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Cardiff City

blue wales "i am the last one" - ... 1-0 man city 10d6 breath weapon 12345678901234567890 2 welsh teams in the epl? 2-0 2nd division 2nd rate welsh 2nd team from wales 3-1 3-2 man city ? ??? a a city in wales a dragon and a bird? a red mess a song of ice and fire aaron ramsey aaron ramsey played there again ale alone also wales also welsh also welsh also wlaes also, in wales amusing an intricately designed beer label andreas cornelius angry animal crackers animals another one another welsh promotion another welsh team ardiff are they a blue or a red? are you red or blue? aren't they blue? aron johansson arthur asia asia pappy asian asian dude asian guy asian guy changing logo asian guy lol asian influence asian owner asian owner asian owners asian ownership asian screw up asians asians like red aspirations of mediocrity asshole owner aston villa atmosphere average away day awesome awesome crest, beat city awesome dragon awesome dragons awesome home crowd awful owner awful ownership trends. awful rebrand awk ayatollah azn owner baby back backed money bad bad moustache bad owner bad to the bone bad weather badass badass logo badge baf baldness bale ballin dragon! barely here based bastards beat city beat city this year beat city!! beat city!!! beat man city beat man shitty beatcity beating manchester city beating mancity beer beer mat belamy belkamy bella,y bellam bellamy bellamy bellamy (greatest) bellamy tackles bellamy wales bellas! bellemy bellers belt berjaya bestlogo betrayal betrayal of fans big bottom smalls big money big stadium billionaire toy bird bird and dragon? odd bird? dragon! blah blank slate blanks blaugrana blecch bleh blood blu blue blue blue and red blue azn blue bird blue birda blue birds blue birds blue birds forever! blue birds; red dragon? blue birds? blue but play in red blue but red blue collar blue dragons blue jays blue jersey blue jerseys blue no red blue not red blue or red blue or red? blue shirts blue then red blue to red blue to red blue to red switch blue to red?? blue v red blue! blue, or red? blue... no red... no blue... no red... blue/red blue? blue? blue?? blue?? bluebird bluebirds bluebirds dragons bluebirds not red dragons bluebirds should be blue bluebirds! bluebirds. now red dragons bluebirds? bluebirds?! bluebirds?? blueburds blues blues in red blues wearing red boo boring born there bottom bottom dweller bottom dwellers bottom half bottom team bottom tier bought bpl brains brains beer branded branding brayford bring on the dragons buebirds c caleesie from game of thrones caliese calisi calisse calissey calissi calissie campbell canaries canned fish, spicey capitalism cardif cardif city cardif city cardif wankers cardiff cardiff cardiff cardiff being cardiff cardiff city cardiff city fc cardiff is a cool name for a city cardiff wales cardiff... cardiff? cardifff cardig cardigans carduff city carling cup final caulker cc ccfc champions division championship championship championship flight championship winners championship-bound change change colors changed colors changed their colors changed their shirts changes changing their kit to the wrong color cheats cheesy chelsea chest high pants chicken china china chinese chinese guy chinese lunatic chinese takeover city city slayers classic clipart clown car cold coleisi color betrayal color blind color change color changes color confusion colorblind colors colour colour change colour changers confused confused confusing confusion controversy cool cool crest cool crest cool dragon cool dragon mascot cool dragon! cool logo cool logo cool manager cool patch cool! corner kicks corporate courage craig belamy craig bellamy craig bellamy craig bellamy is a badass craig bellamy! craig bellemy crap beer crap rebranding crap team crapness crazed crazy crazy asain owner crazy asian guy crazy asian guy crazy asian owner crazy chinese owner crazy fans crazy owner crazy owner crazy owner, dragons crazy wales crazy welsh crest crowded cymru d d and d d-league daenarys daenerys daenerys targaryen dan tan daniel tan dasd dat asia money dead bird defeated citeh defense demotion destroyed history devil dragon devils disgraceful disgruntled dislike fans division 2 division 2? doctor who does bale play for them? don't know don't know don't know anything don't know what the color blue is don'tcare dr who dr who dr. who dracula drag