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mourinho super plastic $ $$ $$$ $$$$ $$$$$ $$$$$$ $$$$$$ (in russian) $$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$ $hitty $ilverware 123456789012345678901234567890 15 managers 2003 2nd class 2nd place 911 >mou a lion a part of my soul a poor man city a**holes abamovich abrahamovic abrahamovich abrahamovich abrahomich abramovic abramovich abramovich abramovicjh the gangster abramovitch abramowitch abromavic abromavich abromivich abromovic abromovicg abromovich abromovich's money; super frank lampard abromowich abromowich money accidental champions adultery africa africans again all that money can buy almost the best also gross always have to have a villian always lose to united amazing amazing. ambramovich ambromavich american bandwagon american tourists an island of dr. moreau creature animal with opposable thumbs annoying annoying fans another dragon anti-semite aristocrats arriviste arrogance arrogant arrogant attacking midfielders arrogant cheaters arseholes ashley cole ass on fire asshat assholes assholes dirtbags assholes. attacking midfielders awesome awesome game in st. louis awesomeness awful awful awful backink backwards backwards lion bad bad beveling bad charachter bad design bad guys bad losers bad neck bad owner bags with dollar signs bajillionaires ballack bandwagon bastards bastards beaitiful beast beasts beasts beat bedspread beeer beer belt buckle benfica bentleys best best club best club ever best clud ever! best midfielders best team best team ever best team in the world best team in the world best team in world best team of all time best team of the last decade big big bad wolf big boss big money big oil big payroll bigger assholes biggest arseholes yet bigmoneyrussians bigspenders billion pound advert for corporate theft billionaire billionaire billionaire plaything billionaires bitches blah blah bland bleak establishment blech bleed blue bleh bles blirs blood money bloooy blowing bubbles blue blue blue balls blue ditz blue dragon blue dragons blue flash up your arse blue hell blue is the color blue is the color blue is the color! blue is the color! blue is the colour blue is the colour!!!!! blue lion blue monster blue poo blue scotland blue scum blue scum blue sissies blue wussies blue! blues blues blues brothers blues forever blues with juan mata blues!!! blues!!!! blues, have a friend named chelsea, drogba blurs boo boo! russian oligarch. booooo boooooo booooooo bored boring bought bought bought a trophy bought and paid for bought ithe champions league, barely bought success bought team bought the title bought titles bought titles bought titles, boring football bought trophies bought victories bpl championship brats brave john terry (not in a good way) brazil brewery bridge bro broken broken neck brown town brutish buble bullies bullies bullshit bus butterfly buy a title buy everyone buy success buy success buy titles buy your way to the top buyers buying titles buying trophies c*nts campions can't keep a coach can't stand mou and that billionaire owner can't stand mourinho or terry! cane car carefree carefree carefree carefree! we are the famous cfc! cash cash cash money cash not culture cashley cole cat catch cech celery cfc champion champions champions champions league champions league champions leauge champions of europe champions of europe champions this year champions. champions. faves championsofeurope champs champs champs of europe change charlie cooke chavs chavs chavski chealsea chealsea fc cheap cheat cheaters cheats cheats cheksea chel$ea chel$ki chel$ski chelea rent boy chels chelse chelsea chelsea chelsea :d chelsea bluess chelsea fc chelsea fc chelsea fc!!!! love chelsea london chelsea scum chelsea smile chelsea, chelsea, chelsea chelsea, no one can stop us now chelseaaaa!!!!1 chelseadagger chelseeeeeeea chelsesa chelshit chelshit chelski chelski fifa drogba chelski plastic chelski scum chelski, cska london chelski, disgustingly rich team in posh part of town chelsky chesea cheslea cheslki chevski china choke chosen one chunts circle class classic classless classy classy lion clehski clinton clowns cnuts coaching change cockneys cocky color come on chelsea come on chelsea! <3 come on, really? commies communist scum communists concieted confused lion confusing constant change for no reason contenders controversy cool cool creature corporate corproate corrupt corrupt money corrupt owner corrupt russian billionaire corruption costume party cough coughing lion crap football crap owner crap pitch crap. crapness crazy crazy owner crazy russian crazyness creativity credid card smile crespo crest criminal mastermind mob boss criminal ownership criminals cs lewis cunt abramovich cyrus tongue czar d-bags dada dagger dainty dallas cowboys