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Crystal Palace

cool name glass houses 'merica - . ... /? 1 & done 1 and down 1 year wonders 1234567890123456789012345678901234567890 17th 1850s 1905 1945 1970's 1980s 1989 1990 fa cup final 1992 1st division 2005 20th 2nd best 2nd div 2nd division 3points 4th tier 5th london 70s 70s team 9-0 90s :( ? ??? a big glass building a cheap vodka i drank in college a chrystal palace a eagle a joke a large bird a palace a pub aaa eagle aad about to be relegated abramovich academu administration adorable aggression aggressive agility aguia aguila ahahaha airlines alchol allison almost there also have a use team also ran always trying amazing eagles america america america! america, fuck yeah america, london, soaring american american bald eagle american college basketball american eagle american eagle americfa amusement park an esgle an other london club ancillary london club andrew johnso andrew johnson andy gray andy johnson andy johnson penalties andy johnson pks andy williams anger angry annoyance another london team another team architecture are they in london? arseholes arsenal arsenal reject chamahk ashley young is a wanker asians atari atlanta attack attack attackign birds aussie captain average average aweful awesome awesome badge awesome creation story awesome crest awesome fans awesome logo awesome logo awesome logo! awesome name awesome name and eagle awesome name terrible team awesome new badge awesome owner awesome playoff last year awesome. awesomename awesomeness awful awful awful jerseys b baby back back down back down you go back to championship back to the championship bad bad at football bad london team bad name bad team bad unitforms badass badass eagle bahkaw bairly got in bald bald coach bald eagle ball snatcher baltimore bank of boston banter barca colors barca jr barcelona barcelona colors barcelona jersey's barcelona knockoffs barcelona of south london barcelona wannabes battling southerners beat man united that great time beat man utd 2 yrs ago in league cup. well done! beat united in some cup beating manchester city beautiful beautiful away kits beautiful logo beer best badge with a bird on it best crest best logo best logo ever best name in football better than mls? big ben big bird big eagle bill wyman bird bird balls bird shitting bird stealing big ben birdcage birds birdy black jersey blah blank blue blue and red blue collar blue dragons blue red don't mix blue shirts blue team bold bones boring boss na,e boston college bottom bottom dwellers bottom feeder bottom of london bottom of table bottom team bottoms boys from song brand of vodka breakable breakfast bridge bridge lifter bright brighton bring back zaha buckingham palace budweiser burbs burger joint burgers burning glass burnt burnt down burst football butin bye ca-caw! caesars cannon fodder cannon fodder cantona cantona cantona kick casino castle castles castles caw caw caw caw caw caw i'm a pterodactyl caw! chamack chamahk chamak chamakh chamakh! chamakh'd chamkh champagne champions division championshio championship championship championship championship at best championship club championship level championship material championship] champoinship chance changed cheap cheap cheap gin cheap logo cheap london cheap vodka cheer leaders cheerleader cheerleaders cheerleaders cheerleaders cheerleaders! chelsea cherleader's youtube's cherynshevsky chicken chinese buffet chinese food chrystal palace cinderella run clapton claret claret and blue class kits classic classic name classy clean close clown kits. club club i watched for as a kid clyne cockneys pt. 2 cold college football color change color lind colours come on lads comeback comers comic books confusing cool cool art. cool badge cool bird cool building cool eagle cool hawk thing cool kits cool logo cool logo bro cool manager cool name cool name cool name and logo cool name, crest cool name...still suck cool uniforms coolest name cp cp baltimore cp baltimore cp# cp=sleepy cpfc cpfc cpr crap away stand crap london crap seats crappy crash crazy crazy coach crazy manager crazy name crippled alice crisisbless croydon cry crys crystal crystal crystal breaks crystal cathedral crystal girls crystal is a funny name crystal meth crystal pal crystal palaca crystal palace crystal palace cheerleaders crystal palace fc crystal palace fire crystal palace station crystal palacr crystal palaxe crystal phallus crystal place crystal shit crystal water crystal? crystals crytal palace cue ball cute cyrstal meth palace cyrstal palace cyrstal pallace baltimore dad dads dance team dancers dancing girls dangerous overachievefrs dark crystal dave clark 5 baby dave clark five david v. gooiath davids dead dead bloke in "fever pitch" death death from above debt defense? delightful delocate dennis rommedahl detroit lions devil bird devoted fans diamonds dicks diddy dikgacoi disappointment disney disney restaurant disneyland disreali speech