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being liverpool car theft washout #1 #jft96 #lfc 0 cups 100% 12345678901234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789012345678901234567890 18:20 19 1980's 1980's 1980s 1989 26 may 1989 3 envelopes 35m 5 champions leagues 5 time champions of europe 5 times 70's team 7th 80's 80's were fun 8thpool 96 96 dead @si a a bad meal a european banking company a field a long time since they won the league a lot going on a luagh a ride at halloween horror nights a swimming pool full of liver?! adam shash big dog adidas admire age, old agger ahahhahaha alex all history, no present alone alonso! also badass and classic aluminum always the victims always walk alone amazing amen. american american stop sign an field an field ancient ancient ancient history andy carroll sucks anfeild anfield anfield anfield anfield 89 anfield is tradition anfield, ynwa anfiled anne hathaway annoy annoying annoying fans ansfield aquaman archenemy aristocrazy arrogance arrogant arrogant fans art of myself assholes atleastpeoplehateunitedmore atmosphere attacking football attractive football australia average awesome awesome logo awful awful fans back to the top bad bad fans bad flames, weird sheen bad gradient bad liverpool guys bad owners bad pr bad pub poetry bad tv show bah bandwagon bastards beasts beatles beattles beautiful beauty beer beer logo beer time! being being brendan rodgers being liverpool being liverpool being liverpool (and they suck) being: being: liverpool being: liverpool (jonjo) beingliverpool benitez best best club best club ever!!!!!! best club in the world best days behind them best days in the past best ever club! best fans in the world best in history, will never win again best logo best on the past best song best team best team ever best team of all time better biblical big big club big english soccer team bigger assholes than chelsea bill shankley bin dippers bin lids bin men bindippers bins bird bird bird? birds bit bitches bitchy fans bite bite me biter biter in suarez biters biting biting and racism biting opponents biting people biting people biting players biting suarez biting!!! bitter bitters blah blue collar boo boo!!! boooo booze boring boring histor borini bostin boston boston connection boston red sox boston sell outs bother bought br's biters brandan rogers brandon mccarthy brendan brendan rodgers brendan rodgers is creepy brendan rodgers..lol brendan rogers brenden rodgers brendon rogers brent brilliant broadway brother bullshit business speak brendan busy busy hogwarts promo busy logo but i will walk with a torphy buttholes bwahah c*nts cacaw calm down cannibal cannibal of ajax cannibalism cannibalisn cannibals canuseeme captain fantastic car stereo car theft carlsberg carlsburg carousel carrager carrol carroll castles casual racism champagne champion champions champions istanbul champions league champions league final champions league vs ac milan championships champs cheat cheaters cheesy slogan chewie louie chewing up the competition chills chomp christ christmas christmas colors! chubby fingers cl semi finals clashing colors class class and history classic classis classless classless fans classy classy play clean cliche clinging to history clive owen and mystery envelopes clueless coach coaching? cobwebs come on you reds comeback story coming back community complainers complaining completely deluded complicated confusing consistentcy controversy conts cool correct cory courage coutinho cowards afraid of walking alone cowboys cowboys of soccer cozy crap crap and bad poetry crap football crap poetry craphole crappy lebron james crazies crazy crazy fans crest crime cross town crown paints culture dad daglish dalgleish dalglesh dalglish dalglish, paul dallas cowboys dancing dangerous daniel sturridge david brent dbacks dead fans death decaying dynasty decent decent decent club decline decline deluded delusion delusional delusional fans delusions, envelopes destined to fail devil dfh diminished dirk kuyt dirty dirty scousers disappointing disappointment disaster discousing disgust disgusting disgusting dislike dispair distinguished diver divey cunt dole dominance don't like them dormant double wanker douche douche dracula dragon dragons drunk drunk fans drunks duck ducklion dumb dying dynasty dynasty e eagle ear early ed hardy eggs ego ehh eighties el nino elaborate design elegant elvis enemies enemy england english english people enough already entitled fans envelope envelope! envelopers envelopes envelopes. eternal europe european champions european cups european dominance european giants everton everton is better evil evil!!!!! ewww, what is that excellence expired extravgent extreme hate fade from grace faded faded glory faded grandeur fading