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losers tim howard "i think we're in holland *drawing a blank* 0-0 12345678901234567890123456789012345678901234567890 18*2=36 1878 1989 fa cup 2nd best 2nd best in merseyside 2nd favorite 2nd fiddle 2nd in liverpool 2nd in own city 2nd liverpool team 2nd tier 2nd to liverpool 3 points 3rd team in liverpool 5th place 6th 6th place 7th place 8th place >moyes ? a hut of some kind a jelly company logo a lighthouse a well ace adobe adsd afro afro afros against diving and simulation; tim howard all by themselves all that is good in the world all that is right all that is right in the world almost almost almost but not quite almost europe almost good almost rans almost top four alright also rans also-ran alway 5th always entertaining always nearly there but never make it always on the cusp always second best always solid always the bridesemaid always tough alwyas solid amazing amazing america america america! america's epl team america's team america;s team american american goalkeeper american keeper american players american team american! american's team americans americans americans gk americans play for them americans! americas team amokachi ancient ancient team andy gray andy gray! annually average apathy are they the houses arsenal arteta aspirational assholes average aweful new logo awesome awesome awesome fans awesomeness awful awful badge awful badge awful logo awful new badge awful new logo aww. gramps. awwww they're adorable b baby liverpool backwards neighbors bad bad bad badge bad blue bad creat bad liverpool team bad logo bad luck bad rebrand bad redesign badge badge, mills bags of piss bainea baines baines baines baines - we didn't get him! baines and fellani baines fellani baines looks very english baines! bainesey bainesy bainesy bains bainsey! bandaids bandwagon banes bank barkley barnes barry beat chelsea beat liverpool beat us on the weekend beautiful bee bee hive bee hives beehive beehive. beekeeper beekeeping beekeeping beer can bees bees belgian belgium bell end bennet bennett bennett bent benteke best best club ever best half of liverpool best team ever next to the sounders and us mnt best team, worst crest best! betray better better off without moyes better scousers better side of liverpool better than liverpool big dunc big hair big market. small club big transfer deadline bill cartwright bitter bitters bizarre persistent lack of funds. blah blah. bland blech bleus blooming blue blue and white blue collar blue collar liverpool blue liverpool blue merseyside blue nose blue noses blue scouse blue shite blue shite blue shites blue shits blue side of liverpool blue side of mersey blue side of merseyside blue-collar bluecollar bluenose cunts blues blues blues! blueshite blueshite boat house bob latchford bogie team boo boooo!!! boop boor boredom boring boring boss bottage brained! brave bravery & toilet bread brian mcbride brilliant broke broke over-achiever budget bunnys bye fellani cadtle cahill cahill calm down can't quite break through candy castke castle castle castle? castles catholic challangers challenging champs chang chang beer change the crest. change to old badge changed changing identity cheap cheap and efficient cheap but good cheap security cheaply drawn tower cheese chelsea chemistry chicken chicken hut ching chips chris dick church church church spire cilo cities second citizens clasd class class class and consistent class club classic classic, stodgy classical english team classy classy clean clint dempsey clock tower close yet far clown club soccer colby cole is still the best coleman coleman comedy dave comedy dave common folk complainta condom cone cone heads conehead confusion consistency consistency consistency consistent consistent consistent mid table consternation controversy cookies cool cool badge cool name cool stadium cornucopia corny cottage cottagers could've kept moyes coulda beens county road cutters courage coyb coyb coyb! coyb!!!! crap badge crap badge, great fans and fortress stadium crap logo craperton crayon crc creeping power crest cross town cross town rivals, respect current curtains cut your hair felani...oh wait..... cute david moyes david moyes death decent decent mid-table finishers decent team decline dedicated defence defense defense defensive dempsey dependable derby derby day determined deulofeu development for big squads dignity direct footy discipline disgusting dixie dean does alot with littler does more with less doing more with less dome dominate dominate don't want to play them donavan donavan donnovan's team donovan donovan donovan and howard donovan on loan dont know donut downward draws dread dull dull dull football dumb dumb logo duncan feguson duncan ferguson dunce cap dutch wonderland dwarfs dwarves economics efc effort el pato emerging enemies enemy enemy enemy, but regretfully