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Aston Villa

villa (long ago) history; prince william . ... 0-0 draw 10guysandbenteke 1234567890 1982 2nd side 2nd tier 3-1 5 more years 8 8 bit graphics 8-0 <nothing> ? ?? a a lannister always pays his debts a lion a little sad a long time since they mattered a military patch a sign you would see in a dojo ab abonglahor accent acorns sponser acorns sponsot adf agabonlahor again agbandalor agbanlahor agbondlahor agbonglahor agbonglapacewhore agbonglohor agbonhlador agbonlahor agbonlahor agbonlohor agressive al lerner all tail no ass almost relegated almost relegated last year almost-there alright also rans also-rans altidore always a bridesmaid always around always be always beat us always close always finds a way to stay up always mid-table always tough amel trakic america america fc america team american american american goal keeper, mid level team american goalie american goalies american goalkeepers american keeper american keepers american money american owner american owner gone wrong americans amy ancient lion andre villa boss andy arrol andy carroll andy gray angel angry lion annoying arsenal farm team ashley young ashton villa aslan assholes astin villa asto aston aston kutcher aston martin aston martin villa aston martins aston martins aston vanilla aston vila aston villa aston villa aston villa fc aston villa football club astonvilla astrology attack attractive kit automobile model av av club avb avb avc avec moi aveeeeeee average average villa avf avfc avfv avi avicii awesome awful b b level talent ba baby blue baby blue lions baby blues baby bradley bad bad color choice bad colors bad d bad defence bad luck badge bald bald american bald brad guzan bald goalkeeper bald keeper ball bankrupt banna banteke barely competitive baros barry be be prepared beast beast benteke beast black strikers beat arsenal beat scum beautiful colors bee beer beer in pubs beige belgain beer belgian belgian beat belgian that got away belgium bendtner beneteke benetke bengaks benji bent bent eke bent's failure bentake bentake bentanki bentecke benteke benteke benteke benteke beast benteke dependent benteke is a beast benteke is class benteke one man benteke only benteke plus ten benteke solo benteke! benteke! benteke!! benteke!!! benteke!!!!! benteke's goals benteke, gabi benteke, go belgium benteke? bentekekekeke bentekekekers bentekers bentekkers bentenke bentenke!! bentley berner best team ever best youth players better hold on to benteke better name than team better this year bicycle kick bieber big city, little club big club big club crap club big dipper bimingham derby birmingham birmingham birmingham black sabbath blacks blah bland blank bleh blie blue blue and purple blue and red blue is a pussy color blue too lite blues bold bond boo boring bottom of the table bottom of the table bottom table side bottom-half boudoir boy scots boy scouts boy scouts? boy's school brad brad evans brad freaking guzan brad friedel's header from the corner kick brad friedels bald head brad guzan brad guzan brad guzan success brad guzan. brad guzman brad guzman brad guzman brad! braddd guzan bradguzan bradley brads breeding players for bigger clubs bright bright star brmmies broad street broke broken down luxury car brother brown browns brum brummie brummies brummmmies brummy bubble bubbles bubbles bugundy and sky blue buh bullshit bums burgandy burgundy c cadillac cal williams cameron team cameroon can punch above weight car car brand? car jacking carew caribbean carroll cars casino chargers cheap cheaters checkers checkers chelsea chip on shoulder chris christian bentake christian benteke christian benteke christian bentenke chronicles of narnia clarat and blue claret claret claret claret and blue claret and blye claret blue claret n blue clarett and blue clariten clariton blue clarret class class classic classic colors classic kits classy classy clean cleveland cleveland cleveland cleveland browns cleveland browns 3.0 cleveland connection clevland browns clipped lions close the purse clothing clough collymore color colors colors wtf? coming compas complacent owner confuse with west ham confusing name confusion conor consistency constellation constellations contenders cool cool cool colors cool kits cool lion cool uniforms cool unis coolest unis copied hammers colora copy cat copycats could have been better coulda been a contenda counter country club cowardly lion cows craig singleton crapness crimson crisp curry d dalian atkinson dancing dancing lion dancing lion dancing lions dancing lions dandys dark horse darren bent darren bent david cameron deace decent decent football decent past no future decline decline of prestige declining defunct deluca deluded dembele dembele demotion denver derek desperate deteriorating detroit di matteo's cup final dion dublin dirty but in the shower disappointed disappointing disappointment disappointment. discolored disfunctional dismantled does randy lerner still own them doesn't prince william like this? doing good don't care don't know donovan dont know anything doomed. orrible. dork downfall downing downswing dragons drama drapes dreary drop dull dumb loss #afc dun dunno dwight yorke e easy out easy win effeminate lion effort eh ehh el guzan el guzano elderly elegant elton john emile heskey empty seats energy england england england? english english english browns eric lichaj ery european cup even more rubbish even worse colors evil eww colours ex heskey ex-friedel exciting exciting express faced glory factory for other clubs faded faded glory fading fading fast fags failure fake claret and blue fall from grace fallen fallen glory fallen greats falling apart family crest fancy cars fans fast fast fast cars fast donkeys faster fenerbahce ff fierce fierce and gentile fifa fifa 98 fight fighters filth financial crisis