fading glory fading memories faeces faggots fags failure failure fall from glory fallen fallen fallen champions fallen dynasty fallen from glory fallen from grace fallen giant falling behind falling behind fan disaster fancy fancy beer fancy gate fans fans crushed to death fat fatigue, cannibalism fave gerrard favorite favorite team! fc liverpool feces fence fenway fenway fernando torres ferry feyenoord fight fighting filthy scouse finding liverpool finished fire fire & more fire five five times flame flames flames?? flight food football football club football royalty forever underachievers former glory former great former great team, sucks now former greatness former greats former legends formerly glorious formerly good formerly great now aging formerly relevant formula 51 fowler fox soccer fox soccer show frontrunners fuck everton fuck the beetles fuck them fuck them fuck you, henry and werner fucking scouse bastards fucking scousers fucksuarez fuk them fukan shyt full kit wanker full kit wankers funny futility game of thrones game of thrones like garbage garbage garden show gate gates gawdy gay gerard gerrad gerrard gerrard gerrard!! gerrard, you'll never walk alone gerrard/tradition getting better getting much better ghhhndcdfx girard global brand glorious miracles / all that is right with the world glorious past glory glory days glory has passed glory hunters go walk alone go you reds gobshite gobshites god's gift to mankind god's team gods going downhill good history bad presently good players good use of teal grace grandpa great great 20 years ago great club regardless great fans great football club great fotty song great history great in the 90s great song greatest greatest club in the world greatness greatness, inconsitantly green grief merchants griffin griffins gross gross labor grrrrr gryphon guardians of the past haha hahaha hahahahaha halloween happiness harry potter harry potter and the goblet of fire harry potter for some reason has been has beens has-been has-beens hasbeen hasbeens hasn't won anything hat that stupid song hate hate hate hate hate suarez hate them hate them - love the singing hatred hatred haven't won havent won in forever he bit a guy he's having a nibble! heart heaven. heh henry heritage heroes heysel high horse hilarious hillboro hills borough hillsboro hillsborough hillsbourough hipster hisory historians historic historic historical champions historically great team historuc history history history and hooligans history and nothing else history channel history is all they have history lovers history over reality history, not much recently history, stuck there. history, ynwa, rising hmmm hogwarts holier than thou hom home honor hoodlums hooligans hope horrible horse mouth how the mighty have fallen hub caps hubcaps hubcaps and the kop hubcaps stolen huh hull husband loves hypocrites hyypia hyypiä i hate suarez i don't hate them i hate john henry i hate the red sox i hate the reds i hope they lose every game i miss carlsberg... i miss torres i'd rather walk alone i'd rather walk alone' i'm hungry ian ayre ian rush icarus id rather walk alone idiots idiots iiverpool ill walk alone improving in trouble incompetence indiana jones and the lost grandmothers inside liverpool instanbul insufferable inter interesting ireland irrelevant irrelevant irritating fans is that an olive branch in that things mouth? istanbul istanbul istanbul 2005 istanbul biters istree it has been forever since they won the league iverrated jackasses jamaica james sharman jamie carragher!!! jason jen chang jerk fans jerks jf96 jft96 jft96 joe scarborough john barnes john henry john lennon joke jokes jonjo jonjo forever jonjo shelvey jsa just weird justice justice for the 96 keegan kenny kenny daglish kenny dalglish kevin keegan king kenny kings kings knackers knights knocked off their perch knocked off your fucking perch kop kop end kopshite kuijt kuyt l i va pool lame lame song laughingstock lebron lebron lebron james legacy legacy and crap poetry legacy of class legend legendary legendary legendary club legends legends with biter legends. legit lelverpool lengendary lets go reds letters lfc lfc legends like livah poool livapoooo!!! live in the past liveprool liver liver pooo liverbird liverfool liverfools liverplol liverpoo liverpool liverpool fc liverpool fc liverpool football club liverpool red sox liverpool, liverpoooool liverpool, youll never walk alone liverpool. liverpools rich liverpoop liverpoop livers and pools livershit living in past living in the past living in the past living in the past, not what they used to be living off of past living on history living on past glory livrpool livverpool liz lizard lizard bird loathesome lol lol hows the mid table lolerpool lollllll, such pussies lololol lolololol