dragao dragon dragon dragon birds dragon breath dragon fire dragon foot dragon is cool dragon lady from game of thrones dragon looks like east west hybrid dragon queen lady dragon swallow? dragon tails dragon vs blue bird dragon! dragon!! dragon's lair dragon, badass dragon=cool dragon? dragone dragons dragons dragons - cool dragons are cool dragons are cooler than lions dragons be there. dragons instead of sheep dragons rock dragons rule dragons! dragons! that aren't really dragons!! dragons!?! dragons, really dragons? dragons? craig bellamy dragony dragpm dragpn drag√£o drake drinking drop drop zone drunks dull dungeons and dragons dunno dylan thomas effort eh eh? ehhhh embellished empty england england enjoy your stay entertaining eveil dragon everton everything is better w/ dragons evil evil exciting fairy tale fake false fans fantasy fantasy of success fantasy/sci-fi fantasyland fashion fashionable owner feel good story feisty fierce fiery fighters fighting off relegation fights final fantasy finally finally! fire fire and passion fire and passion? fire breath fire breathing fire breathing dragon fire dept fire fighters fire fighters of the east fire passion fire truck fire trucks firefighters firefighting logo fireman firey fodder foreign foreign ownership foreigners forgettable fragons frauds freedom fresh fresh welsh team from wales fuckers fucking dragons fucking welsh fun funny asian owner funny owner funny ownet game of thrones game of thrones gang warfare gangnam style gave us aaron...thanks gay george george rr martin gial giant giant killer giant killers and vincent tan's pants giggs go away go back to blue go go dragons go home go to battle go wales going down good boy good crest good home crowd good job good luck good luck good showing so far good team good to know you good welsh team goofy kits got great crest great fans great manager great stadium great support grit grrr gryffindor gryffindor gutsy haden't seen this one before halloway hard to bet on hard to understand hard working hardcore harry potter headed right back down headers helluva tongue here be dragons here today, gone tomorrow heroin hey, a dragon. cool. high pants high waistbands high waisted pants high waisted pants high waisted trousers high wasted pants highlands hiked up pants hiked up slacks hinese hobbit hogwarts holloway home hometown hooe they stay up hooligans hope hope they do well hopeful horrible horrible fans horrible owner hot mess hot sauce house targaryen how'd they get in the epl? huge upset over city huh huh. hull city i don't know i don't know i don't know where that is i like dragons i thought they were blue? ian holloway ick identitu crisis identity crises identity crisis idiotic owners idk if only dragons were real indonesia indonesians inspiring interestinf interesting interim intriguing investing rebranding irrelevant is that a dragon? is that a seal? is that really their crest now? is that the symbol for passion? is the dragon fire or passion? is this a brand of gin? japanese dragon jay bellamy jennifer lawrence jersey color change jersey on shirt jersey over dress shirt jersey tucked into pants, pulled up to nipples jerseys tucked into dress pants jerseys tucked into pants joke joke jumbled junk k kahleesi kahlessi kahlisee kaleeshi kaleisi kalesee kalesi kalesi kalessi kalisee kalisi kalisse ken tran kenny rogers khaleese khaleesee khaleesi khaleesi khalesi khalesi khalesie khalessi khalessi khalsi kilts kinda cool king arthur king arthur kit change kit colour shenanigans knight korea korean pride l's lame large amounts of red. league 1 league 2 legacy legoland like it lions little guys liverpool logo lol lol wales lolcolor london fire brigade lord of the rings loser losers loss lost tradition loud love love love cardiff love cardiff! love the red love them lower league lower level lower tier luck lucky lucky lucky to be here ludicrous mackay malayisian malaysia malaysia malaysia malaysia airlines malaysian malaysian malaysian owner malaysian owners changed colors malaysian sensation malkie! malky malky is a solid coach. man city man city man city win man u man u rip off manchester city marc lee marketing mcdonald's medal medeival dragon medel medevil medieval medieval medieval flag medievil, red, scary meh mehh meow mess michael chopra michael owen michu midtable millenium millenium millennium stadium minnow miss the blue miss the old logo missingblue money