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Hull City

name change nope off ramp phil brown "the tigers" "tigers" #relegation 'the tigers' *hccrrrwwwww* - . ... 1234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789012345678901234567890 1970 1st division 2nd diviion 2nd league 2nd tier 3 back 3 points 3points 70's high school logo 8-0 chelsea 80's >city of hull >hull city tigers ? ?? ??? a a boat? a mexican football club a small college football team a tiger aau soccer actually in the epl? adam admirable africa again aggressiveness almost also jozy altadore altidor altidore altidore altidore 1 goal season altidore a failed time altidore fail altidore first club altidore played here and wasn't very good altidore s old team altidore version 1 altidore was crap altidore's mistake altidore's old club altidore's old team altidore's sad loan spell altidore's start altidore... oh wait altidore? aluko always falling and rising amateur amateurish amatuer amber ambitious amerian name america american american american american football american high school american high school logo american owner american owner american tattoo american team name americanization amir zaki angry kitty animals another owner who doesn't get tradition. another yo-yo club antidote aquarium arab team are there tigers in gb? army arsenal asdknkonionar asia asian asian owner asians assem allam auburn average average aw awesome awesome crest awesome shirts awesome uniforms awful awful chant awful colors awful jerseys awful shield baby back back to championship back to relegation bacon bad bad chants bad colors bad crast bad crest bad football bad jerseys bad jerseys bad jozy bad kits bad logo bad marketing. bad name bad name change bad name change bad owner bad shirts bad team baghera barcelona barmby battlers bayside bayside high bayside tigers bayside tigers and zach morris bayside tigers zach morris beach boys beangle beast beasts beat city beat mancity beer bees bellamy bengal bengals bengals of footy better luck this time big cat big city no glory big city with no tradtion big reach bike gang patch birdie birmingham bite bizarre black and orange black and yellow black and yellow black cats black power blah blank bleh blue collar blue not red lolz bo jackson boat boats bobby hull bollocks bombings boo boothferry park boring borwn bottom bottom 3 bottom feeder bottom feeders bottom half bottom of table bottom table bottom third bottom tier bottomfeaders bought jozy too young brady brand brand branding breached breaking bad breast brett hull? bridge bright broke. nose broken nose bronzer brothers team brown brown is crazy brown phil bruce bruce! bruce's head bruces broken nose brucie brute brute force bs bucket head bullard bumble bee bumble bees bumblebee bumblebees bumbling business cairney cak caldi canadian football? cash converters cat cats celebration cereal cereal box chagrin falls tigers championship championship bound championship club championship football championship league championship side change changed name and colors charlie adam cheap cheap high school cheap owner cheap t-shirt cheerleaders cheesy cheetahs chester childish china china chinaman chris rhea chubby manager cincinnati cincinnati cincinnati bengals cincinnatti city city not tigers city of pi city til i die city? city? city?? clemen clemson clip art clipart clowns coach coaching lesson coast town cobra kai cod cold college college college basketball team college football college football college level college mascot college team colors colors colours comeback comical controversy over name cool cool animal sticker, bro? cool colors cool crest' cool kindergarten drawing cool kit cool logo cool uniforms cool. badge corn flakes corny corporatism cougars crap team crap team crappy logo craptown crayons crazy crazy crazy beard guy crazy owner crazy rebrand crazy tiger creamsicle crooked eye crsp cubscouts cute cat daft name danny graham danny hand dasd dated logo david david brent vacation davies dean windass decent decrepit defense demerit demotion desperate detail detroit detroit detroit tigers detrpit tigers didn't give jozy service didn't jozy play there? didn't know they were the tigers different dilligent dillon dingy direct direct play disappointment disgrace dissapointing divers doctor who don't know don't know them don't want to be city dont know doomed doomed to fail down-trodden downtrodden dreadful football dreary drogba goal drop dropping down drunk tiger drunken tiger dull dumb dumb name dumb name change dumb owner dumb rebranding dump dunno easy peasy easy win eguly egypt egypt eh ehh el tigre elementary elhomaday elmohomady embarrassing empty set energy bar enjoying the premier league enough epl evem worse ex jozy ex jozy team exciting explosive eye eye of the tiger eyes f face faggots fags failure fake far