lolpool lolverpool lonely loonies with torches following me looserpool loosers lords loser loserfools gerrard loserpool losers losing losing ground lost lost 1:0 to them lost glory lost in past glory lost it lousy lousy lousy love love 'em love of liverpool even tho not a liverpool fan love'em--gerrard forever low class lowbrow loyal loyalty luis luis hannibal suarez luis suarez luis suarez luis suarez biting somebody luis suarez doing luis suarez things lunatics macca majesty man u training camp\ manchester united - 20 maniacal fans mark madden marvel massacre maybe this year, maybe not mcmanaman medieval mediocre mediocre meh mehh menthol cigarettes mersey merseyside michael owen mid table mighty mighty reds milner mine minutes silence missing coutinho moaning modern monarchy mong monopoly mordida more overrated more scousers morning joe most fans most historic mourn muh 96 munich. muppets murder murderers murders must my annoying buddy that love gerrard my brother my club my love my team myke myth names in envelopes nancy narcisism neer walk alone never again never gets it never in champions league again never walk alone never walking alone never your fault neville next year next yer is ours nice nice logo nice shading nice shield, lame slogsna nighttime no longer relevant no silverware no silverwarev nobility noble history noise norweigans nostalgia not a real animal not as good as united not good anymore not good anymore not great anymore not nineteen forever not relevant not title contenders not winners notre dame nwa obnoxious obnoxious fans odd sense of entitlement ok ok old old old and gone old champions old england red sox old fashioned old glory old glory old glory old glory. modern shambles old guard old guard old guard - gerrard old logo much better, too much old money old money old news old power old relic old school old school old school good old school; old shit old time old timers on fire on the downswing on the rise on the rise on the up once great once mighty once upon atime once was good one of the best clubs ever only history only history nothing else only talks about history oof the colors organ tub organs original ornate ostrich outdated outside looking in outsized fan ambition. over over achievers over rated over rated ugly football over the top over-hyped over-rated overated overated overblown overblown graphics overdone overhyped overly dramatic overrated overrated overrated history overratted overreaction overweight people owen owen oz paisley panthenon paper leaders passe passed it passion passive aggressive past past champions past glories past glory past glory and biting past glory, present mediocrity past greatness past it past it past its prime past prime past their prime past time past-prime pathetic pathetic paul ince pedigree people eho bite people people think they are good? perfection phoenix pink floyd pitch entrance sing along plastic played out poetry polarizing pompous pompus ponces pool pool! pools of liver poor poor snobs poor sports popular posers potential potential power precious peacock premeir league prestige pretentious pretentious pride pride and tradition proud proud - unnecessarily psychics puke pussies putrid scum qewfq quality quality without results racism racist racist racist bastards racists racists rad raiders rape rasist rat bastards rather walk alone rawk meltdown rebuilding red red and bad red and white shite red bird red or dead red shit red shite red side red sox red sox red sox and lebron red sox of the british isle red soz redemption redness reds reds never walk alone redshite regal regal relic remember remember when... remember when? renaissance repugnant resa respect respect, but dislike respectable ressurgent retarded donkeys retards retirement home return to glory revival rich history, sucks now ridiculous fans rival rivalry rivals roast chicken robberies robbie fowler robbing scousers robot rod stewart rodgers rodgers face rogers rogers is pompous rogers' envelopes roman royal royalty rubbish rude rush sad decline sakho santimonious saurez scandal scarfs scarves up school boy favourite schowzers scounces scoundrels scouse scouse scouse ***** scouse accent scouse gits scouse scum scouse scumbags scouse twats scouser scouser shit balls scouser shite scouser skum scousers scousers scousers suck scouters scum screw john henry scum scum scum hilsbrough scumbags scummy scun self important self obsessed self portrait self righteous self-righteous self-righteous fans seventhpool shame shankly sheep shaggers sheizerpool shield shit fans shit team shit, living in the past shite show showtunes shut the fuck up sick sickness siht silverware simon mignolet singing singing and winning skrtlepower slip slums small, grubby hands smell snooty soccer solidarity some