so england english premiere league enrmy envious eraser eric erican ecports established europa league eveerton ever ever to everon evershite evertinh everton everto everto evertob evertoin evertom! everton everton everton f.c everton, tim howard's and landon donovan's team everton. evertone evertonian everybody's second team everybodys favorite 2nd team everyday shit everyman's club everyon everyone everyone likes them everything that is right about football eveton evrton eww ewwww exciting extra consistent faded glory, authentic ground, born not manufactured faithful falic falling short fallus fan fan favorite fans farm farm system farmers farmers insurance fat fat man fat tower favorite fc everton feeder feeder club feilani feisty felaini felaini and baines felanni fellaini fellaini fellaini (oops) fellaini afro fellaini's hair fellaini's head fellaini's mop fellaini. lol fellainiii fellani fellani fellani's afro fellenni felliani fellini fellini felllani ferguson fifa fifth fight fighters followtonians food footfags forever fresh friendly fro frolanni frugal frugal fuck david moyes fuck em fuck everton fuck liverpool fulham fulham always lose away to them fun fun to watch fun to watch hope they keep baines funny futility garden shed gary naysmith gasoline gay generic gerard d germany gettiong there gibson gingerbread hourse glass ceiling glorious glory glory!!!!! gnome gnome hat gnomes gnomes? goal goalie god gods gods team good good but not great good club good club with no money good club, good second tier team good football good guys good home form good liverpool good luck with that good managers good on you good scouse good team good team bad logo good team, crummy logo goodison goodison goodison - proper club goodison park goodison park, 2nd fiddle goofy gorgeous kits, tim howard graft graham sharpe grain silo grand grand old club grand old team grand old team! great britain great crest great fans great manager great team great team. bad badge. great tradition great value for money great win against xhelsea great with no money greatest club in the world greatest fucking team of all greatness green grinders grinfeds grit gritty grrrrr guard post gutsy gutty ha a little house hagrids hut haha haha chelsea haha. hahahahah blueshite hahahahaha!! hair halloween hangers on happy als happy tears hard hard away match hard work hard working hard working, never gonna get there hard-working hard-working team hardworking harry potter has beens hate hats head heart heartbreaking heitinga heroes hibbert hibbo highway historic historic team history history history hmm hmmm hobbit hobbits hobbits in the flank hogwarts hogwarts hohum holland home homely homey honest honey honey honeycomb honeypot honor honor honorable honour hoodison park l-deezy hope hoping for 5th horrible horrible crest house hovel howar howard howard howard howard & donovan howard and donovan. moyes is gone howard glad baines is gone howard kendall howard! howard! howars huh? humble humble hut i am ok with them i don't like them i don't mind them i like the old logo i wish ice cream cones idk what i'm looking at igloo igloos igly in decline industrious industry inferiority complex injuries integrity irrelevant is that a hut? is that an outhouse? jack jagielka jagielka jail jelavic jewfro joe max moore joke just die just missed just not good enough kansas city royals karamele keep keeper keeper kenworth kenwright kenwtight kevin mirallas kiverpool kkk kkk hat kone 2013 lack of success lady bug lame landiecakes lando donovan landon landon landon landon d landon donavan landon donovan landon donovan & timmy howard landy cakes landycakes landycakes! latin latin legendary legends leighton baines leighton baines leighton baines has better hair than anyone else in the prem leighton blaine's leon osman lfc life light house lighthouse likable like like able likeable little brother little broths little club little engine that could littlle brother liverpool liverpool liverpool liverpool b team liverpool blue liverpool derby liverpool enemy liverpool good guys liverpool jr liverpool rivals liverpool's kid brother liverpool's little sister liverpool's other club liverpool's other team liverpool's poor relations liverpool's rival liverpool's second cousin liverpool's second team liverpools 2nd team liverpools little brother liverpools other team loan loathe logo logo? lol lol, nice crest bro lolz london no.2 lonely look looks bad lord of the rings lose everyone they love loser losers losing to liverpool loudmouths lovable lovable losers love love able love able losers love baines love it love matinez love to beat them but don't hate them as much as man utd. moyes won pluckall there loveable loveable losers loyal loyaltry loyalty lucky luis lukaku m.o.r. madonna's bra man u feeder man u feeder club manchester united farm team manutd feeder club maroon martinex