fitbaugh flag flop fluff fools football football team formally good former glory formerly good freaks freidel french hip hop group friedel friedel friedl! friend who's an aston villa fan fuck off benteke fucking star fullham fun funtowatch future gabby gabby gabby a gabby abonlahor gabby agbonglahor gabby agbonlahor gabi gabriel agbonlahor gaby agbonlahore gaby agobonlahor galactic game of thrones game of thrones? garbage gareth barry gareth barry and james milner gay german beer get bent get it together get relegated already get that star getting worse each year giggity ginola girl glazers go guzan go villa! goals going down golden golden lion good good 5 years ago good colors good for nothing good kit good strikers good young squad good young team good young team should be performing better got graham taylor grateful dead great colors great fans great history great name great name great past great team a long time ago great uniforms great wingers. wide football greatest football team greatest team of all time green griffin griffindor griffyndor grim grimy gritty gross gross jerseys grr grr lions king of the jungle gryffindor gryfindor gunners guns gusan guzam guzan guzan guzan and utv guzan is their savior guzan! guzan!! guzan!!! guzan's team guzano guzman h haha handsome crest hard luck hard work hard workers hard workers hard working hard-working harmless harry potter harry potter has been has beens has beens has ben has-been hasbeens hasbeens hate have seen better days heart heat heraldry heroes heskey heskey heskey!! hesky hey hhmmmm high school historic historical history history history nothing currently history, tradition hit and miss hmmm hogwarts holt holte holte end home to americans, lost glory home to guzan. honest hoofers hooligans hooligans hopeless howard huge ground huh humor i got nothing i hate lerner i hate paul lambert i really do want them to be good again idiot american owner idiots ill prepared improvement improving improving in the middle inconsistent indifferent industrious inspiring interesting interesting irrelevant irrelevant is this west ham again? island italian italian team italian villa italy james bond car? jammies janky jerks jersey jerseys jerseys like west ham jewish joe cole jon field juan pablo angel juanpabloangel juggling lion jump just good enough just ok kate middleton keane keeper kevin richardson's moustache kickers kids kinda shit king king george king richard kits knight knights kristian jack lamber lambert lambert is hard nut lambert's ridiculously huge ties lame lamere lannister lannister? lannisters last cup winners cup laugh league 1 lee hendrie legends lerner lerner lerner family let down levy lian light blue light blue is not a tough color to play in likeable lion lion lion lion and unicorn lion crest lion juggling lion king lion roar lion that can't swing lion vs star lion! lion-o lion? lion\ lions lions lions. lions? lite beer little belgium little engine little engine that could little sister living in the pass lol london london browns london's worst team london? long longing look like west ham look like west ham looks the same as west ham loosers loser losers losing losing good players losses lost 8-0 lots of americans love but hate love em love the team colors lovely uniforms lowenbrau beer lsd lucky to have benteke macbeth macheda macleish sucks magenta mah majestic man city manager problems manno marching band marin mariners maroon martin o'neil martin o'neill martin o'neill martin o'neill martin oneal martin oneil martinoneil matin oniell maybe mb90 mbna mcgrath mean medicore medieval times mediocity mediocre mediocre mediocre mediocre. mediocrity mediocrity mediocrity medium rare meh mgm grand michael michael bradley michael bradley bench? mid mid tabke mid table mid table irrelevance mid table mediocrity mid-level club mid-market mid-table mid-table middle middle ages middle class middle level team middle of the pack middle of the road middle of the table middle ranks middle tier middlign middling midland midlands midlands = middle of the table midlevel midtable milner minors miserable mismanagement mistakes more great uniforms more maroon and blue? more medieval shit more useless morelions motjing mugs multi colored kits murph mustard muted my boss my boys my ex's team my friend ned my stepdad my team my youth team n/a nada nah nah narnia need revamp needs improvement needs work negligible neon green neutral never any good never going anywhere newcastle newells old boys nice nice colors nice jerseys nice kits nice name nice ubiforms nice uniforms nice unis nicelion nigel kennedy no no affiiation no class no clue no defense no good no idea no idea who this is no one no one hates them noble in defeat nobodys nolberto solano nondescript none nope north carolina north star northern lions nostalgia not bad not bad not good not bad! not big not good not good enough not good enough to be villians not great not hammers not italian not liverpool not much not prepared not prepared. not quite not really prepared not that good not that prepared not very good not west ham not west ham not what they used to be nothin nothing nothing nothing really nothing special nufc 2 - villa 1 o'neil o'neill o'niel obtain odd man oh oh villa ok okay okore old old old and washed up old britishness old classic old football old greats old guard old man guzan old school old school old times olof mellbergs beard on the decline on the rise on the wain drastically once good once great once historic club once mighty villa one cup long time ago one man team one song one star oneil oneill oozy colors or west ham ore organization original oshd overachievers overrated owned by americans owned by an american ozzy ozzy osbourne pace painful pass passing past past glories past glory days past its prime pastels paul lambert paul lambert left norwich for this? paul lambert