history, no future someone got fancy song songs soulless sour sparkly spent force spirit sstevie g standard chartered stealing cars stench stephen gerard stern steve steve g steve garrard steven gerard steven gerrad steven gerrard steven gerrard's amazing goals stevey stevie stevie g stevie g stevie gerrard stevieg stinks stirring stole storied storied franchise storried but crap strong strong wind behind them stubby fingers stuck in past stuck in the '80s stuck in the 80s stuck in the past stuffy stupid sturridge suarez suarez suarez bastard suarez bite suarez bites suarez bites people suarez biting people suarez cheat suarez cheting suarez hugging ivanovic on a bridge suarez is a jerk suarez is a tool suarez nice style suarez racist suarez shit suarez the bitter suarez!! suarez's bite suarez's buck teeth suarez, ear biter suarezcunt success successful sucjs suck suckers sucks sucks now suffering super ego supershit surprise surprising swag swan swans swarez sxoise t tacky tag line is clear, nice colors tatoos team team i love! tedious tedious fans teeth terraced houses terrible terrible test thank god they got rid of carrol that final aganist milan that tv show the 80's the 80s were great the 96 the beatles the best the best and most loyal fans , best atmosphere the best club ever the best ever the best team in the world the best! the best!!! the biter the cop the english club the envelopes the fab four the gd best the greatest the greatest club in the world the greatest ever the greatest team the greatest ynwa the haves the kop the kopp the mighty reds the nc state of epl the old manu the only club the past the past the reds the reds the reds! the song the worst the worst the worst club ever the worst fans in the world the worst people in the world theiving scum theme song they suck they used to be good but that was a long time ago think they are better then they are third this is anfield this is our year this is our year. lol thugs time gone by time past timeless tired title contender? togetherness too bad too many words too much going on too much history toon army top torches torres torres! tottenham tough tougher tradition tradition tradition and excellence! traditional traditional but losing ground tragedy tragic traidition trample trampling trash tribal trophies trophiless troublesome trying too hard turquoise? tv tv show tv show twitter twats tyson ucl ucl cheaters uefa europa league ugh ugly ugly ugly suarez uncle paul under achievers under achieving underacheivers underachiever underachiever underachievers undisciplined unemployed unemployed chicken united united unlikable unrealistic unrealistic expectations use to be good used to be used to be good used to be great used to be great used to be solid used to be the best used-to-be's utter shit vampire vempire venerable verable vermin vermin very good victim victim complex victimization victimpool victims villians w*anker w@nkers walk walk alone walk alone walkalone walking alone walking alone. wanabees wanjer wankers with history wannabe wannabes was good now average washed up washed up biters washed-up we are we come not to play we like to bite people we used to be someone! weak weiner weird chicken weird color scheme weird slogan well past glory were great were once were once good what is that? what's a liverbird? what's in the envelope? whatever when torres was good where's the queen whiners whiners not winners whinge whingers whinging whinny fans whiny but dedicated who's in the envelope? why are the so popular in malaysia? win nothing win! yes! the best winners winning wolves will walk with you wonderful workshy thieves worst worst club ecer worst fans ever worst fans in the premier league worst fucking bullshit team ever worst than they used to be would be fun if they were good again xabi y.n.w.a y.n.w.a. yankees yawn yeezus yes you will yesterday yesterday yikes ynwa ynwa ynwa - legends - greatness ynwa history ynwa suarez ynwa tradition ynwa! ynwa! the club! ynwa, hillsborough ynwa, past glory ynwa. the greatest. gerrard. ynwa/history/tikitaka ynya you all suck you never walk alone you never wank alone you will inevitably walk alone... to the police station... to report a robbery you will never walk alone you will never walk alone you'll always walk alone you'll never alk alone you'll never walk alone you'll never walk alone you'll never walk alone! you'll never walk alone, gerrard you'll never walk alone/red/anfield you'll never walk along you'll never walk alonr you'll never walk around you'll never win again you'll never win anything you'll never win the league you'll never wlak alone you'll walk alone you're not a top club anymore you're welcome, signed chelsea youll always walk alone youll never walk alone yuck yuck ywna ywna has to be ywnwa zombies