martinez martinez got relegated and promoted within a matter of weeks. would that ever happen to steve bruce? still, martinez has a nice surname and he comes across like a kindly village headmaster so good luck to him. martinez is a qt :3 martinez is good mcbride mccartney meat pies medieval mediocre mediocre mediocrity mediocrity personified meh men in blazers men in blazers men in blazers fan of men in blue merceyside derby mercy side mercyside meresyside mersey mersey champs merseyblue merseyside merseyside merseyside blues merseyside darby merseyside derby merseyside rival mersyside mersyside messi mets mib michelin man mid range mid table mid table mid table mid tier mid-level mid-table midddle middle middle class middle of the table middle tier middle-class middling midevils shack midtable midtable obscurity mighty everton mints mirallas mirallas miss the old crest missing latin mistake modes moe syzlak moises money moneyball more americans more relevant than lfc moues mouse moves moyes moyes old team moyes out. moyes' old team moysie! mud hut mufc farm team my boys my bro's fave team my club my team my team coyb my team! nada naismith naismith narps need more funds to compete with the big teams need more money need saudi oil money netherlands never top 4. neverton neverton. new new badge new crest new crest new lgog? new logo new logo new villa next big thing. nhl nice nice nice badge, idiots nice blokes nice club nice club, but not threatening nice hair nice neighbors nice team, bill kenwright nice. niggers nike nil satis nisi optimum nil satis nisi optimum nils satis ? ninjas no no budget no good no image no latin no logo no money no money no money still does well no more big hair no more crazy hair no more fellani no more moyes no offense not enough money not good not good enough not great not liverpool not liverpool fc not quite not quite enough not quite good enough not the right blue not too bad notes nothin nothing notliverpool nsno nsno ny mets nypd badge ocean oddly shaped shield often 5th to 10th ok ok club okay old old old badge was better old crest old fashioned old methodist club old school old school kits old woman old working class oldschool on the cusp on the rocks on the verge oneals ortega osman other blues other club in liverpool other liverpool other liverpool squad other liverpool team other side otherteam our big rivals outhouse outsiders over acheivers over achieve over achiever over achievers over achieving over rated overacheivers overacheivers overachieve overachiever overachievers overachievers overachieving overhyped overperforming overrated overrated pancakes passing passion past pathetic paul peasant peasant hut peasants penalty callers people people's people's people's choice people's club peoples club peoples team pepole's club percy's fortress perennial perennial 6th place perennial middle table pesky underdogs phallus phil pick up trucks picked the wrong team pigs pilgrims plain plucky plucky team pointy condom police police badge police badge police department police shield poop4 poor poor but have heart poor everton poor liver poor mans contender poor play poor quality popular potential pottery kiln poverty predictable pride primary school primitive progressing proper ground protection proud psh punching above weight pure class pyra quality quality club quiet rapunzel real real club real madrid red headed stepchild redesign redheaded step-child reliable repunzle reputable resiliant resilient resolute resourceful respect respectable respectable club respectful revolution richie righteous rising rival rivalry rivals rob roberto roberto martinez roberto martinez only undefeated side roberto! rocky rog rog benett rog bennet rog bennett rog bennett rog bennett and fellaini rog! rog's love affair rog's team rog. 1-0 rog/moyes/good spenders roger roger roger bennet roger bennet roger bennett roger bennett roger bennett (toilet) roger bennett's last hope roger bennett's melancholy rogerbennett roj rooney rooney rooney rejects rooney's original team rooneys birth rubbish sad sad little blues sad sacks sadness safe safety shelter school of science schoolofscience scourcera scouse scouse scouser scousers scousers scowse scrap liverpool scrappy scrappy overachievers scum sdfg seasoned americans! second second second best second best second best in liverpool second choice second class second class citizens second favoirte team second fiddle second fiddle second in liverpool second rate second rate second team second tier second-tier secondary security guards self rightous sell selling sexual aid shaa shadow shanty shed shield shillings shit badge shit crest shit fans shit logo shite shity logo shoestring shote should be better should hate shrek house sideburns sideshow bob siht silly house silly looking tower silly small people silo siloh silos simple simple simplified sir