damaged dandies dandy daniel snyder daveo david david luiz davies davis davo davo special one debate defense defensive deluded demba ba demon animal logo dennis wise deogba designer football despicable despicable russian mob money despise devils dick heads dickhead dickhead owner dickhead russian dickheads dicks dictatorship didier didier drogba dirtbags dirty dirty dirty money dirty oil dirty russian money dirty russians dirty russians dirty, no history, disdain disgusting disgusting lollipop dislike dive team dominant dominate done dont like doodoo dooshbags dosh douche douche douchebags douchebags rich douches douchey doug rougvie dragon dragon lion dragon with broken neck dragons drake drinks coaster drogba drogba drogba (petuant whiners) drogba = god drogba! drogba/torres drogba? drogbaaa drogbaaaaaaaaaaa drop shadow?? druids duche dull dull dumb e east end easy living eating the tail? effffff ego eh whatever el nino elegant elite elitist emerging power empire enemy england english entitled epic tradition of winning est 2003 europe wealthy european european champions european lock comany eurotrash everton everything i hate evil evil empire evil money evil oligarch evil russian guy ew excellence mourinho exciting exciting imaginative football exciting team expectations expensive f#%@ing ny yankees face mask fad faggots fags fake fake fake budget fake fan family fan favorites fancy fancy pants fascism fat frank fat frank fatty frank favorite favorite favorite team favorites favourite fernando torres fernando torres takes it up the ass ffp finest fire fire another coacj fire breather fire him! fire managers firing coaches firing managers first class flags flower flower lion flowers and volleyballs fools football foreign formidable frank frank lampard frank lampard frank lampard john terry frank lampard you bastard! should have come to la! freaking scum front-runners frosted flakes frustrated fuck chelsea fuck off fuck them (eto'o is cool though) fuck this team fuck you chelsea fc you ain't got no history fuckers fuckin russian fucking blues fucktards fulham fulham road full kit wanker full kit wankers fun funny dragon fuuuuuuck off chelsea fc g gangster gangster owner gansters garbage garbage gay gerrard better than lampard giant gin girls gits glory glory hunters glory lovers glory! go away go blues go blues !!! go blues! go mou god gods golden giraffe golden giraffes good good but boring good football team good guys good players hate the team good squad good team good team dynamic goodbye ancelotti great great side great team, deep greates team ever greatest greatest club in the world! greatest team ever greatness greatness greed greedy greedy griffin griffin grocery store gross gryffon gryphon gucci handler or clinton? harry j all stars hate hate hate 'em hate bandwago hate every last player hate john terry hate them hate them. hate xhsea hate!!! hated hateful hatred hatred hawaiian volleyball hazard hazard/oscar/torres/mata head hunters headhunters heaven hell yes history hollywood hooligans hope they lose horrible horrible players house lannister hsss hypocrites i dislike them i hate blue i hate chelsea i hate chelsea i hate the blues i hate them. i need a crap ibramovich ick iconic idiots idk illegal imoney bastards impatient incredible individuals infidelity infidelity instability international is is he holding a mop? is that a dragon? is that a volleyball? jack japan jeff sutton jerks jester jew jews jimmy floyd joe joes john fucking terry john terry john terry john terry being an asshole john terry can suck my balls john terry forehead john terry is an asshole john terry racism john terry racist john terry rape charges john terry wagshagger john terry will sex you johnterryuggggg joiners jos jose jose jose jose morhino jose morinho jose mourinho jose mourinho jose oligarch jose stinks jose whorinho jt jt jt will sleep with your wife juan mata k kbttf <3 keep the blue flag flying high ken kerry dixon key key or scepter? kgb kicking ball boys kind of cool king is born. great future. excellent team spirit. kingly lion kings kings of europe knuckle-draggers ktbffh ktbffh my team lady physio ladyphisyo lame lame lampard lampard forever lampard, terry, drogba lamps landan lannister large check book lately leave fulham legend legend legends lesser evil v man u likable like like it lion lion lion eats ball lions lions lions don't hold stuff lions on parade liverpool loaded loathe loathing lol lol lol, no lollipops lomdon london london london dirties londons first londons finest long powerful long-term dominance loser losers lost to everton lots of blue lots of money lousy love love love em or hate em love to hate love! love!!! didier drogba low pressure b@stards loyal lucky luis garcia lukaku lukaku penalty mafia magestic