not a thing not a top ten team not a very frightful mascot not bad not completing full names not good not good at soccer not great not intimidating not mainstream not much not quality not very good nothign nothing nothing nothing at all nothing great, nothing bad nothing special nothing! nothingness nothng ntohing nuts and bolts team obscure odemwinge odemwingie odemwingie making a fool of himself odemwingie saga odemwinige odenwinge odenwingie odewinge offense oh hey, a bird oh look. another bird. oh, you're a team oi ok okay old old bird old fashioned old lukaku team old school old. olsen twins olsson on the dip organic orioles orwell other rans out outdated over acheivers over acheiving over their head overachieve overachieved overachieved last year overachiever overachievers overachieving overchievers overrated owen owl pajaro pants parda park partridge pass pathetic peace peaceful peaceful perch pesky pete pete doherty peter peter odeimwingey peter odem wingie peter odemwingie peter odemwingie transfer saga phonetics pickup trucks pidgey pie pies pies' pigeon pigeons pin stripe suit pio pity plain please get relegated so i'm not bored plucky plucky plucky underdogs point loma pointless poison poo poop4 poor poor camouflage poor cousin poor quality poor team possibles potters prem premier league premier league? pretenders pretty bird pretty football prince pronunciation psalms psh pub punch above their weight punchers punching above weight punching bags purple pushover puss pussies put a bird on it qqqqq quaint queer bird question marks quidditch rain rampoline random rape rat ravens rc cola really bad really they have an epl club? really? reckless regis regis relagation relegate relegated relegation relegation relegation candidates relegation fight relegation fodder relegation material relegation soon relegation zone relegationfights relegstion replaceable rescued respect rich kids roberto martinez robin robin hood robin's nest robins robson rodgers roller coaster roman a-brom-ovic romelu lukaku ron atkinson roy roy roy hodgeson roy hodgson roy hodgson roy hodgson roy hodgson - ugh roy! rubbish rugby rugged run of the ill sack sad sad sakiri sandwich name sandwiches save the birds saw once sc scalper school scots scott carson scrappy scrappy scrapy second rate sess :( sessegnon sess├Ęgnon set for relegation seventies shane shane long shane long swag shay long sheild shield shields shite shite team shithole shlong shockingly bad should be better should have bought lukaku should have kept lukaku siht silly silly silly accents simple simple sinclair sinclair sing singing bird skinner slow small small bird small crappy team small irish strikers small market small team small town strong smart sneaky snow white? so so. many. birds. soft solid solid solid squad something song song bird songbird songbirds songs soon to be relegated sounds funny sparrow sparrow sparrow? sparrows sparrows aren't scary sperry sponsorless spring spring dew springtime squack stadium stadium on a hill. stalwart standard standard started well in 2012 starts with w steady steve bruce steve bruce steve clark steve clarke steve clarke's head steve clarke, mmmm ok stevie clark good manager stevie clarke stevie clarke :') still in epl? still in the premier? still upset about the cup win over arsenal stillinthebpl? stinks strange name strength strikers stripe striped crap stripes stripey stripley strips strong strong stropes struggkle struggle struggles struggling stuffy stupid stupid bird stupid crest stupid logo stupid name suburban birmingham suck suck sucks sucks suit suits sure surprise surprise team surprising surprisingly good survival survivor survivors swallow song swedish defenders sweet team terrible tesco tesco carrier baggies tevez that dude who tried to switch to qpr thats a bird the 70s the albion the aviary the baggies the baggies, lots of imports the birds the bommers the championship the damned united the epl loves birds the hawthornes the hawthorns the kraken the midlands the miserable one off itv football the south the usmt on the epl the year they barely stayed up there there's a bird on their crest they beat portland they have a team? they made top flight again? they try hard they were ok for half a season they're back in the premier league? they're still in the prem? they're still in the premier league? they're still in the top flight? they've been around forever thorns thought they were black throstle throstles throstles thrush tiny tiny berries toffees tony molbry too many words too much detail too sh1t to care about top 7 toronto bluejays tough tough lads town in ny tradition traditional train station trapdoor tree tries trodding try hard tryers turds turn it off twee tweet tweet tweet tweet! tweets twig and berries twitter twitter! ugh ugly ugly ugly ducklings ugly team ugly uniforms uh... uhh um under the radar underachiever underachievers underdog underdog underdogs underestimated underrated underrated undeserving unexciting unexepectedly good unimportant uninspriing unintimidating unknown unlucky unmemorable unstable unsure up and comers up and coming up and down up and down. up and down up down up n coming upset upstarts useless utter shit uwot vanilla vela vertical stripes vintage vintage hipster vlue bird voely volatile wab waiting for vomit wales warbler waste of space wayne train wba wba wba weak weak badge weak bird weak birds weak side weak team weakness weat weed weiner weird weird bird weird name well run welp went to stadium. had a blast wes brown wes brown west west west brom west brom west brom west brom albion west brom fan i know from the bar west brom is bad west bromich west bromwich west bromwich west bron west broom albion west brubby dubby (family joke) west bum west ham west ham? west vrom west vrom west who? westbrom westbrom soccer westbrom till i die wesy brom wet brom wets brom wha? what what what could have been what does 'albion' mean? what is a magpie what is albion what is an albion what is an odemwingie? what is that what is that greent hing what is that? what the fuck is albion what the fuck is an albion what the hell is albion what's a baggie what's a baggie? what's albion what's albion ? what's albion? what's an albion what's an albion what's an albion? what's that? what's with the bird? what's with the cherries? what? whatever whats an albion whats that bird whats with the birds where are they? where is that where is this where is this? where is west brom where is west brom? where is west bromwich where. where? whereisthisplace which west b team? which west team? whiskey white white blue who who who are they who care who cares who cares? who is this who names a team albion? who? who?? whosit why why are you still here why so many birds? why the leaves wigan will always lose will lose this week wimps wishes they had lukaku wmb wolverhampton wolves wonder voley strikes last season wooba woody woodpecker work working class workmen workmen world cup worst worthless wounded bird wow woy woy hodgson woy toy wren wrens wrong colors wtf with the bird? wtf? xmas yacob yamyams yawn yeah yikes yo yo yo yo yo-yo you're kidding young guns young striker youo team youth development yoyo yoyo club ziploc zoltan gera zoltan gera zolton gera zoltqn gera zoopla zoosk zzzzz zzzzzz