away fast start fat bruce feeocity feline ferocious fierce fierce fierce badge fifs figeroa fight fighting for survival fighting tigers figueroa figueroa figueroa filth football football league foreign owner forgotten former jozy former jozy home former jozy/crap franchise friendly frosted flakes frosted flakes frosted flaks frosties fuck hull fuck steve bruce fuck you tigers. fuckers fugly fun funny funny kit funny mascot in england funny name fussy futbol garbage garbage gardening gary indiana gary, indiana gauche gave up on jozy gay gay tigers geovanni geovanni germani gervinho getting relegated getting rrrrrelegated giovani giovani giovanni giovanni's goal go tigers go to hull going back down going back down going down going down again going down? going nowhere going right back down going to lose gold good coach good effort good game few years ago in epl good luck! good run goodbye goofy rebrand goog logo grade school grandma great crest great crest great logo great uniform greatest show on earth greenpeace grey grim grim gritty gross gross growl grr grr tigers grrr grrrr grrrrr grrrrrr, they're tigers grrrrrrrr grrrrrrrrr grrtr ha ha ha ha! hackettstown haha haha shite haha. thats an american team hahaha hahahah rebranded hull city tigers hahahaha hahahahaha hair half time talk half time team talk halftime halftime huddle halftime talk on the pitch halloween halloween kits haltime hamilton tigers hamiton cfl tigercats logo happy to be here hard to see hard working hardball harry styles has beens hate haul shit hauling have some friends from there he's hungry. headed back down headset heart heh here and gone here kitty kitty here today, gone tomorrow hic high school high school high school football high school football logo high school logo high school logo contest high school mascot high school sports high school team high school tiger logo high school. high school. high school? highschool hill hilly city hit or miss hmmm hoof hooligans hooray yorkshire! hope hopelessness horrible chant horrible football horrible home kit horrible kit horrible kits horrible logo horrible mascot horrible place horrible renaming horrible tiger horrible uniforms horribly ugly logo hot mess housemartins housemartins how did they get promoted how did they get the tiger name huddelstone huddle stone huddlefro huddleston huddleston huddlestone huddlestun huddleton hudds hudfro huds huh huh? huh? hul hul city hulk city hulk? hull hull hull 4 london 0 hull citt hull city hull city hull city afc hull city afc hull city fc hull city tigers hull city tigers haahaha hull city? hull hospital hull looks like a high school team with that mascot hull only hull port? hull schitty hull shitty hull tiger hull tigers hull tigers afc hull tigers! hull tigers, not city hull what hull, ma hull, where jozy failed hullcity hulll hullll humber humber bridge humberside hunger hunt hunter i don't know i got nothing i hate steve bruce i hate the crest i'd root for them ian ian halloway ian holloway ian something identityissues idiot american owners idiot owner idiotic owners idk iffy in trouble incompetence india industrial industry insignificant intense asian irrelavant irrelevant is that a "tiger" is that a leopard or a tiger is that a tiger? is this a joke? it's a leopard itger jacksonville jaguars jaguar jail jamie bullard jasmine jay leno jelavic jerks jersey shore jesus jimmy bullard jimmy bullard flop jimmy bullsrd jimmy bulluard joey john prescott joke joke name jose altidore josey altidore josie a long time ago josy joxy joze jozi jozi altidore jozy jozy jozy 1st jozy altidoe jozy altidore jozy altidore jozy altidore jozy altidore failure jozy altidore not scoring jozy altidore on loan jozy altidore's first prem team jozy altidore's former team jozy altidore, but not anymore jozy bad run jozy fail jozy failed jozy failure jozy played there once jozy sucked there jozy sucked there jozy used to play here jozy x jozy! jozy's crap old team jozy's failed loan spell jozy's failure jozy's first club jozy's first epl jozy's first prem jozy's first stop jozy's first team jozy's former team jozy's old club jozy's old home jozy's old team jozy's past jozy, 19 jozy? jump city! jungle jungle jungle book jungle cat junior high just back into premeiership just cashing the premier league check just renamed k-mart karate badge karate kid katy perry katy perry kenny rodgers roasters kick and hope kittens kitty kitty cat koren kung fu lack of goals lacking quality lame larkin last laughable lazy eye tiger league 1 league 1 football league one leave the city out of it leave the name alone lecturing leno leopard let's go tigers! liam brady life of pi like kitties linebacker lions little little boys little cat little clin little irish winger little league little league logo littleleaguesoccer logo logo lol lol @ tigers lol gay