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West Ham United

astle shit "big" crap club "let loose the hot tar" #coyi ' or 1=1 ... 15th 1966 4th london team ? \\\""" academy academy is good academy of football afterthought age aggressive aggro alardyce allardyce allardyce isn't as much of a useless tosser as everyone thinks allardyce was funny on aloto almost almost ful-ham alou diarra also ran also rans also terrible also-ran always second half of tier alydice amazing american football ammers among the thugs ancient andy andy caroll andy caroll's pony andy carrol andy carrol headers andy carroll andy carroll andy carroll in front of a burning house andy carroll is a bust andy carroll leaping like a salmon andy carroll really? andy carroll sucks andy carroll waste of money andy carroll whale andy carroll's new stable andycarrol angry hammer killers angry people anne boleyn anne bolyn annoying another ham team anti semetic anti semitism anti-semites anti-semitic chants anti-semitism anvil apples and pears apprentice appy are they in london? army corps of engineers arry ashton asshole assholes aston villa aston villa colors aston villa copycat aston villa wannabe aston villa? attractive average average awful awful fans awkward axes b b teamers ba$tards baby arsenal baby blue and maroon back back again? bad bad ass bad claret and blue club bad colors bad defense bad fans bad unis baf bag of hammers baggies bald brits bale bank robbers barely there barkley's barrera bastards bastards bat battering battle beat spurs beautiful long ball beckham behrami benayoun benteke best best fans best in the past best team in the land better bibbles big big club big hammers big lousy striker big sa big sam big sam big sam gotta lose weight big sam! big sam's army big sledgehammers bigots billy bonds bitter black knight blacksmith blades and chains blah blank blargh bleh blockade blowin bubbles blowing bubbles blowing bubbles blue and maroon blue and red blue and red? blue collar blue collar punks blue-collar bobby howe bobby moore bobby moore / great history bobby! boelyn ground bogey boleyn ground bolton mk 2 boom bored boring boring good bornstein? bottom bottom of table bottom third bottom-half bought andy carroll boylen ground bpl bradley brand brawl brawn brian broke brown brown envelope brroking brutal brutes bubbkes bubble bubbles bubbles bubbles and barely scraping by bubbles and fighting bubbles in the air bubbles!!! bubbles, gse bubbles. bubbles...sorry buble bubles builders bulls bullshit bumbling burgundy buys players we don't want anymore bye andy carroll, you ass c'mon you irons camelot cancer cant decide what division they want to be in cant enter my castle carew carlos carlos tevez carlton cole carlton cole carlton cole blows carlton cole randomly carol caroll carrol carrol carrol aka flop king carrol and downing. carrol awful carrol is poo carroll carroll carroll ate all the pies carroll bust carroll ha! carroll inqured carroll is a flop carroll steal' carroll sucks cass casteles castkes castle castle castle battle castle builders castle defense castle guard castle walls castle worker castles castouts cattle celebrities chamakh championship character. proper roots charlie hunnam charlton chav chavs cheap cheaters cheats cheeky cheesburger cheese chelsea childs toys chris christmas ham claret claret & blue claret and blue claret, hammers clarets claric class classic classic castle classic maroon and blue classic. closer to regulation than not clumsy cmon you irons coal coal and racism cocaine and blood cockney cockney bastards cockney scumbags cockney! cockneyism cockneys cockneys. cocks cole cole carroll downing coles collins color-clash colors come on you hammers come on you irons come on you irons! come you irons common communist confused construction cool colors cool jerseys cool logo copy kit copycat could be a big club could be dangerous country club coyi coyi! crap aston villa crap hammers crap part of london crap post-match tube station crap stadium crazy fans crazy supporters crest criminals crimson croquet crosses cult following dallas cowboys dan mason dan mason dan mason jacob steinberg danny baker danny dyer de canio dean from harry potter dean thomas dean thomas from harry potter dean's favorite team in harry potter death decent dedicated fans defense defensive defoe derby vs. arsenal dessert pie determination developmental di canio di canio diame did well in early 2000s direct direct football direct london team dirty dirty gypsy disappointing distaste for sam do castles still exist dockers dodgy geezers doesn't deserve the stadiun doing good don't care don't fuck with their fans don't know any players don't know how they got relegated dont care dont know doo doo poo poo doomed castle douches dour downing downing & caroll downing... dr martens dr. martens dreadful drunk drunken carrol dull dump truck dunno dynamo east east end east end london east enders east landan east london east london east london east london scum east london? east side east-end gangsters eastenders easter eastlondon easy eel pie eels ego eh elijah wood elijah wood elijiah wood england english epl espn podcast essex essex slags evil f fa cup fail fair team fairground ride and a castle fallen fan played fan violence fans fascists fast fast food fat fat andy fat drunks fat sam father in law fedinands brother feeder feeder club ferdiand field hands fight fight with millwall fighters fighters fighting fighting fans fights filth fingers crossed for relegation firm flash in the an floating bubbles fodder force forever blowing bubbles forever blowing bubbles forgettable forgotten former superpower fort fortified fortress fortress frank lampard haters frank lampard used to play here frank