div 1 do they still exist doc brown doesn't really exist doesn't seem english doesnt sound like a footy team don't care don't know don't throw rocks don't throw rocks don't throw stones dont care dont know dont throw stones dook doomed dope kits dope logo dortmund dostoevsky dougie freedman dr. who dragon dreadful dreamers drop drop kick cantona drop zone drugs dull dumb coach dumb name dump dunno dunno duno dwight gale dwight gayle eagl eagle eagle eagle = america eagle attacking palace eagle attacking the london bridge eagle brave eagle! eagle, looks american eagle? eagles eagles eagles eagles logo eagles!!!!!!!! eagles? eaglr eagly ealges east london easy eccentrics ecstacy eddie izard eddie izzard eddie izzard efc effort effot eh ehh ehh. ehhhhh eintracht frankfurt emerald city england epic epl eqgles eric cantona eric cantona in the stands european architect even hotter sex on a platter everyone's second team ew ex zaha exciting exciting and doomed exciting to watch exclusive exhibitin exhibition exotic exposition f fa cup fags failed team in baltimore failure falcon falcon falcons fanculture fancy palace fans fans being punched fantasy fast feeder team feisty ferocious fierce fifa fifa road to the world cup '98 fight fight fight for survival fighters final fantasy finally finally back in the prem fire firece eagle first division fish flagrant flight fly fly away flying flying wagle fodder footy footy phone in forgot about them forgotten former saha club fragile freedom fresh fuck the police fucking eagle fucking huge eagle fun fun to watch funny funny name funny nane futility ga gabor kiraly gambling gay gayle georgie thompson getting beat up by millwall getting relegated giant bird attacking building giant eagle giant eagles giant killer gigantic bird gimmick gin gin glaciers glad all over glad all over! glad they are back glass glass and steel glass and stell glass building glass building glass castle glass house glass houses glass houses throwing stones glass structures glaziers glenn murray godzilla godzilla godzilla bird going back down going back to championship going broke going down going to be relegated going to be relegated going to get relegated goingbackdown good good fans good for them good game versus city i think it was good in 80's good local support good logo good luck good luck good luck! good name good support good team good uniforms goofy name grand exhibition grass great badge great exhibition great fans great logo great name great new logo greenhouse greenhouse gregg berhalter grinders gun gutsy guy that got bought by man u gypsies hacks hah! haha hahaha hakawwww hakw halloway halloway's crazy hapless happy hard work harlem shake harmless hatred have a chance haven't seen this logo before, it's nice though hawk hawk hawk people? hawks heading back to the championship heidi helpless hey thats a funny name high school football hilarious hipster historic historic history history but not very good now history of cp hmm hockey hogwards hollogay holloway holloway holloway is a twat holloway is an arsehole holloway is funny but he talks out of his hat holloway! holloway, late 1990s hollowaymad holmsdale holoway holy shit giant bird hooligans hope hope hopeful hopeless horrible kits hot cheerleaders hugh huh huh? i don't know i don't know i heard of these guys before...and good on ya ian i know nothing i like hawks i love ian holloway iain dowie ian ian ian dowie ian dowie (aka sloth) ian halloway ian hollaway ian holloway ian holloway is a twat ian holloway is entertaining ian holloway's head ian wright ian wright and mark bright ian wright, wright, wright ian! ian's crazy ianhalloway idk idk in and out of premier league inbetweeners inconsistent incredible name and logo indie rock band indifferent industrial revolution insignificant insurance intense interesting intersting intricate and cool invasion iron irons irrelevant irrelevant is that a volleyball is that an eagle is that in london? is the stadium made of glass is there really a crystal palace itzik zohar izzard james canning japanese jedinak jewels jim joe joe katz joey barton johnson joke jonatan parr jordan just up just weird ka kaw kebabas keep trying kids king kong eagle kits kk kung fu kung fu kick kung fu kicked kung-fu kung-fu fighting l lame lame duck last place lazio? league 1 league 1 league 2 league one legend lesser liam neeson liga 1 likely to be relegated literally nothing little brother little engine little tiny thing lively liverpool loan palace fc loanees local logo lol lol lombardi lombardo lomdon london london london bridge london club london club london cool name london lightweight london minnow london minnows london! london's forgotten team london, but not quite long season longon looks like american basketball logo looks like an nfl crest looks like barca lose the building loser losers losing loss lost lost zaha loud loud fans loud manager love love the name love their crest love them low end lower