landon sissyphus sleep sleeping giant slightly above avg slow slow starters slower small small budget small club small club small dwelling smaller mercyside club smart smart & thrifty smart management smurf village smurfs smurfs so close so so soccer candies soft soft spot software solid solid but not flashy solid mid table solid team sometimes good sorry sorry sorting hat southall spire spirit sport sports sports team spunky stability stable staid stale stalline stalwart stalwart starks static steady stepchildren still in the middle stoic strenght strength strivers strong strong following struggle stupid new crest sturdy style subpar substance over style successful underdogs suck compared to liverpool sucks super mario super nintendo rpg super roberto martinez superior liverpool sweden sweet baby jesus sweet spot sweet toffee sweets swiss cheese talent feeder tasty toffees teachers team of the people team spirit teepee tenacious tepee terrible terrible crest terrible logo thanks for rooney that badge that crest sucks that's it? the acceptable side of liverp the beach the beatles the best the best in the world! the best small club in england the best there ever was the better of the two clubs in liverpool the blue side of liverpool the blues the castles the enemy the everton way the good liverpool club the have nots the little engine that could the little train that could the middle the oakland a's of soccer the other blues the other liverpool the other liverpool club the other liverpool club the other liverpool team the other liverpool team the other liverpool team the other merseyside the other merseyside team the other scousers the other team the past the people the people's club the people's team the peoples club the peoples' club the sea the team rog from men in blazers likes the toffees the tolerable liverpool football club the trendy pick the underdogs the working club theatre they wish they were red thieves this badge looks off thrift thrift shop thrifty tiffee tight with cash tim tim tim cahill tim howaed tim howard tim howard tim howard tim howard / roger bennet tim howard beyattch tim howard is a wall tim howard is american tim howard is not good tim howard is only good thing tim howard landon donavon tim howard! tim howard's non us club tim howard, usa tim howard/america's team tim howards beard tim timeree tim tim teroo timeless timhoward timmahhhhh timmay timmay timmay! timmmmmayy timmmmmmay! timmy timmy h timmy ho timmy horward timmy howard timmy howard timmy howard timmy! timmy!!! tin man tin man head tinman tire commercial tits to united tofee tofees tofees toffe!! toffee toffee toffee toffee men! toffee shite toffee, liverpool rival toffeees toffeelicious toffees toffees toffees. toffees? toffes toffes toffess tofffe toffie toffies toiler toilet toilet toilet bennett toliet tom howard tone tony cottee too clean too modern toofees toofes toons top 6 top 7 top half tough tough tough as nails tough match tough team toughness toughness tower tower? towers tradition tradition, peasants traditional traditoonal tradizionalisti transition trash tree tries hard triumph tron true blue true blues true fans trullo truth try try like hell trying hard turrets uggo ugh uglhy ugly ugly as shite ugly crest ugly football ugly logo ummm ok uncircumcised uncle marc undefeated under budget underachiever underachieveres underachievers underachievers underated underdog underdogs underrated underserved understudy unexciting united's reserve team unlucky unsuccessful liverpool up and coming up and up up the fucking toffees up the fucking toffees! upcoming upcoming upstart upstart urine us players usa usa usa usa usa usa! howard donovan use to be good use to have a better badge value village wana be wannabe wannabes wants to be liverpool warpig watch out way wayne rooney wayne rooney teenage weak weak brothers wee wee wee all the way home weiner weird crest weird house weird tower well organized wevebeenaclubforalongtime what happened to the old crest? what is that what is that building what is that hut? what is that thing what is that? what kind of house is that what's w the hut? what? when will they ever win when will they ever win? where did they come from where is the troll doll where's the old logo? where's the old motto whiney cheap gits whiney fanbase whiney hipster fans whinny who who cares who? wierd wigan wigan light win against chelsea windmills wish they were better wish they were liverpool witch police wizard wizard hat? wizard hut wizards wooden stands work work horse work-men like mentality workers workhouse working class working-class workmanlike works and works worse than liverpool worst logo ever worst people on earth worthless wrong liverpool team wrong side of liverpool wrong side of liverpool wrong side of mersey yeomanlike yolo young team younger brother youth academy yuck yurt z cars zebra zzzzz