makeup man city earlier man u managerial carousel managers manhattan manufactured marching mata maurinho mcdonald's medieval mega greedy meh mercenaries mercenary michael davies michael davies michael davis michael davis michael emenalo mighty chelsea mike mike "positive" davis mike howland mikel mineral money mini giraffes miniature giraffes minitaure giraffes missile firing yacht miurinho mls all star game mob mobsters modern modern classic moneu money money money & petulance money and glamour money and roman money bags money can buy you everything money can't buy love money doesn't buy history money doesn't win everything money laundering money laundering plutocrat money money money money money money money... money money sacking managers money talks money talks money team money whores money. bought moneybag spoilers moneybags moneybags scum moneyball monkey more beer more beer more money more money, more problems more rich sods morhino retread morinhio morinho mother russia mother russia mou mou is evil mounhino mourhino mourhnio mourihno mourinho mourinho mourinho - douche mourinho poor mourinho sucks mourinho will win it all mourinho's stubble mourinhos mourinjo mourino mourino mourinwho? mourn go mugs murdering mob boss murderous russian murhinho murhino murinho my bluesssss my club my heart my team nazis need lukaku needs more silver neil barnett nemesis neutral never $ay die never noticed the red tongue before. new new boys new coach every year new day new coach new guys new manager new money new money new money, no claas new money. east egg (or west egg; i forget; whichever is appropriate) new rich oil new school new superpower new york yankees nice logo no no class no fans pre-2003 no fun no history no history, bought trophies no homegrown talent no image no longterm vision no tradition not as good as united not fucking around this year not so special one not the chosen ones nothing nouveau nouveau riche nouveau richie number 1 cocksuckers nuveau riche ny yankees nyet obnoxious obstruction ogliarch oh it's them oil oil oil $ oil barren oil bitches oil cheats oil mercenaries oil moneey oil monet oil money oil money corruption oil money/evil owner oil oligarchs oil rich oil rich, disgrace oili oiligarch old old old guard old school old yankees old yankees (pre city) oligarch oligarch oligarch!! oligarchs oligarchy oligarcy oligark only club in london only win because of money osborne oscar ov over rated over spending over-hyped over-paid losers over-rated overconfidence overhyped overly fancy overpaid over here overpaid underperform overpriced overrated overrated overrated overrates overspend overspenders overspending owned by a thug pain in my ass pansies panthro parade park the bus parked bus past pay for titles payforplayers pensioners pensioners perennial winner perennial winner perfect perpetual hot seat personalities petro dollars petro dollars petro gangster petrobucks. petroclub petrodollars phoneys phony pierce pil plastic plastic fake fans and club plastic fans plastic fans plastic flag fans plastic flags plastic flags plastic rich plastic team, plastic fans plastics plastiv plutocrat pomp pompous pompus poofs poofy poor torres poor torres poorly run poppy poser posers posh posh hooligans posh twats posh west enders positive power power football powerful prancing lion prats prawns preppy prestige pretentious chelsea pricey pricey poop pricks pricks pride pride pride of england pride of epl pride of london private school privelege privledge profligate spending prussian psychiatry today pub purchased sucess pure awesomness pure elegance pure hatred putin putrid quality quality quiet racism racist racist racist cunts racist john terry racists rafa rage rape recently rich, traditionally poor red head red sox red sox of soccer refridgerators regal rejects rent boys rents repugnant resolve retarded lion with retarded neck revolving door revolving doors rhymes with drap, pluckers and stum of the earth & ricchi rich rich rich rich & fun to watch rich and annoying rich and dirty rich and fake rich and racists rich assholes rich bastards rich boys rich buggers rich clowns rich guys rich kids rich london rich london frontrunners rich money rich oil money con men rich oligarch rich overrated rich owner rich owners rich people rich people rich pricks rich russian rich russian rich russian douche bag rich russian owner who is crazy, fans are pompus rich scum rich snobs rich strong rich wankers rich with no real fans riches richies ridiculous rip off rish mugs rival rival robber barons robromovich rog rogba roj rolling stones roman roman roman a roman abrahmovic roman abramovich roman abramovich roman abrom roman abromovich roman abromovich's stacks of cash roman and his filthy deep pockets roman empire roman russia roman's