sweatsuit paul mcgrath paul mcgrath paul merson penises perennial under dogs peter withe peter withe petrov petrov class peyrov physical pink keeper pity plain plucky poachers pointless star pooop poop4 poor poor poor color contrast poor friends porous posh potential potential powder powder blue power preparation prepared prepared prepared for injuries prepared for lion attacks prepared for walking lions? prepared for what prepared for what? prepared lion prepared to fail prepared to lose prepared to suck prepared.. for what? prepared? preppy prestiege pretenders pretty pretty colors pride prime minister prince prince harry prince phillip prince william prince william prince william's team prine promise promise promise, american proper proud proud fans psat punching bag punchy lions punks purple purple purple and light blue quick fifa wingers quick start & overrated quirky colors race car rain randy randy lerner randy lerner randy lerner randy lerner sucks randylerner rape rawr rawr! ready really close really gay lion rebecca lowe's pick rebranding rebuilding rebuilt recovering red regal regal relegated relegation relegation fare relegation. relegstion renaissance reo-cocker respect respectable retro rich rich people richard richard lionhearted rio ferdinand rip marty o'neil rising rising talent roar roar roar! roar!!! roat rookie rooooar rough history royal royal family royal losers royals royals royalty royalty royaly rubbish rubbish slogan sad sadness sale same clots as everyone same colors as west ham same colours as west ham same jersey as west ham? same kit as west ham same kits as whu scarlet score against big teams scotland scotty scrappy screwed bradley scum scum!!! sda second city second city second city syndrome second class seller sellers selling club semi finals shampoo shiek shield shiet shirts shit colors shit fans shit club shit on the villa shit on the villa shite shitty fucks should be a big club should be better should be better given legacy should be good should be more should be so much better than they are sigh sigil siht silly simba simple simple simple sit back counter sky sky blue sleeping giant sleeping giant sleeves small small time smoke stacks so average so so so-so soccer solid solid middle of the pack mainstay solid team some small club somewhere sounds fancy, isn't sounds italian south southern cross southgate spain spanish spanish sounding speed spine sports car sri lanka sta stadium stan stan collymore stan petrov star star star lion stars stars staying power steady steady steven ireland steven ireland steven ireland stewart downing stiliyan petrov stinks strength strength. stripes stripes stripped socks strohs strong strong, blue strugglers struggling sub par suck suckers sucks sucky team that should be good super boring suprising surprisingly good sweet colors sweet lion sweet logo tacky talented teacher team team usa tekkers temperamental terrible terrible jerseys terrible kits terrible uniforms tevez that guy that lion just tossed a star the best the den the good birmingham team the greatest the guz the mids the other west ham the queen the villa the villains the villains the villans their ok there's no lions in england they could be worse they could use michael bradley right now they seem nice they used to be top 7 they were really good they won a champions league once they won the european cup? they're from birmingham? thomas sørensen those jerseys throw back tify tiger time-honored timeless tiny bubbles tired title tom hanks tony tony daley tony moon top ten tough tough track suit tracksuits tradition traditional tradtitional tragic trash trouble try hard trying trying to regain the past u.s.a ugly ugly colors ugly kit ugly kits ugly uniforms um ummmm under achiever under achievers under achievers under rated under-performing underacheivers underachieve underachievement underachiever underachievers underachieving underachieving underdog underdogs underdogs underperforming underrated underwhelming unfortunate uniform uniforms unimpressive unknown unobjectionable unprepared up and comers up and coming up and coming up and down team up the up the villa up the villa! upcoming upsets uptown upward us keeper usa used to be good utter crap vanilla vanilla vassell vella vella vellaaaaa velvet venglos vil-uh or vee-uh vila vila vilaa vile villa villa villa idiots villa park villa! villa, guzan's team villaaa villagers villain villainous villainous villains villains villains? villainss villamerican villamerican villan villans villas viller villiams villian villians villians villians prepared vlaaaar vlaar wales walking lion want to like, but cant wants to eat...a star? wardrobe was wast wasted we sell all our players weak weak fan base weaksauce weimann weiner weird weird color combo weird color scheme well managed weren't they good a few years ago? wesleyan club west ham west ham cover west ham in desguise west midlands what happened what happened to their defense? what is it what's with the blue and magenta what? whatever whats the star for? whatver when will benteke leave... where where are they again where is aston villa? where the hell is aston villa? who who is this? who? why bother why did bradley fail why does it say prepared why does the fox say why is it prepared why not better? why the star wierd/cool name will never get to the top of the table will never win anything william willie youn wills windsor wine wingers winter wish they were better wish they were good withe woo working class working class workmanlike worse than they should be worst team wtf? yam yow yawn yeah richt yellow yellow cat yellow lion yellow lion yep you are not prepared young young never should have left young players young squad young talent young talent young team young team young'uns young, exciting youngsters youngsters youth youth youth youth and promise zombie zoo