name lol get a new crest lol- the tigers lolnickname lolz london 0 hull 4 long ball long shot long throw longshot looks like a bobcat looks like a us high school mascot looks like clip art lose lose the " loser losers losing loss loss loss to chelsea lost lost louisia louisiana state love the uniforms low low level lower league lower league lower ranks lower table lowly lsu lsu lsu tigers lsu? lucky lucky cunts lucky to be in the bpl m hunter mad maierhofer malaysia man city manchester hunters mange mangy mangy moggy badge mannone marlon king marlon king mascot massachusetts massachusetts massillon tigers mauled mauled mauled by the tigers mccregor mccregor mcgregor meat medicine hat mediocre meh meow merica mess messi messy mh michael turner mick mick ronson microphone mid field middle middle of the pack middle school middle school mike tyson mince minnow minor league minor league baseball misery missouri missouri tigers mistake mizzou mizzou soccer mj statue mls epl mls logo mm modern money monkey more tigers mouth mr potato head mr tan mreow mud mufasa mustard mustard muted my friend stuart my high school n/a nada naff name change name change bad name changers. name controversy name debate name dispute namechange nasty unis needs help neil never heard of them new new arrivals new going back down new guys new kid on the block new name new name soon new owner new stupid nickname new team new to epl new to premier league new to the top tier newbs newcomers newly promoted nfl nfl nfl logo nfl team name nice colors. for cannon fodder. nice kit nice logo nice logo nice one nice shirts nice tiger nickname nickname? niggers no no '' at nickname, looks dumb no afc no affiliation no chance no clue no idea no opinion no strikers no tigers in england nobodies nobody nondescript none noob #2 nope normal north northeast northern northern not bad not good not good enough not jozy not much bite not premier league not sure not the tigers not the tigers not the tigers not top flight not up for long nothig nothign nothing nothing nothing nothing... noting npower npower championship npower league 1 nufc collapse nugget nuts obscure obvious logo oh jozy... oh my? oh. hull. okay old old altidore team old black team old fashion old jozy old school old school old team on again, off again on pitch celebration once upon a time one and done one eared tiger one eared tiget one of few orange home kit one-and-done only mascot oorange orang orange orange orange and black orange and black strip orange kit orange stripes orange stripes orange tiger orange tigers orange wankers orangetan oranhe organge out classed outclassed outdated owners money paki owner pants passion passionate pathetic paul mcshane pavement pepper phil phil brown phil brown phil brown halftime phil brown singing phil brown was a joke phil brown's fake tan phil brown's headset phil whatshisname philbrown philip larkin phill jones pick a name pick a name and stick with it pink floyd plant plastic plucky plucky pointless pointless poop4 poor poor poor artistry poor drawing poor guys. they try hard poor jozy poor jozy altidore poor name poor name choice poorly managed portsmouth posh players potential poverty predator premeir league premier premier league premier league, really? prescott princeton princteon probably relegation promoted promoted promoted and relegated promoted? promotion promotion proschwitz pussie qho quaint rain rain ramsey random rape rar rawr rawwwr really really weird really? really? tigers? rebrand rebrand rebranded rebranded rebrandin rebranding recent promotion red rednecks regelated regular english club relagate relagation relagation releagation release the tiger! relegat4d relegate relegate relegated relegated relegated relegated a while back relegated. relegation relegation relegation bound relegation contender relegation fodder relegation fodder relegation specialist relegation zone relegation. relgation remy renamed renamedbymorons restructuring retired retro rich ride ridiculas ridiculous ridiculous mascot rising talent roar roar roar by katy perry robbed robbie brady robust rocky rocky iii rocky jacket rollercoaster rookie rooooar rooooar! roooooar rooting for them rough-going rrrawwwr rubbish rugbu rugby rugby rugby 2 rugby itch rugby league rugby league rugby lines rugby team rugby town rugby town rugy town rural s sad sad bengals sad cat sad kitty sad looking tiger. sad tiger sad tigers safari same city as in quebec saved by the bell say what scary scrappy screwed jozy scrubs scrumpy jack scum sddfsdf second class second division second tier see crystal palace seems chinese sell outs sellout sellouts seventies shere khan shield ships ships shit crest shit hole shit logo shit name shit owner shit team shite shite nockname shithole shitty marketing shitty tiger shitu should have beaten city shouldnt be