team roses rotating coaches rotating door of managers round royal royalty ru$$ia rubbish rubbish rubles ruining football rushkis ruski ruskies russia russia russian russian russian $$ russian billionaire russian billionaire russian billionaire money russian billionare russian billionares russian billions russian billions russian blood money russian chelski russian gangster money russian mafia russian mini giraffe russian mob russian mob russian mob $$ russian mob, bigger than their britches russian mobster russian mogul russian money russian money russian mostly russian mov russian oil russian oil money russian oligarch russian oligarchs russian oligarchs russian owner russian prick russian rubles russian whores russian. rich. russianmobster russians russians russki russkies sacked managers sacking managers samsung samsung samsung satan satan part 2 scandal scarf scary scorers scotland screw chelsea screw them screw you, chelsea scum scum scum bags scum of the earth scum. scumbags scumfuck sea second second best second class second worst thing ever self-important sell out sellouts sh!t shady shady oil money shagging teammate wives sharp sheik shi shi shit club no history shite shite shithouse shitr shitty owner should be good sht club no history shyte sideshow bob siht ski skinheads skum sucking bastardos sleaze slitherine slytherin small club from russia small club in west london snob snobby snobs snobs snobs that excel snooty so much blue soccer solid soulless spacial one special special special 1 special one special one special one spend spend spend spenders spendy spendy spoil spoiled spoiled abromovic spoiled fueking brats spoiled rich kids stacked stamford stamford stamford bridge stamford bridge is falling down stamford brodge standford bridge stealing still drogba storebought straight cash homey strength strong strong champions struggling stuck up stuffy stupid stupid russian billionaire style style success suck sucks sucks go everton sucky sugar daddies sugar daddy super club super frank super frank lampard super mario brothers supreme sweeet swindon town tacky tail licker tail licking talent talented terrible terrible team terry terry and lampard terry asshole terry is a wanker terry scum terry/mourinho (negative) testicles texture thanks for taking torres thanks russia for all the $$$ the arrogant one the best the best the best team in the world the blues the blues!! the blues, literally the blurs the bridge the chosen one the death star the devil the greatest the greatest club in the world! london the happy one the jose-roman empire the one the pride of london the second worst the shed the special one the special one the special team the worst the worst team in the world the yankees theo daniel they have a sick logo i never noticed they have romelu kakakakkakakukky they suck they're ok thieves think they are good. thugs thugs tiny giraffe title contenders toffs tombstone present's fause tongue too big too many different things to pick one too much money too much money too much money ruins game top top 5 toress tories torres torres torres golden boot winner torres i miss you torres is shit torres sucks torres torres torres tossers tough tough team tounge tourists tourists tradition traditional trash trophies trophies true blues tsonga turds turmoil tycoon tyrant uggghhh ugh ugh. ugly ugly football unbearable underachievers underachieving underdogs became kings unecessary unfair unfaithful money grubbing unique, blue, powerful united unproffesional rich unrest unrest. pathetic unstable upper class upper class vacation victory video game vile petro dollars villain villains vinegar vladimir putin volleyball volleyball? volleyballs von trapp family vs vulgar w@nkers waankers wasted money wayne bridges we buy wins we know what we are! we know what we aaaaaaaaaaaare. champions of europa! we know what we are! wealtg wealth wealth wealthy wealthy chelsea wealthy skinheads weaponized yachts weggies weiner weird. welathy werewolves west end west end girls west end wankers! westlondontradition what what is that lion holding? what is that thing? what is that? what kind of animal is that?? what's he looking at whatever whiny white socks who broke that griffin's neck? who's the manager again? whores & whiners wht animal why flowers? why is lion looking backward? why is the dragon looking backwards? wife stealers wifey's club willian stealers win winner winner winner money winners winners always winners winning winning wins wish they were manu wish they were mu women worst worst assholes in the world would be crap without abramovich investment wrong way xxe y yankees yankees of football yay yes yid scandal you ain't got no history you got the right one baby you suck yucj yuck yuck yuk yuppie yuppies zola zola zola lampard. zzzzz