league lower level lower team lowly lucky m mad manager majestic major league soccer malayisa again malaysia malcolm allison mall mama june man city man city manager manchester united mark bright mark bright maroon stripes marouane chamakh maryland mates me meager mediocre mediocre mediocrity mega man meh meh... mehh merica merica! meth metro mid-table midrange milam baris mile millions minnow minnow minnows minor minor league minor league mirros misplaced miss zaha modern modern modern logo more more money, all problems mosern moses mothra moving on up mule murica musicians mutant eagle my fiancée my friend from london who was a hopeless fan my friend tom my friends team my old coach my uncle mythology na nada name national track center nazi nazi nba logo nbc sports chick neat neat back story nediocre neil gaiman was a fan neutral never going to win bpl never heard of 'em never heard of them never on top new new new bee new boy new boys new boys from wales new but storied new comer new comers new guys new logo new logo? new logo? new londoners new money new promotion new qpr new team new team new to bpl new to league new to the league new to the prem new wigan newbees newbie newbies newbies newboys newcomer newcomers newfangled newly promoted next nhl nice nice nice nice attempt nice away jerseys nice badge nice creat nice crest nice eagle nice football nice kit nice logo nice name nice name, bad team nice story nice uni nintendo nintendo dodgeball nni no no affiliation no chance no clue no crystal in crest? no defense no fans no feeling no fucking clue no ggod no good no idea no idea no idea who they are or whether they are. ian holloway? no money no recognition at all no zaha nobody nobody cares nohing nokia non-inspiring nondescript noobs nope norad not not a bad lot not a palace not bad not crystal or a palace not for long not for long not funny not good not good enough not much not much not staying up. not sure not that good not very good nothing nothing nothing at all nothing special nothing to see here folks nothing, reall nothing. nothing. notjing npower championship odd odd name odemwinge oi ok okay old old rough crowd old school old school old school london old school qualify old school, glad they are up old timey ollie ollie ollie! olly one time hopefuls one year opening opening win orlando other side of town out of depth out of epl next year out of their league outclassed outspoken manager over achievers overachiever overachievers overachievers overachieving overmatched overwrought owen garvan oz p fifty p diddy p-diddy p. diddy p. diddy p.diddy painful tattoo. pajama uniforms palaca palace palace palace of crystal palace! palace!! palace!! palaceeeee palcae pale w pannini paralasis parish parochial passion passion passionate past glory past glory that never was pathetic patriot penalties penge people in glass houses persistent pfft pheonix philadelphia philadelphia eagles philadelphia eagles logo philadelphia eagles? philidelphia philly philly eagles phoenix pikey scum piper's pub playoff win plucky pointless pokemon poop4 poopy poor poor guys poor history poor side posh posh potetial power power bird powerful pr prague predator premier league premier league, you're having a laugh pretty bird! primary colors prince albert promising promoted promoted and going back down promoted this year promotion promtion pseudo-american pub puff daddy pukka pies punchy purple kits pushy qpr qpr jr. quaint queen queen elizabeth queen something or other queen victoria queens quite shite racism railhawks rape raptor really really good really? really? rebecca lowe rebecca lowe, eddie izzard recently changed recently relegated or promoted red red red & blue red and blud red and blue red and blue red and blue red and blue army red and blue stripes red and blue together red and blue? red and blue??? red annnnnd blue red blue red card red, white blue redesigned crest redknapp reds & blues reds or blues regal regal ish regulation relagation relageted releagation relegate relegated relegated relegated after week 5 relegated soon relegation relegation relegation again relegation candidate relegation battle relegation bound relegation candidate relegation fodder relegation fodder, enjoy ian! relegation material relegation zone religated religation religation respect retro retrocessi return to the prem returntosender rich ridiculous crest ridiculous name rising robbed roc rocs rookie rooney pedroza roya royal royalty royalty rubbish run run! rural rvb sad sainsburys salako sash say what scary scrappers scrappy screaming eagle of death screaming eagles scrubs scum second class second dividion second division second tier see you in the championship see you later selhurst selhurst park selhurt park sellhurst selling players semi final serenity serious with that name? seriously? sh*t shaky shattered shiiite shiny shiny new logo shit ground. shit hole shit show shit stadium shitart of london shite shite players