monty python more welsh more welsh mother i dragons mother of dragons moving on up moving up mr tan my favorite new team my welsh brother in law mystical mythical creatures n/a nagoya never heard of it new new new & naive new and old asian new bad logo new blood new boys new colors new comers new crest new guns new guys new jerseys suck new kids new kids on the block new kit new kits new logo new logo new money new owner new owner throwing away tradition new promotion new reds new scottish team new team new to epl new to the league new to the premier league new uniforms new wales new welsh new welshmen newbie newbies newboys newbs newcomer newcomers newcomers newly promoted nice crest nice dragon nice dragon! nice little welsh club nice pr nice, wales nicky maynard nil no no affiliation no clue no hope no idea no idea. promoted? no info no longer blue no more bluebirds nobody none noob nope nope north wales not not as good as swansea not bad not england not english not enough not for long not from england? not good not good not good at all not here next year not much not my thing not pl material not sure not sure not swansea nothing nothing. nothinh nouveau riche now owned by foreign management nyeahh obscure oh a dragon oil ok old old hooligan history, new to premier league, new asian owner old school old timey one one and done one year in one year shooting star one-and-done orient os2 wasson other team in wales other wales other welsh other welsh team outdated outlier owner owner owner pissed off fans owner with funny face owner with jersey owner, asian owners pants pants pulled high pants too high passion passion? passionate passionate welsh pathetic change of kits. pathetic phallic symbol tounge phillips exeter academy pick a mascot pissed off fans pisser pity plaything. poop4 poor poor bird poor bird poor bluebird potential powerful pretender pretty good for being welsh pride promoted promoted side promotion promotion promotion! proud pub puff puff the magic dragon pulled up jeans quiddich quite the contrast. sparrow and that dragon. raaaaaarrrrh rain rain rain ramsey ramsey ramsey's old home random bird rangers rape rat bastards rawr re branded re-branding really cool badge really welsh rebrand rebrand rebrand rebranded rebranded rebrandedbychinks rebranding red red red :) red and blue red and yellow red blue red blue birds red bluebird dragon red bluebirds red blues red bule birds red dragon red dragon red dragon blue red dragon, out of place blue bird red dragon? since when? red dragons red is blue? red is the new blue red ll red not blue red not blue birds red or blue red or blue. red or blue? red rragons red these days red to blue red, not blue red/blue hilarity red? red? red? blue? red? blue? wtf? redbirds redbluebird redisblue rednecks reds reds blues purples redvsblue relegate relegate them relegated relegated relegated soon relegation relegation relegation bound relegation contenders relegation fight relegation probably relegation threatened relegation. renewed rich asians ricket tan risign rising rising talents rising team rivalry rivals roar romans rookie rookies rough rubbish rubgy b team rugby rugged ruined ruined by malaysian owners sacrificed their identity for the sake of winning sad sad for fans sad switch to red sadness saint george sam hamamm scanning software scary scary scary dragons scot? scotland scotland scottland scrappy scrappy screwed tradition scum sea turtle second best team in whales second best welsh club second division second division second tier see ya later sell out sell out sell outs sell outs going from blue to red sell-outs sellout sellout owner sellouts sellouts seriously how are the welsh here? shameful sheep sheep shagger sheep shaggers sheepshaggers shep shield crest shirt change shirt colours shirt tuck shirt tucked in shirt tucked into pants shite short timers should be blie should be blue should be blue shrek sick nasty sigh siht silly badge singapore sky blues slate mining slay the dragon sleepers sluts small small asian small football club soccer sold their club sold their soul sold your soul sorry soul boys soul power soul sellers souless soulless spend to win spunky square st. george and the dragon stadium staying up steven caulker stoke strange strange bird strange body shapes stronger than appears strugglers stupid stupid stupid bird stupid crest stupid owner stupid owners stupid red uniform for bluebirds stylish