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brian mcbride "f" "nice" #freeclintdempsey #michaeljackson 'merica 'merican ... 10th 123456789012345678901234567890123456789012345678901234567890 1950s advertising 2nd rate 2nd tier 3 points 4-4-2 4th club in london 80s 8th ? ??? a a code to type in to buy tickets a european insurancecompany a key a knight for some reason. a ranch a shield aberde acceptance acronym aggressive airlines al fayed al fiad al fyed al-fayed al-fayed alan slough alfayet alien almost rans alright also ran also rans also-ran amature america america fc america fc america has been america's team america's team in london american american american 2.0 american abroad american embassy american gateway american hub american launch pad american opportunists american owned american owned and friendly to us players american owner american players american players american players' home american strikers succeed here american! americanized americans americans americans excel here americans welcome americans/dempsey amorebieta amorebieta amurrica!!! anarchy andy glockner anericans annoying any other games on? any us players left? apathetic arab archery are they east of west ham ? are those letters? arm army arrow arrows art deco asdf askew asshole astoundingly average automatic win autumn average average as fuck average joes average man team awesome awesome stadium awful awful logo ba bad bad after deuce bad logo bad manager bad type layout badge bar barca barcelona barry hayles basic basketball beard beast beatiful stadium beautiful beautiful ground bent bent berb berba berba! berba-style berbarotica berbasex berbatov berbatov berbatov home berbatov nice pitch berbatov pls berbatov! berbatov, dempsey, example berbi berbs berbs berbs best ground in the pl best ground to watch a game in london best in the world best part of london best stadium bestie big mustaches birbitov blaah black black and white blah blan bland bland, berba blank block blue collar bocanegra bocanegra boooo booooo boooring boredom boring boring boring badge boring crest boring dempsey boring logo borong borr bother bottom 10 bottom 3 bottom half bottom of table brad fridel brain mcbride brave heart brede hangeland brian mcbride brian mcbride and berbie brian mcbride and clint dempsey! brian mcbride. wonderful homey stadium. brian mcbrode brilliant stadium bring back clint! bring back dempsey brown bryan ruiz bubbles bullet bums by the river by the river bye bye dempsey bye dempsey c c'mon fulham can't read it can't remember who this is. capitulate captain america cattagers cellar dweller champions league charming charming london club cheap cheese cheesy chelsea chelsea's bitch chicken chumps cintu played here city class classic classy clean image and family friendly team cliff clingy clint clint clint comeback clint dempsey clint dempsey clint dempsey clint dempsey (oops) clint dempsey and bobby zamora clint dempsey brian mcbride clint dempsey shouldn't have left clint dempsey used to play here clint dempsey! clint dempsey!!!! clint dempsey's former team clint dempsey's old team clint dempseys clint dempsy clint dempsy clint demsey clint part one clint used to play here clint was good here clint's old team clint2 clints old team clintu clintu's former stomping ground cliny dempsey clothing line club usa coleman come on you whites come on you whites! commando company complacent confused confused confusion conservative consistent consistent mediocrity consistent mid table consistently midtable cool cool logo cool stadium cool, small stadium cooler-than-chelsea cosy cottag cottage cottage cottage cheese cottage craven cottage dicks cottage! cottagera cottagers cottages cottages cottaging cottaging cotttagers could be good cousins coyw coyw cramp fams cramped crappy logo crave cottage craveb cottage craven craven craven cortage craven cottage craven cottage craven cottage craven cottage by the river craven cottage dempsey craven cottage history craven cottage looks nice craven cottage michael jackson craven cottage? craven cottsge craven more head cravens cottage cravwn crazen cottage crazy mj statue creepy crest culham cute cute grounds d dangerous ddt death decline demosey demps dempse dempsey dempsey dempsey & mcbride dempsey (i know he's gone) dempsey and mcbride dempsey glory dempsey hat trick dempsey is gone dempsey left dempsey mcbride dempsey never should've left dempsey old team dempsey should have stayed dempsey used to play there dempsey x dempsey! dempsey!?!? dempsey's corpse dempsey's ex dempsey's former club dempsey's gone dempsey's old club dempsey's old club dempsey's old gig dempsey's old old team dempsey's old squad dempsey's old stomping grounds dempsey's old team dempsey's start dempsey's team dempsey, craven cottage dempsey. oh well. dempsey... well dempsey/authentic london dempseys old club dempseys old squad dempseys old team dempseyv dempsy demsey demspey demspey dealers demsy made his name there department stores depsey deuce deuce deuce berbatov deuce! deuce! deuce!!! deuces diana diappointing didn't clint dempsey play here dimi dimi dimitar dimitar berbatov dirty dissappointment division 2 do they miss dempsey? dodi dog don't care don't know dont know downhill downward downward spiral draw drawing every game draws duece duece goal v juve duff dull dumb statue dungeons and dragons easy 3 points easy derby eddie johnson eg egyptian eh eh, no more dempsey ehh elegant embarrassment empty space end of my street enderachieve enigma ethridge europa europa europa league everton everyone leaves everyone's