lampard? friedl! frodo frodo fucking ell fucking spammers fun futility g game of thrones game of thrones, blue collar garbage genk germant glamourized by green street hoolgans go hammers going all the way going down going down soon going mediaeval gold gollivan good aaa team good academy good effort good enough good fans, not many wins good goalie ad team good history good in the air good side good stuff. bubbles good unis good young good young players good youth good youth system goons gotnothing gravestone or logo great academy great badge/kit great colors great era great fans great fans, upton parl great kits great logo great logo weird colors great manager great movie: gsh great players great uniforms, good young players great youth set up green green st green st hooligans green st hooligans green st. hooligans green steet green steet hooligans green stree holligans green street green street elite green street holigans green street holligans green street holligans green street hooligan green street hooligan movie green street hooligans green street hooligans green street hooligans green street hooligans! green street houligans green street! green streets hooligans greenstreet greenstreet hooligans greenstreethooligans greent street houligans grinders grit gritty gross grunts gse gse scum gsh gsh guard gunners guzan gypsies ha haha haha. they're funny. hahahahahah ham ham ham and cheese ham and efgs ham as in pork ham dinner ham n cheese ham sandwich ham sandwich ham sandwiches ham sandwitch ham. ham. and hooligans. hambone hamburger hamburgers hamemrs hamers hamilton hamm hammees hammer hammer castle hammer em hammer time hammer time hammer time! hammered hammered drunk hammers hammers hammers & andy carroll hammers & pie eaters hammers and bubbles hammers and porn producers hammers forever hammers rock hammers suck hammers thugs hammers! hammers! blue collar hammers!!! hammers, russell brand hammers. hammers/blowing bubbles hammerse hammerssss hammertime hammewrs hamms hampshire hams hamsters hanging around hanners hanson brothers hard hard hat hard men hard nosed hard noses poor footballers hard work hard work, smoke, coal stacks hardcore harry harry potter harry redknapp has bene hate the hammers haters he man header headers heather high hat hipster hipsters historic historic club, fans deserve better than current run historical history history of hooliganism hm hmm. bacon hmmers hmmmm ho hum hobbit hobbits hodges on holigans holte end home honest hood hoof hoof it long hoofball hoofing hooiglans hoolies hooligan hooligan fans hooliganism hooliganism hooligans hooligans hooligsns hope hopeless horrible colors horrible fans horses how much for andy caroll hsmmer hsmmers hustle i feel sorry for them i know i am i'm i like that logo i like the logo i use there jerseys on ultimate team i'm forever blowing bubbles i'm westham till i die ice cream icelandic bankruptcy icf iconic idk ifc im west ham till i die incompetent inconsistent indian food industrial industry inter city iron iron iron castle iron fist iron gays iron maiden iron maiden!!! iron worker iron workers irons irons ironworks irrelevant is that a castle is that really the best tool for opening a castle? is there a difference between west brom and west han is this a birthmark? is this west ham or villa? it crowd it crowd jammy jansiklassen jarvis jellied eels jenas jerseys joe cole joe cole era, english players academy good joe cole--said with a spanish accent john cleese joke jonathan spector jonathan spector even though he's not there anymore julian dicks just another london club kacob karen brady katy perry keep carrol keep your talent keira knightley kevin nolan kickers king arthur king arthur flour king friday on mister rogers kingdom knight knights knights with attitudes lack of sponsor lam pared lame lampard lampard sr lampard's start last place lazy lee jordon legend of zelda lego lego military legos lets go hammers! leyton orient lfc dumping ground light blue likeable little london liverpool liverpool 10' liverpool b squad liverpool jr liverpool rejects liverpool south liverpool's dump liverpool's dumpster liverpools sloppy seconds ljunberg loans lol lol andy carroll london london bad london cheap team london club, second fiddle london underground london's worst long ball long ball shite long balls long hair longball look a castle look like villa lord of the rings losers love love the team colors love their colors and logo low rent lowkey poetic lowly loyal loyalty lucas neil lukaku lunatics macbeth maiga manly mario maroon maroon and blue martelo masculine massive max bretos mayhem mc hammer me mean meat meats media friendly medieval medieval medieval times medievil mediocre mediocre mediocre, not bad mediocrity megadeath meh michael bradley michael jackson mid packers mid table mid-table middle middle ages middle of the pack middle of the tabel middle of the table middle pack middle table middle tier mideval midevil times midtable mighty mighty ammers mighty hammers mighty hammers millwal millwall milwall miners miniature castle mining minks misguided misleading name mismanaged mmmm ham mmmmm ham moat monarchy monster trucks monty python monty python monty python skit moore more meh most able movie mugs multi colored kits mutha fucking crazy fans my old coach n n/a nagging nails nasty nasty fans nazi nazis never never good never good enough never heard of em never made it nice castle nice colors nice crest nice emblem nice kit nice uniforms nice unis nickname nippon ham fighters no no affiiation no clue no good no hoals no idea no one cares no style noble nohing nolan nolan chichen dance nolan's chicken dance none nope nosiy neighbors not as hard as millwall not bad not good not interesting not villa nothin nothing