in bpl shut sick jerseys sickening brand change siht silly name silly name sit down skid row tiger more like it sleepy tiger under a willow tree smal small small but strong small football club small team small town smaller snooze so long top flight so what soccer socks softball soon to be relegated sorry sorry rajah you tiger now sounds like hell spare spurs spurs jv team sri lanka staline staying up with steve bruce steel stephen hunt steve blake steve bruce steve bruce steve bruce is fat steve bruce's big mug steve bruce's nose steve bruce's nose steve bruce/phil brown still here or back again? stinks story strange cat striped kit stripes strips struggle struggling stupid stupid american-style branding stupid branding stupid mascot stupid name stupid name stupid name change stupid new name stupid nickname stupid owner suck sucks sucky surprise survivor sweep the leg! sweet tiger swing t tacky tacky tacky american logo tam tame tan team talk telegation temporary stay ten tigers terrible terrible terrible badge terrible club, relegation terrible colors terrible footy terrible jerseys in the 90's terrible kits terrible logo terrible manager terrible name terrible name change test texas hs football thanks jake that brazilian that crap orange skinned coach that guy who tanned a lot that looks like a high school logo. that tiger is ugly that tiger looks sad thats a fucking tiger thats a goofy looking tiger the 70s the bengals the brand of the future the bridge the bruce the championship the drop the familuy i met that were fans the fifties want their logos back the housemartins the losers the new wolves the north the nothings the orange faced manager of yesteryear the orange team the smiths the tigers the tigers lol the tigers! the tigers. ha! the tigers...lol the tigers? the toxic avenger the underworld they are "the tigers"? they are going to lose they arent in the premiere league they beat man city yes they got promoted? they suck they're grrrr....shit they're grrrreeat! they're grrrrrrrrrrreat! they're in the epl? they're pl? they'rrrrrrrre greeeeattt this is a team? this looks like a youth teams badge this tiger appears to have a lazy eye thuddddd thug thugs tie tigah tigee tiger tiger tiger beer tiger could be better tiger cubs tiger is missing something tiger is weird tiger jersey tiger jerseys tiger scouts tiger stripes tiger the tony is a pop tiger tiger burning bright tiger uppercut tiger with too much hair on its chin tiger woods tiger? tiger? lol tigerman tigerrrrs tigers tigers tigers and tigers tigers are cool tigers but not those tigers tigers dont live in hull tigers heh tigers in boy scouts tigers lol tigers lol american tigers really? tigers rule tigers! tigers! tigers! tigers' tigers, lol tigers. they're great tigers... tigers...not tigers? tigers? tigers? pfft tigerss tiget tigets tigger tigre tigres tigrr tinger tinpot to be relegated tom cairney tom huddlestone tom huddlestone's fro tony tony the tiger too american too much tottenham tottenham cast offs tough traders tradition traffic cops trash trashy travesty tricky ugh ugh ugly ugly ugly ass jerseys ugly badge ugly cat ugly city ugly colors ugly crest ugly jersey ugly jerseys ugly kit ugly kits ugly orange ugly shirts ugly stripes ugly tiger ugly uniform ugly uniforms ugly uniforms. uh uh.....jozy 1.0? uh? ull underachieving americans underdog underdogs underrated unexciting uniforms university university of missouri unknown unknowns unkown unlikely up a and comers up and down up down up setters upset upset man city upstart us high school logo usa used to be jozy useless utd utterly hopeless villa vintage vintage tee shirt wake forest wales walsh wannabes war pig warm wasteland weak weak-ass tiger week weener weird weird weird crest weird kits weird name weird old owner weird owner weird owners weird tiger weirdly americanized logo welch welcome back were awesome a few years ago! wet tigers wha? what what. what? whatever where where did they come from? where is hull where is hull? where's hull? where's hull? where? who who cares who cares? who drew that tiger who is that who is this? who knows who. who? who? :p why do i thing they're good why the tigers? why the words tiger? you can see it why tigers? wilberforce wild country safarii will be gone next year wimps win win over arsenal at emirates windass windass winning at the emirates wird name wish they were an american football team wolves woof working class working class town working men worst day at the emirates ive ever had wow they exist yawn yea but uh yellow yellow and black yellow and black stripes yellow kit yellow tiger yep yikes yo yo yo yo club yo yo's yo-yo yo-yo club yo-yos yorkshire yorkshire rival yorkshre you're getting mauled by your owner young young young jozy :( young jozy altidore youth youtube yoyo yoyo club yuck zoo zoo sign zzzz.