second favorite team evil ex clint dempsy ex dempsey team ex-dempsey ex-dempsey team example examplr f f f word f's f*ck f...f...falling! facism facist fags failham failing football club failure fall from glory falling falling behind falling letters fallling family family club family friendly family team fancy fart fashionable fast friendly clean fat fat cock fat fucking cunts fatal farm fayad fayed fc fcc fcc fcc federal ferrari ff ffc ffc ffc? ffc? ffcusa ffff fffff ffs fifa fifa fifa ultimate team fight club? finds a way to stick around fir tree fire firefighters first american home first game i saw in england first grade fish flair flum flumps food fool ham foolham football football football club for f__ks sake for fucks cape for fucks sake for fuggs sake foregins foreign foreign foreign letter foreign money forest forgettable former america's team former american former colony former dempsey former dempsey former dempsey club former demspy home former fulhamerica former home of clintu former home of the yanks former soviet controlled now free republic flag. doom and gloom freak'n full cr@p freedom for cancer french fries fresh food cafe fresh start fried chicken friend friend of usa! friendly froggie frustration fu fu;l fuck football clhb fuck fried chicken fuck fuck cunt fuck you fuckfuckclub fucking ful ham ful-ham ful-ham ful-ham! ful-hamm ful-mercia fulamerica fulamerica fulamerica fulamerican fulh-america fulham fulham america fulham fc fulham fc fulham fc my fav club fulham football club fulham football club fulham football! fulham, fulham? fulham? fulhamamerica fulhamamerica fulhamerica fulhamerica no more fulhamerican fulhamwruca full full am full ham full ham full of ham full of nothing full-ham full-ham! fullam fullam football club fullamerica fullham fullhamerica fullhan fulll-hammmmmm fullum fulmerican fuluhm fun day out fun to watch funny stadium name futbol future garden centre statue gay generic geography teacher geography teachers george george best georgie thompson german german squad german? germans germant germany gingers ginola go away go on and get relegated already going downhill going downhill graffiti graphic design great home stadium support great old stadium great stadium great town green eggs and ham grinding grit grit group sex grunge guzan haha hahaha hahahah hahahahaha haines ham ham ham is full ham sandwiches hangeland hangeland hard hard work hardnosed harmless harmless harrod's harrods harrods hate hated hatred he he head heart help high camera angles historic history history ho hum hodgson holland home of dempsey home to american footballers homely homey honorable hood ornament hope how cute how do they stay up? how have they stayed up so long and they were in a european final?? howard hugh grant hugh grant hughgrant huh? human centipede humble humility hunk i can't read i don't know i used to like them... in the shadows incomprehensible inconsequential inconsistent inconsistent indian huts indie indifferent industrial innocuous inoffensive intellectuals interesting intricate intriguing is that their crest? is this a nazi symbol italy its crooked jacko jacko jackson jackson jackson statue jackson statue jacksonville jaguar cheerleaders? jaguars jaguars owner jaguars! jean tigana jim jeffries jimmy hill jimmy hill jo joel johnny haynes jol jol loser jolololololol josh journeymen jozy's old team just another london club just cutting it just good enough to always stay up kaaaaahhhnnnnn kahn kappa kappa karagounis keegan keep calm and give berbatov the ball keep calm and pass me the ball keep trying kerim frei key keychain kfc khan khan kind of just there kindergarten art king arthur king of pop kkk knight knight l ladder lala lame lame landon laughable lazy letter shield letters libary librarian library like like! little little little america little brother little brother liverpool local lol london london london also-rans london little brother london rivals london small club london tickets available looks foreign loser losers losing lost lost potential lots of us players louis saha love love americans love craven cottage love the cottage. love their stadium lovely lsu lucky lunch m jackson m.j. mad magpies marcus speller mark schwartzer mark schwarzer martin jol martin jol martinjol mc ride bocanegra mcbirde mcbride mcbride and dempsey mcbride and dempsey played there mcbride dempsey mcbride! mcbride! mcbride, demsey and berbatov mcbrides mcbridge mchead medieval mediocore mediocr mediocracy mediocre mediocre mediocrity mediocrity medium meh merica merica messi michael michael jackson michael jackson michael jackson statue michael jackson statue michael jackson statue. nuff said. michael jackson stature michael jackson statute michale jackson micheal jackson micheal jackson micheal jackson statue mid level team mid tab;le mid table mid table mid table irrelevant mid table team mid-table middle middle class middle of the pack middle of the pack middle of the road middle of the table middle ranks middleclass middling mids midtable mike jackson chyeah miss clint miss dempsey missdempsey misses dempsey missing dempsey missing dempsey still mj mj statue mj statute mmmmm modest mohammad mohammed mohammed al fayed more americans most beatiful stadium mostly american players mountains moustache moustache murica fc murphy muslim muslims mustache mustache mustache!! mx bride my buddy bill my club my friend likes fulham. betbaov my love of craven cottage as a stadium my loveble losers my neck hurts my older brother my son my team my team n/a nascar nazi nazi logo nazi's nazis neat need