nothing nothing without carrell nothing. nufc circa 2009 nuisance obama obama's hooligans obama's team oh oh hum oh, i thought it was aston villa oi oi ok old old but not relegated old england old english history old fashioned old fashioned club old glory old school old school stadium old style old success old times olympic atadium olympic stadium olympic stadium cheaters olympic stadium mess olympic stadium screwed olympic stadium, bubbles? on the rise or aston villa orcs orient orient enemies other outdated over pay overachievers overhyped overlooked london overrated own your jersey pablo barrera pablo di cannio paolo's fucked pardew parker passion passionate more working class east london fans. makes me think of green street holigans movie past past their prime payed 15 million for carrol lol perilous perpetual bridesmaids or worse peter crouch peter gabriel physical pick up trucks pick-up trucks pickup trucks pickup trucks pie n mash pies pigs pikey pikeys pikies pink pink floyd pizza guy's gave team plain plodding plucky pluggers poisoners. polo polo club pomp and uncircumstance ponytail ponytail ponytails poop4 poor poor people poor scott parker :( poot pork pork product porn pornography porters potential power, rough powerful powerless pricks prince prince harry prince william proper proper football club proper hard proud pumpernickel punching above weightr punk purple queen queen's hooligans quietly good racism racism racist racist chants racist fans racists rape ravel real hard really? red red and blue red neck redknapp regular english club regulation relegated relegation relegation relegation bait relegation contenders relegation escape relegation fodder ren faire resilient revel rich rigged stadium deal riot ripped off villa rival rivals roast ham romantics rook rooney rough rough and tumble rough football rough part of towns rought route 1 route1 royal interest royals royalty rubbish ruffian rugby rugged run of the mill run! russel brand russell russell brand sabastien lletget sad sad song sadad sam sam aldryce sam alladyce sam allardyce sam allardyce - ugh same jersey as aston villa? same unis and villa sammy sand castle sandcastle sandwich sandwich sargon scary fans school of football school of shite scoreless draw scott parker scott sinclair scotty parker scrappy scrappy scum sheringham shia labeouf shiiite ship shit boring shit london shite shithole shoe shoe sticks short should-be-relegated siege siht simple simpsons skin heads skinhead skinhead hoolies skinheads skinheads united skinheads, blowing bubbles slavery sledgehammer small small football club small team smoking so soccer soft sold best players solid solid at the back some midlands team soviet union soviets spam spammer spammers specter spector sports? square stable stable stadium stadium saga stadium trouble stealers steel steve harris stiff away form stink stodgy stoic stoke with a bit of class stone stonemasons storming the castle strength strength stripes strong strong badge strong culture strong logo bad team strong' strong, direct studdsy stupid colors suck sucks sullivan sullivan super mario bros supporters sure survivalists sweet kits, violent fans talent producers for others tattoo tattoos terrible terrible colors terrible maroon terrible racists terrifying fans teucka tevez tevez and mascherano tevez and mascherano tevez/mascherano saga thanksgiv that episode of the it crowd that movie that movie with frodo that other london club that shall not pass the "other" london club the academy the best the best one the builder's union the cop from law and order uk the drawfs hom ein the hobbit the es the firm the gse the hammers the it crowd the land that scott built the moose talk sport the other london team the other united the other white meat the other white meat the poor londoners the stone cutters thehammers their fans theme park they suck they were good in the 60's they're having a laugh thick men thrashed thug thug fans thuggery thugs thugs bubbles tiny bubbles to many fans on fleet street toffee tom carroll tom pritchard too much purple toronto tottenham tough tower of london tractors tradition tradition, hooligans traditional traditional team trash trendy pick trolls trouble at the ground troves/masch trucks try hards trying tube ugh ugly ugly color ugly colors ugly football ugly jerseys ugly kit ugly kits ugly uniforms ultras ummmm underachiever underachievers underachieving underdogs underpreforming underscore dan mason uniforms unifrom unimportant union union hall union logo united unknown up and down up the irons upton upton park uptown park uraan' usa used to be good used to be great, right? vaz te video game badge video game villains vikings villa violence violence violent fandom virginia ham walder frey wannabe wannabe's wannabes war wasted talen we will protect this castle weak weak london weiner weird welly ell were forever blowing bubbles were good once were tevez used to play west west albion? west am west brom west gam west ha$ west ham west ham west ham bone!!! west ham epl west han west london west london west spam westeros westham wet soam wet spam wet spam when was the last time they were any good? where is the russian cycle where is west ham where's the beef where? which west team? who who cares who cares less who? who? lol whu whu? whufc why wide boys will lose to verton winston reid winter fell winterfell won the world cup work workers working class working man's team working-class workman-like workmanlike world cup world cup champions worse worst colors worst top flight team in london would be scared to go to a match there wow... wyne xavier colos yobs yossi young players young team youngsters youth youth academy youth dev youth development youth players youth team zola