manager super furry animals suprising surf surprise surprise surprising swansea swansea rivalry swansea rivals sweet badge sweet dragon sweet dragon brah sweet logo sweet-ass dragons switch colors switching blue to red sword and sorcery movie tactical taffy tai take out chinese tam tan tan betrays fan tan man tan ruined it tan!!! targarians targaryan targaryen targaryen targaryens targaryens tasmanian medel tattoo tea bags ted lasso temp pl team teo mascots? terrible terro thai owner thailand thanks for aaron! thanks for ramsey that asian dude that asian dude who bought them is hilarious that crazy owner that dragon would kill the bird. why a bird? that's a tremendous dragon the 14th century the great welsh hope the hangover the hobbit the hobbits smaug the new blood the nutter with the putter the other wales team the other welsh team the other welsh team the owner the owner is a nob the real cymru the valleys the win against man city their owner their owner rules there be dragons! they beat city they beat city 2-1 i cried they're a team? they're in the prem? three legged dragon thugs thugs tigers? too busy dragons too much going on here torchwood torino ac totally nailed a welsh chick once tough tough stadium to play in traders tradition tradition tradition murderer traitors tran true wales team trying trying too hard trying too hard. tuck in your pants tucked in jersey tucked in shirt tucked in shirt tucked jersey tucking in a jersey tucking your jersey into your pants turncoats two welsh teams? ugly uhhhh? um yeah under dog under-rated underdog underdog underdogs underrated uniform change unimportant unimportant united united kingdom unknown unkown unlucky to not be blue. unpredictable unwelcome changes up up and comer up and coming upset upset upset man city! upset over man city upset special upstart upstarts upstarts use to be blue used to be blue used to be blue used to be blue, now they're red used to be good used to play in blue uuh, nice logo vacation vagrants venduti very bad ass, but the swallow is lost very welsh victor tam vincent vincent bloody tan vincent tab vincent tam vincent tam vincent tan vincent tan vincent tan is cool vincent tan wanker vincent tan! vincent tan's pants vincent tan's shirt vincent tann vincent than vinnie tan vinnie tan vinny vinny t vinny t vinny tan vinny tran violence vlue bird vt!!!! blazers and kits! w w@nker$ wa;es waled wales wales wales wales #2 wales 2 wales again wales brave team nearly best us in the league cup final wales dragon wales has teams that go to the epl? wales is cool wales is cool wales isn't part of england wales second team wales sucks wales! wales! wales! malky mccay wales!! wales!!! wales's 2nd team wales, changed colors wales. wales? wales?! wales?? walesh walk alone walves wantker water and lack-lustre way out of their league way to go against man city weak weiner weird weird weird accents weird animals weird owner weird red/blue identity crisis welch welch welch welch derby! welch emergence welcome welcome welcome welcome back welcome island people welcome to the big leagues welcome to the league wells welsch welsh welsh welsh welsh 2.0 welsh awesomeness welsh bastards welsh derby welsh dragons welsh giants welsh grit welsh newcomers welsh on fire welsh powerhouse welsh pricks welsh scrappiness welsh scum welsh swansea city welsh team welsh villareal welsh wankers welsh whazzocks welsh! welsh. surprising welsh? welshmen welshmen welshy whales whales an wales whales not wales whales. crazy asian owner what what that bird at the bottom? what's with the dragon? what? what? whatever where where is cardiff? where is that? where is wales where is wales? where my dragons at? where's teh blue whiners whingers whiskey who who who cares who cares? who is cardiff city? who the hell are you who? who? who? welsh right? why why are they red now? why are they red now? why change why do u exist? why hasnt the dragon eaten the bluebird why is there a bird and a dragon? why is there a sparrow why isn't this blue why red? why the bird? why the swallow? why? will go back down will lose against fulham win win over city win over city win vs man city winner wish they were better wlesh bastards wong color wont last in pl wont last long work ethic would like to see them stay up wow didn't realize there was a swallow on their crest wrong wrong color wrong color wrong colors wtf is this wtf? yellow peril yo beach yu zero