dempsey need goals need more americans needed dempsey neighbors neighbours neopolitan neutral neutral new crest needed new owner new owner nice nice nice club nice crest nice logo nice stadium nice stadium nice stadium by river nice stadium. mid-table nice team nice! niche nifty nineties no no affiliation no beef with these guys no clue no dempsey no dempsey no dempsey, no interest no idea no idea no image no logo no longer 'merica no more dempsey no more michael jackson no one cares no style nobodies nobodies non-english team nonsense nonthreatening normal not a lot of talent not good not good enough not much not much not that good noth nothing nothing nothing club nothing special npi nude lady on kappa logo o.k oakland raiders obscure oh that's right, that's a derby match ok okay okay london team okay. old old and boring old crest old dempsey old dempsey club old fashioned old ground old home old men old money old players old school old school old stadium old stadium old team usa old us team old. slow oldest club in london on the river one glove one team in fulham optometrist test ordinary other london club out gunned outdated outdated logo over-the-hill overacheiver overachieve overachievers overshadowed owners moustache parking spots patrick roberts is a nippy little fucker. perhaps london's worst team phoney pharoah pizza hut plain pleasant losers plucky pogrebnyak political party symbol pooh poop4 poor poor dempsey poor management poor stadium posh potters. lame predictable pride prince prison prison professor proper club proper stadium punk rock logo pussies quaint quaint cottage quaint stadium quest for holy grail rabble rousers race car racecar rationale readable really bland red referee regressing regular english club rejected car logo relagation relegarion worry relegate relegated relegation relegation bound relegation contenders rich arab rich owner ridiculous michael jackson statue riether riise rising rival rivalry rivals river river thames river view riverside stadium rock band rodallega rodney marsh rofl rosenberg rough rough and dirty rubbish rude ruiz ruiz run and gun runes sad safe saha salcido same sarah sarge scappy scary logo schwartzer schwarzer scott parker!!!! scrappy scrubs scum sdad seaside cottage second tier second tier secret nazis? seeds senderos shad khan shahid khan shambles shamone shed sheik sheikh sheild shield shield shit shit badge shit chelsea shit ground shit stadium shite shitty stadium should be better shouldn't have let dempsey go shouldn't have sold dempsey. siht silly m. jackson statute simon simple simple fulham logo simple log simplicity simplicity ski panys slanted slanty letters sleek slumping small small club small club in big city small ground small london club small stadium small stadium small team in putney small town feel smile martin smoking bulgarians sneaky snobby soft fans soft spot for them sold dempsey solid solid mid table side sorry sorry, what team is this? south west london spineless spoiled sprs spurs b spurs rejects stable hands stadium standard standard chartered stay tough steady stekelenburg stickfigure still clint dempsey still? stink stop strength stripe stripes strong struggle struggling stupid sturridge substitue teacher such an ugly shield suck sucks summer camp support sw6 swanky swatiska sweet stadium switzerland taarabt team america team america team usa terrible terrible logo terrible shield thames thames thames river that boy clint that other team close to chelsea thatched roof the 80s the best the cottage the cottage! the fcc the neutrals the other london club the other london team the other team at fulham road the other team in london the past the river the thames the thames the thames river they're still in the epl? third reich thpt thriller tight jerseys tight shirts tiny tiny stadium too fascist top 10 totalitarianism tough tough away match tradition traditional transfer trash tree trees trend trendy london trophyless trophyless try hard trying tumbling down type set uggh uggo x 2 ugh ughh ugly ugly badge ugly football ugly girls ugly logo ummmmm underachievers underachieves underdog underdogs underwhelming undeserving. unfortunate unimportant unknown unreadable unremarkable up,up, throw up us internationals us men's team us national team east us players usa usa used car used like them a little used to be america's team used to be dempsey used to be dempsey\ used to be dempsy used to be good used to have americans used to have dempsey used to have dempsey used to have that american useless ussr v for vendetta van der saar van der sar very boring very clean, but no idea what it's about video games vikings wacko jacko wannabe wanting war was america's team was american team was dempsey's club waste we dont hate you 'cause you're shit weak wealthy arab owner weiner weird weird logo weird sponsor weird symbol werecrappy west end boys, berbatov west london west london derby wfd what what do the letters mean what does ffc mean what is ffc what is that? what the f? what the freak what the heck what? when clint was good where is clint? where is dempsey where the americans go where's clint? where's dempsey where's dempsey? white white white and black white hart lane whites whites who who are they who are they? who cares who is that who is this who is this, fulham who is this? who is this? who? why bother why? wierd ground wierd mountain will never win win in the books win some, lose some wings word art working class working man's club wut? yanks yawn yellow you are in london. why aren't you better? your cool uncle zamora zebra هههههه