shopping short lived short timers should be glamour sigh... sign everyone siht silly silly name simon jordan sir ian skiing sky slick slow sma small small club small fish small fish small fries small london small london small london club small team small time so that's how crystal palace was demolished, a giant eagle. soar soaring soaring eagle soft solid youth some other team in london somewhere in london soon to be relegated sorry for the goal differential sounds fancy. sounds like a casino south south london south londonn south of the river southern california church spunky squaaaw square stadium of light standard steal points steel steve coppell steve coppell still cheerleaders strange badge strange kits strange name strangely femme strangers strip club strip club name stripclub stripes stripes! strippers strong support struggle struggles struggling stu stuck at bottom stupid stupid name sub sub par suburb suburban suck sucks super eagles superman suporters support sure surprise surprising surprisingly awesome sweet sweet bird sweet eagle sweet eagle sweet falcon sweet fucking logo sweet logo sweetlogo swoop swoopy birds talons tayo tdk tehoue televangelist temporary terrible terrible ground thank you for zaha thanks for zaha that is a big bird that is a huge bird that is their crest? that looks like a volley ball that other team that's a giant bird that's a giant eagle that's a great badge that's one big eagle that's palace's logo? that's so cool the actual crystal palace the air force academy the birds the building the championship the championship the crystal catherdral the crystal palace the crystal palace itself the crystals! the cure the eagle has landed the eagle is stealing a ball from the bridge the eagles the greenhouse the lads the movie war games the old palace the other london crew the palace the palace cheerleaders the queen the queen the southern london club the stripe the west end the wizard of oz their coach is insane their in the prem this year? their shirts their uniforms they gave us zaha they have a team? they have risen they play in a crystal palace? they stil going they try hard they're a team? they're from london right? they're from london, right? thierry henry goal throw stones at glass houses throwing stones thugged out thugs tier two to yo together toilets tony pulis too new tottenham tough tower bridge towers toys track tradition tradition trumps quality tradition without excellence tradition, family traditional traditional club that's back trainspotting translucent tried to buy bendtner try harder trying to hard trying to stay up trying too hard tv tv mast tyke udinese ugh ugly ugly jerseys ugly kits ugly shirts uhhh uhhhh um... uncle dave uncle steve uncle tony under dog under dog under rated underdog underdog underdogs underperforming underpowered unf unhappy americans uniforms unimportant unknown unmm unncessary unoffesive up again up and comers up and coming up and coming up and down up and down team up/down/up/down like a yo-yo upset united upsets upstart upstarts upswing usa usa usa college logo used to be good useless usfl valiant vegas victor moses victoria victorian victorian england victorian era victory vince hilaire vince hilarie vincent tan vincenttam violence virgin shirt sponsorship a long time ago visitors vodka volleyball volleyball? vulture wagle wales war war eagle war eagles war games was good once washington dc waste we love ya song we stole zaha, haha we will see weak weiner weird weird jersey weird logo weird name welcome welcome back welcome! well run welsh welsh wembley weren't you just red? whaaat ? what what team is this? what the usa logo should look like what's he doing to parliament what? what? whatever when did they get back into the league where where do they play where do they play? where is a crystal palace where is crystal palace where is that where is that? where is this city where is this palace? where is this? where's that where's that? where? wheres godzilla to fight it whho which color do they wear? white white castle white stripes who who are they who care who cares who cares? who even are they? who really roots for them who stole the ball? who? who? who? small club who? haha whoa why why are they in the epl? why don't they play at the crystal palace? why havent they rebuilt the actual crystal palace why is it crystal? whyarewetheeagles wikipedia wilbraham wilfried zaha wilson? wimbledon windsor wine wings wings winner wish them the best wizard of oz woman won't last long wonder of the world wont last in pl work working class working class london world fair world's fair worlds fair worlds fait wot wright wright wright and bright wrighty wtf? ww2 xfl logo yawn yawn yeet beat man city yikes yo yo yo yo club yo-yo you say that you love me young young guns young stars youth youth club youth program yoyo yoyo yoyo club yoyo team zaga zags zaha zaha zaha can dribble zaha is gone zaha last yeat zaha!! zaha-less zaha? zahaless zala